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Thread: Saetos's Guide to the Temple of Three Winds!

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    Saetos's Guide to the Temple of Three Winds!

    The Temple of Three Winds, suffice to say, has been a major part of my AO life. Thus, I wish to share a bit of my knowledge with those first time players who wish to explore the dungeon within. Introducting...

    +-{ Saetos's Guide to the Temple of Three Winds }-+

    Please feel free to post any add-ons you wish to include.

    [ Your First Steps ]
    The Temple itself is an indoor dungeon, located in Greater Tir County, within the coordinates 1800 x 2700. The dungeon is open to all level 60 and lower, but it's best advised to wait until around 25, as the first mobs you meet will be red

    For Omnis, there is a portal in Rome Green, in one of the alleyways. An NPC named Windcaller Cerrak stands next to a pile of red crates. Give him 1000 credits, and he will give you a slip of paper - your key. Pick it up, right click on the swirling blue vortex, and you'll zone just in front of the entrance.

    For Clans, it's just a simple run out of Tir, into Greater Tir County.

    Neutrals may choose either path.

    Once you actually get there, if you want a team, do say so, because the place is usually too crowded for others to handpick the right players to team up with. A simple "/s level <level> <profession> lft" works. If you're a doctor or enforcer, expect to be picked up rather quickly Once inside the temple, buff up, and follow your team through the hallways.

    Some precautions one must take while outside the temple. There are some rotten souls out there, and believe it's a big laugh to train Sandworms, Cyborgs, and - get this - city guards to the temple. You heard me right; city guards. All three have levels in the triple digits, and the guards have almost a 100% percent chance of bowling over Omnis in about one shot.

    Omni precautions have been mentioned above. Clans might want to watch for a war zone, if you decide to save at the outpost south of the temple and run north. It has become a tactic amongst some Omnis to stand in the war zone, wait for an unsuspecting Clanner to waltz in their path, and ... well, you can probably assess the rest.

    For Neutrals, a storyline element describes the city guards (from Tir, BTW) as hateful towards Neutrals as well as Omnis. If you start seeing numbers in the quadruple digits, run. Don't even think about being the hero of the battle. Just. Run. Basic rule of thumb for neutrals - don't grid to Tir. Under any circumstances. Save yourself the trouble and take the Omni's route.

    Now, a dungeon wouldn't truly BE a dungeon without its fair share of MOBs, eager to tear you into little bitty pieces faster than you can say "OMG train!" Here's a pretty darn good list of them -

    [ The Basic MOB ]
    A normal romp through TOTW will garner you a sight of many blue-shirted guys, named Cultists. About as hard as a human MOB in your standard mission, they come in many forms...

    The Martial Artist.
    Arguably the easiest to defeat, solo and team. They don't have any true "abilities," and they wield pitchforks - again, it's not the greatest weapon out there. Opifex males.

    The Doctor.
    Opifex female, these brandish shotguns. They do heal with a program named Blessing of the Immortal, which regains 120-162 points of health. They have been known to heal other Cultists in combat; however, they don't heal very often. Pretty easy.

    The Nano-Technician.
    Here's where they start getting nasty. Being nanomage males, they're a little low HP wise, but their nukes, suffice to say, hurt. It's called "Anger of the Immortal" and deals 88-172 damage, checking against Fire AC. 88 to 172... that's easily one-sixth of a player's health. Of course, come later levels, these fall to their faces in about three seconds. They use pistols, which also deal fire damage.

    The Keeper.
    Not "keepers" in their own right, they wield scythes. Nasty ones as well. They don't hit once a month like with Energy Scythes and Frost Scythes, rather once every few seconds, for about 30-50 energy damage. They range from Opifex female to Solitus male and female. Having slightly higher HP than the Doctor, don't expect to solo them well at the early levels.

    The Enforcer.
    Yes, they're Atrox. Yes, they wield hammers. And yes, they're nasty They actually do use their Mongo and Challenger lines, creating quite a change in their stats. Do not ever expect to solo Enforcer Cultists before 30, because they will often outheal your damage. Plus, their hammer hurts; 'nuff said.

    These will all attack on sight, so watch your step

    There's a certain... "boss" breed of Cultist as well. These guys come in flowing robes of various color, and have the Faithful, Acolyte, Windcaller, Reverand, or Exarch affixed in their names. Not very hard if you're in a team. They all drop special robes, some more often than others. A special case of this is Exarch Ecclesse, who drops the Exarch Robe every time you kill him, while other Exarches (namely Exarch Li-Po) rarely drop them, if at all.

