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Originally Posted by Crat360 View Post
MEANS: whats up with triples/as?
Triples will (possibly) have to be adjusted to be in tune with other damage once healing in PVP situations is adjusted.

Aimed Shot will likely:

- Become a 3ish second "opener" that can be interrupted by any melee attack. In PVM this will be repeatable without a conceal check (Concealing successfully will likely add bonus damage).
- Damage will likely be increased to account for the additional time it takes to execute and for the vulnerability of the player who has to stand still to execute it.
- Aimed Shot, Full Auto and Sneak Attack will likely share the same cooldown to make it possible to balance between different professions and setups.
- A secondary attack action (on the same timer as AS/FA/SA) with an instant execution time will unlock and scale at specific levels of Aimed Shot skill. Higher investment in AS skill will yield better results.
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