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big gratz to all active (not to say obsessed ...) clan warriors that allowed this OT 0% we promised since monthes.

for so long we've been trying to organize, attack, plant, defend ... as a frequent participant i'm amazed how our people managed to overcome old arguments to endly do this collective. can't forget to thanx FC Team for removing that senseless SB+OS instakill from 2 omners VS a full 40+ clan raidforce that was a total scandal in balancing mass pvp.

won't leave this post without mentionning that OT leaders have bad time today, may be a little "giving up" phase their ranks, but there was times where they were close to accomplish this for their own side, winning field after field for days almost H24, leaving the few of us defenders mostly stunned. at least thanx for having been sometimes hostile.

this was 02/12/2009 @ 09:52 GMT, with UD people agreement (thanx to them too !)
Winner Clan Demon Inside VS Omni Union Divine /// Varmint Woods 7x QL 60-90 4 Guilds Battle for 29m 18s
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