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Thread: Newbie needs a little help here, please!

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    Newbie needs a little help here, please!

    I just recently started this game, as an Agent character, now I have a question. I started in Rome, but where (nearby) can I find a shop that sells Agent Nanos? Ive heard from other players that Rome is the most confusing city.... they are right Reminds me of playing Everquest and trying to find my way through Freeport.... anyway, any help is appreciated.

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    There are a few upstairs shops and downstairs shops in Rome Blue.

    2 are street level facing each other.
    1 upstairs you get to when you leave galway shire go right around two corners along the wall and then turn left and its up stairs
    then inbetween the buildings is another one near center city of rome blue.

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    When inside the general store/shop inside will be a sign that says nano department. go inside there and you can pull you nano's from the agent terminal. Looks like a regular terminal with a sniper rifle on it.

    There are differences in nano's depending on the shop: basic, advanced and superior. You can tell what you're shopping at by left clicking on the terminal and reading what it is on the top left.
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    If you're on Rubi-Ka 1:
    Send me a tell, and I'll personally escort you to where you'd like.

    /tell skybert Hi! I want a guided tour. I'm in (insert location here).

    I'm online european afternoons. (18:00 CET+, which is GMT+1 i.e. around 17:00 GMT?)

    If you're on Rubi-Ka 2, I can only help you with the following locations (press F9 to find your current position i.e. xxx-yyy)

    Rome Blue:
    Advanced Armor Shop  604 x 406  
    Advanced Armor Shop  603 x 222  
    Advanced Supermarket  653 x 211  
    Advanced Weapons Shop  589 x 406  
    Advanced Weapons Shop  588 x 222  
    Basic Supermarket  653 x 418  
    Miiir Fashion  675 x 315  
    Omni-Admin  661 x 326  
    Omni-Admin  661 x 303  
    Rome Highrise  559 x 207  
    Rome Highrise  557 x 231  
    Rome Highrise  557 x 397  
    Rome Highrise  559 x 421  
    Rome Highrise  703 x 369  
    Rome Highrise  703 x 343  
    Rome Highrise  703 x 284  
    Rome Highrise  703 x 259  
    Rome Highrise  558 x 371  
    Rome Highrise  558 x 256  
    Rome house  609 x 348  
    Rome house  609 x 279  
    Rome house  583 x 279  
    Rome house  583 x 349  
    Rome house  721 x 302  
    Rome house  721 x 326  
    Special Advanced Supermarket  546 x 287  
    Special Superb Supermarket  546 x 341  
    Superb Armor Shop  637 x 260  
    Superb Supermarket  693 x 314  
    Superb Weapons Shop  638 x 367  
    Rome Green:
    a building in Rome Green  350 x 280  
    a building in Rome Green  350 x 349  
    a building in Rome Green  377 x 349  
    a building in Rome Green  376 x 280  
    Advanced Implant Shop  371 x 223  
    Advanced Implant Shop  371 x 407  
    Advanced Pharmacist Shop  357 x 223  
    Advanced Pharmacist Shop  356 x 407  
    Advanced Supermarket  306 x 210  
    Basic Supermarket  306 x 418  
    Miiir Fashion  284 x 314  
    Omni-Admin  298 x 302  
    Omni-Admin  298 x 326  
    Omni-Med  238 x 326  
    Omni-Med  238 x 303  
    Rome Highrise  256 x 260  
    Rome Highrise  256 x 285  
    Rome Highrise  256 x 344  
    Rome Highrise  256 x 369  
    Rome Highrise  402 x 398  
    Rome Highrise  402 x 232  
    Rome Highrise  400 x 208  
    Rome Highrise  400 x 422  
    Rome Highrise  401 x 372  
    Rome Highrise  401 x 257  
    Special Advanced Supermarket  413 x 288  
    Special Superb Supermarket  413 x 342  
    Superb Implant shop  322 x 368  
    Superb Pharmacist Shop  321 x 261  
    Superb Supermarket  271 x 314
    Go to the basic supermarket. They have things suitable for your lvl. Once you "outgrow" the items they sell there, head for advanced shop, then for superior.

    edit: added info about timezone, but I'm not entirely sure I got it correctly... about the GMT, I mean..
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    try trade district

    I just tried finding shops in Rome again the other day, it's one confusing place! Try the trade district, once you spot one of the little shop buildings on your in game map, you can scroll it around and spot all the others really easily because they all look the same, and are all at ground level. there are eight basic shops, a couple special shops, about three advanced, and two or three superior shops in one area. Trade is the easiest place to shop for stuff I've ever found. If you are rk-1 give ole Borox a tell, and I'll
    show you how to find them all ( done it lots of times for newbies)
    If you're on rk-2 try giving a tell to good ole Donniedont, He'd be glad to do the same for ya

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