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Jstark Sep 20th, 2004 23:34:01

Notum-Infused Chimera Weapons
I see refrences to Notum-Infused Chimera Weapons every now and then - yet i have never seen one. Quite frankly, i've killed everything in SL that is lv 1-20 multiple times, yet nothing has dropped the appropreate QL items required to build them. I have searched the internet without success, i have talked to many people in game with out success.

What i know for certain is:

Weapon smithing skill does not affect the QL of the Chimera Weapon produced - i've had a lv 220 Engie build one for me - and it still ended up ql 7 or 9.

Notum-Infused Chimera Weapons are QL 15.

What I need to know: How does one obtain a Notum-Infused Chimera *Weapon* -either rifle/machinegun/assultrifle/pistol. What drops the proper QL pieces required to build them or, if possible, what drops the weapon itself?

***Plz do not link that chimera weapon building guide - there are no refrences to Notum-Infused Chimera weapons in it. ***

Serqit Sep 21st, 2004 00:49:01

Sometimes they drop from level 15 mobs completed, I remember a few dropped off hailthins, but it was really really rare

Lyonessa Sep 21st, 2004 02:04:49

it could be something as simple as taking a Chimera weapon and combining it with...Notum.

Farquod Sep 21st, 2004 03:08:23


Originally Posted by Lyonessa
it could be something as simple as taking a Chimera weapon and combining it with...Notum.

If only it were that easy :) Nope, to create the Notum Infused ranged weapons from scratch, you need a couple things. A bone metal pipe of high quality (9+), a power accumulator of equally high quality, and an appropriate stone (again 9+). Good luck finding a bone metal pipe of that ql, though. I've seen one (yes, one) drop in ~150 hours of game time in the Jobe BY, and that was from a heckler there. I've seen Basic Chimera Firearms drop 3, maybe 4, times that were of ql9 or 10 that produced notum infused weapons when combined with a ql9+ stone. And again, only once have I seen a complete notum infused weapon drop from a mob. One of the Malah'Anas in the little swampy area north of the first Spirit Temple, if I remember correctly. <br>
So, basically, they *do* exist, but they're amazingly rare. Same with the Notum Infused Spider-shank Machetes. I've sold the machetes for 500k before to twinkers, and the ranged weapons for as high as 2m. I probably could have sold them for more, but I'm not *that* greedy ;)

Cyndee Sep 21st, 2004 05:20:04

I found a notum infused chimera machine gun off a chimera near the frontier bridge.

The ranged weapons are ridiculously hard to come by - the melee ones are much easier, as there's ql 20 silvertails galore outside the backyard to smack.

Best of luck.

Jstark Sep 21st, 2004 07:21:10

Mumble... Sux that they arent more common - i used a ql 7 chimera rifle till lv 30 as an agent, then changed to a ql 50 rifle - the ql 7 chimera rifle out damaged it =p

Thalaera Sep 21st, 2004 09:55:40

I made my Notum-infused Silvertail daggers with a silvertail horn found near Nascense Frontier. Just make the base from items found inside the Jobe BY, then combine it with a high level silvertail dagger when you find it (that is what sets the QL). I used it until my 80's.

I don't know exactly how ranged weapons are made, but it looks to me like the same scenario.

Jstark Sep 21st, 2004 22:52:21

We're talking about Chimera weapons, not the spider sword and silvertail dagger - completely different topics.

Ianjier Sep 22nd, 2004 00:21:53

Loot drops are messed up in AO. You would think that similar type of mobs, would drop similar items, but they don't. Mobs outside of the Jobe BY don't drop the parts needed to make these weapons, which should go to QL 15. Hiatlin's drop spirit baubles in Nascense, but not in Elysium. Instead, Kolaana's or Spirit Hunters do. It would be real nice if someone went back thru families of mobs, and loot tables, to fix them, and make certain things expected drops from certain types of mobs. Maybe not commonly, but at least sometimes. Would also be nice to see AO get away from being a Boss Mob only for good loot type game. As it is now, most people kill a boss, and ignore the rest, because that's where the decent loot comes from, and normal mobs have piss poor drop rates. Even Everquest had better loot tables then AO.

Jstark Sep 22nd, 2004 02:33:48

I agree, AO should adopt a loot system where-in all mobs have a small chance of dropping somthing really good - almost like in Diablo - where any mob can drop somthing really good, however the "boss" mobs have a higher probability.

Ianjier Sep 23rd, 2004 00:38:12

Exactly. It promotes regular hunting, not just boss camping. Plus, would be nice to see drops from things, even if it is just junk. SL mobs are even worse, as they don't even drop money like RK mobs.

Morlund Sep 23rd, 2004 12:24:50

a guy posted his notum-infuse machine gun ingame

immediately he was awash with /tells

he said that the "hardend mortig" in the SL backyard sometimes drops something that's roughly the equivalent of a STA (spirit tech apparatus) which he used to make the weapon

I don't know if this guy was lying or not, I've killed that hardend mortig like 50 times between different chars


he did have the weapon, so he got it from somewhere

Alreadythere Sep 23rd, 2004 13:59:08

The Hardened Mortiig does drop higher ql stones, but that still leaves the rest open.

I once build a Notum-Infused Rifle out of normal parts in the by, think with boss drop parts - but tried it later with pistols and couldn't accomplish the same.

Only certain way I know is getting terrible lucky and find a ql10+ Basic Firearm and combine it with a ql9+ stone. Firearm droped of by heck for me, stone of Hardened Mortiig.

Morlund Sep 24th, 2004 02:35:27

basic firearm ?

never seen that, but it sounds like what the guy was talkign about

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