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Current Doctor Buglist

This is a new bug thread with all bugs (AI and pre-AI) consolidated into one thread. Old bug threads are located here, here and here for reference and comparison purposes.

When will this list be sent to funcom?
The list has been submitted and the bugs reported, any new bugs will be listed with New infront of them.

Current Doctor specific bugs

green = bug feedback from Funcom
orange = actual bug status and response to Funcom
  1. BGH Healing same-side opponent in Duels
    The battle group heals are supposed to be area heals, but they currently heal your opponent when engaged in a duel, if your opponent is on the same side as you. This should be fixed so that during duels only the doc is healed.
    As of 17.8.2 - This is still an issue.
    Kazeran: This has been fixed so BGH no longer heals people of the same faction during duels.

  2. Team Heals, Auras, and Perks disabling nano casting
    This bug has been around forever, but it has a new tag because the problems it is causing have worsened. We were told 3 years ago that team heals and auras should not prevent you from casting a nano if you try right as someone in your team casts a team heal, or as an aura refreshes -- but yet you get an "Already Executing Nano Program". This is one of those issues that we have become complacent about and just deal with, but it is time to get this fixed. With more procs, this issue has been multiplied and is becoming unbearable in some circumstances.(For example, on TNH island.) This hugely affects casting professions, and can cost lives. There is an immediate need for an overhaul to fix this very urgent issue.

  3. MP DoT overriding Doctor DoT C line
    Sacrificial Shielding and Sacrificial power, 2 MP dots, are in the line "Short-Term Damage-Over-Time (Doc)". Even though they do less damage, their stacking order is 999 and overrides any PvM or PvP dot. Doctors were given DoTs to enhance our damage and the inability to do so now in our own line needs to be corrected. The 2 MP dots need to be moved into a non-Doctor DoT line (NT line, or their own line).
    Kazeran: This is being fixed with the rebalance so that MPs will get their own line so that doctors C line dots are no longer overwritten.

  4. Close Call Confusion
    The description of Close Call reads that the target's percent health remaining must be under 21% for the perk to execute. The database also shows that upon execution, the target will get healed. But this is not what happens. This is a request for clarification: Is Close Call intended to be self-only? 1) If so, it should check Self percent health remaining, not that of the target. 2) If not, it should be healing teammates when their health is under 21%, right?

    Current perk functionality: Doctor teams with someone. Doctor's teammate drops under 21% health. Doctor targets teammate and executes Close Call. Teammate does not get healed -- Doctor does. The perk will not execute if the teammate is above 21% health, so this functionality does not make sense.
    Kazeran: Close call will only work on the doctor even though the description does say target.

  5. Bot Confinement perk special recharge inconsistency
    The description reads "Recharge 105 Seconds," but under OnUse, it reads "LockPerk Wearer Champion of Nano Combat (L10) for 2 minutes." This is in the Champion of Nano Combat perkline, and while not Doctor-specific, many Doctors train this line.
    Status: Reported
    Kazeran: Description is indeed wrong. All final perks from the general AI weapon lines and nano combat have a recharge of 2 minutes. Has not been fixed as of yet.

  6. Gilthar's Ring item ID overwritten by AI Ring
    Gilthar's Ring, which used to be the Omni counterpart to Dalja's Ring, seems to have had its item ID stolen by a new AI item, Glowing Biotech Rod Ring. The Glowing Biotech Rod Ring's highQL itemID is a new item ID, but its lowQL itemID is what Gilthar's Ring used to be. As a result, everyone who previously had a Gilthar's Ring now has a Glowing Biotech Rod Ring in their inventory. Its possible Gilthar is now dropping Glowing Biotech Rod Rings too (which shouldn't be happening). "Gilthar's Ring" is also no longer in the database because of this mix-up. Since Gilthar's Ring had a Doctor profession tag on it, it's listed on our bug list.
    Status: Reported
    Kazeran: Has been fixed, a fairly long time ago at that.

  7. Teachings of the immortal one sometimes locks up
    Using the Doctor book from Inner Sanctum will occasionally lock the item execution bar, which prevents you from using anything else (like stims and perks) until the game completes the book execution.
    Status: Reported - more details and a reproducable test case for this bug would help
    Sheffy: This seems like the same bug other "Use" items can also cause, such as stims and MA attacks.

  8. Interrupt modifier in Jobe implants
    The interrupt modifier confusion, with negative interrupt actually hurting the doctor, was fixed in support symbiants. Unfortunately, this is still not the case with jobe implants. Lower QL implants help the doctor more than higher ql implants.
    Mmba: Not a doctor issue, but since we reported the symbiants, we might as well report the jobe implants here as well.

Recently fixed
  • Battle Group Heal 2 and Viral Combination
  • Interrupt modifiers in Support symbiants
  • Cellular Recuperation temp HP refresh bug
  • Wrong level requirement on 2 DoTs
  • Iron Circle NCU usage
  • AOE heals blackhole
  • Health bar syncing is bugged worse than ever before
  • Doctor Grails have no mesh
  • Close Call bug with Embrace trained to (6)
  • Incorrect level requirements for Entropic Sores and Viral Neurotoxin
  • Nano Feast perk special graying out
  • Team-Enhanced Deathless Blessing NCU Bug
  • Battlegroup Heal 4
  • Team HP buff nano animations are gone
  • Viral Combination
  • Mistreatment bug
  • Close Call inconsistency

Bugs that never were
Stuff that was never broken so isn't fixed:
  • HOT's, Self-heal perk and Team heals are not affected by the heal-effciency perkline
    HoTs were originally designed this way... so this isn't a "bug". And it's too deep in the code to change now.
  • Negative Nano Delta
    Intended to remove nano pool, so it's working as intended.

Click here for the list of doctor issues. Issues are items that are functioning correctly but pose a problem to doctors. Bugs are flaws in the game design, things that aren't functioning as they should.

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