    Many of these Boss Cultists drop a special armor, named Shadowfade Armor. An agent-only armor, it's quite nice looking. A guide to specific dropping areas can be found right here. Exarch Li-Po and Exarch Geverain drop a special ring called "Notum Ring of the Three," the best ring out of many "of the Three" rings out there. It adds to NCU and a little bit of AC's.

    Along with the notum rings come four special offensive rings - namely Ring of Tattered Flame, Ring of Weeping Flesh, Bloodleech Ring, and Ring of Eternal Night,
    which drop randomly off of the "boss cultists" and on some of the main bosses. Check out for descriptions of such rings.

    [ Money Making Items ]
    By the way - excellent as the Exarch Robe is, you get the opportunity to trade spare Exarch Robes to the Blind Cultist outside the temple. You'll recieve an "Inner Sanctum Pass," which may either be kept for the Inner Sanctum dungeon (125+) or may be sold for around 40.000 to 100.000 credits. Not a bad cash opportunity!

    "Purifying Rods" that drop off of many bosses can be sold in bulk to all players for around 1 million for a pack of 10-20. They're used primarily in PVP and tower wars, where rooting and snaring players are very common; the Purifying Rods can remove such hostile nanos. Don't sell them individually, however.

    If you are able to twink into a warbot as an engineer, or you can solo almost all the bosses, you can start camping items for others - make sure you say you're accepting tips

    [ The Special MA Books ]
    Killing various cultists and boss cultists may net you some strange books. WTF are those, you ask? Well, there's a pair of little Martial Artist special attacks that can be made from those books.

    Tree of Enlightenment comes in six parts. When combined and shown to an NPC a ways off the temple (800x2300 in Greater Tir County, btw), you gain a Martial-Artist only attack that, when activated, damages a mob and heals your team for 290 points of damage. Very nice!

    Ape Fist of Khalum comes in five parts. Combine them, hand them to the NPC, and you net a special attack that does damage and a chance of stunning. This book series does not drop off of the boss "Khalum".

    Combining books together needs no skills: you put Book 2 on Book 1, Book 3 on the combination, Book 4 on the combination, and so on.

    [ Boss MOBs ]
    Speaking of bosses - this is a dungeon, ain't it? So, wouldn't there be a really tough MOB to kill, loot, and dance over their remains? Erm... forget the "a" part, because there's more than one boss in the dungeon...

    < Defender of the Three >
    The first boss you meet in this wonderful place. If you've played Soul Calibur II and witnessed Voldo's movements as he's standing still, you have an idea of what Defender of the Three looks and moves like. Except he floats, he's huge, and he's awesome.
    His special ability is to cast area nukes that hit for fire damage; "Abomination of the Immortal", along with "Virulence of the Immortal", a single nuke. At low levels, this is not the MOB to fight, as the AOE's hurt pretty badly unless you have decent team-healing support from a friendly doctor. If you successfully kill him, you have a chance of getting these lovely items:
    % Notum Splice 100%
    -- Notum Splice is an item that confuses many. On the description, it says you must be a Nano-Technician to use it. Keep in mind, that's for USING it - right-clicking it will give the Nano-Tech a 50-point nano-heal every second for 20 seconds (1000 total nanopool). To WEAR it you can be any profession.
    % Howling Skull Common (sometimes drops a pair)
    % Phase Blade Rare

    < The Reanimator >
    This is the next boss you meet if you take the left door leading from Defender of the Three's resting spot. Stand next to her, and she'll attack on sight, spawning two pathetically low HP skeleton mobs. Now, what she does, is she can upload a nano into your NCU that turns your body into a skeleton form, producing a DOT that ticks for 23 points of damage every few seconds. This DOT lasts quite a while, so get some decent healing. She has quite the HP too, and hits pretty hard, but no nukes like Defender can do. Once she falls, right click on her and you might find these goodies:
    % Purifying Rod Very Rare
    % Skull of Lamentation Common
    % Withered Flesh Common

