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Originally Posted by Cheoptera View Post
Halloween is just around the corner. Time to dust off your costumes or sew a new one and come on out to the 2007 Anarchy Halloween Bash.


Friday 26 October 2007 through 28 October 2007

Start: 26 October 2007 at 18:00 GMT or 14:00 EDT.
End: 28 October 2007 at 04:00 GMT or 00:00 EDT.

We will be at Reet Retreat. More information will likely follow.

Sigh, i start work friday 17:00 GMT and (other than breaks to eat and sleep) finish sunday 17:00 GMT, so that pretty much wipes it out for me, was really hoping what with halloween being midweek i might get a chance this year :-(

Not flaming, i know having it at a weekend allows the most people to come, just personally dissapointed.
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