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Kintaii thanks for the information

First question I have is, when does the Halloween content end...this information will help greatly in planning my pub hours over the weekend

The perk documentation makes interesting reading, but need to read it more and think about it before I can comment more.

One thing that does come to mind which is unchanged from current perks, is why does Pistol Mastery (and Shotgun) have +60 damage but Edged Mastery and others don't? You've already looked to balance the difference in the amount of weapon skill added, so could that be balanced too?

I've noticed various items where there seems to be more add damage or crit for pistol than melee, like the +1% crit in Dreadloch Aiming Apparatus, but none on Stab Guidance, is there a good reason for that?

Anyway's, I've got some Pumpkins to carve
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