    < Windcaller Yatila >
    This Windcaller is down the left corridor (along with Lien the Memorystalker and The Reanimator). Unlike her brethren Windcallers, she's massively super-powered when compared to someone like Windcaller Yen. I suspect she's been loading up on steroids... but hey, that's just me. She's quite the nuker as well, and will use her Skull of Lamentation weapon to good use. However, expect a challenge about as hard as Defender of the Three. Once she falls, expect to find:
    % Barrow Strength Common
    % Skull of Lamentation Common
    % Skull of Woe Common
    % Crumbling Funeral Urn 100% (Lien the Memorystalker drops this as well)
    % Purifying Rod Somewhat Rare
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    < Lien the Memorystalker >
    Go even farther down the left corridor, and you'll meet up with a breed of mobs named Deathless Legionnaires. These guys have a good chance of dropping a very nice 2h Edged weapon, aptly named Frost Scythe of the Legionnaire. After traveling through the spiral the "Legos" reside in, you'll meet up in a small, square room. This is where Lien will spawn. When he spawns, he will be facing the wall, so you can walk up behind him and even /moon him without any reaction. He, however, won't be exactly thrilled if you start poking him with pointy sticks. Once attacked, he will spawn three Ju-Ju Dolls, very annoying and tiny buggers that can stockpile damage rather fast.
    His favorite trick is to stun everyone in the area, along with a good amount of damage. If you have an engineer in the team with a rather high bot, it's best advised to let the bot duke it out alone, keeping far away from Lien himself. If this cannot be accomplished, it's a good trick to leave the healers to the back wall, and to stick Lien in a corner opposite the back wall, so as to get out of Lien's area stun. Hard to kill, but it's worth it... why? Here's why:
    % Dark Memories 100%, will sometimes drop a pair
    % Memory Loop Rare
    % Funeral Urn Common
    % Ring of Memory Loss Very Rare
    % Skull of Woe / Skull of Lamentation (both common)
    % Purifying Rod (Rare)

    Let this paragraph be a warning to you. Lien the Memorystalker is currently the most often ninjalooted MOB in the dungeon. Many players use their organization's bot program to "roll" by picking a random number from 1 to X, X being the number of people in the team. Different members are designated different numbers. Ninjaloot a Dark Memory, and you might as well find yourself kicked from the team. Such a practice is extremely frowned upon. If you find that no clear choice is made or being made, you're allowed to ask your team if you may get the item.
    FunCom (the company who creates this game) describes ninjalooting as an outside player looting the corpse of a mob as soon as lootrights change to everyone (even outside the killing team). Still one of the most horrible things you may ever do.

    This goes the same for Guardian of Tommorow's Guardian Tank Armor.

    < The Curator >
    It's sometimes worth a trip into the middle corridor from where Defender of the Three lays to hear this guy make his little noises. Half cute, half disturbing, it's almost enchanting. As a boss, he really only has two abilities - an area proc stun, and wicked high HP. Otherwise, he'll just crack you over the head with that specter of his. What he drops is:
    % Rockcrusher Gauntlets 100%
    % Touch of the Gripper 100%
    % Purifying Rod (Rare)
    % He'll also drop three types of Notum Rings, adding NCU, ACs, and either MC/TS, BM/MM, or PM/SI. PM/SI is the most common.

    < Nematet, the Custodian of Time >
    This one's in a sort of - well - I suppose "secondary sacrifical chamber". He's also in the middle corridor from DotT; you'll find him soon enough. Cultists line the walls, so take them out for some extra XP. A pair of Windcallers and Exarches stand near some tables - great XP source. Now, if you think you're ready, start attacking!... but watch out. Nematet is best taken care of by a twinked engineer, around level fifty. An Inferior Guardbot can and will solo Nematet, but as long as you get out of Nematet's line of sight. If you must take him on alone, get some excellent healing and tanking tactits established. Seeing damage messages from my 'bot soloing Nematet, this guy has the capability of doing damage in the triple digits, but what really makes people fall apart is his nuke. The damage he and the nuke produce can easily surpass 400 points. Oh, did I mention, it's an area nuke? I've witnessed six-man teams dying one by one because Nematet was getting a bit cranky from fiddling with time all day. If you do happen to survive Nematet's onslaught, prepare to see these items in his loot window:
    % Temporal Chalice 100%
    % Nematet's Inner Eye Rare
    % Touch of the Gripper Common
    % Phase Blade (common, his Exarch and Windcaller lackeys drop it as well)

    < Guardian of Tomorrow >
    In my opinion, the second-coolest boss in the temple (DotT comes first, Aztur third ). Well, enough about my sorry-butt opinions. Let's get on to what, who, and how Guardian is. Guardian of Tomorrow is a juggernaut mob, extremely huge, and can volley 77 point hits (a mix of melee and projectile damages) rather quickly. He has the best HP out of the mobs so far mentioned, and thus isn't taken down very easily without decent healing support. He's easier than Nematet, I can assure you - Guardian of Tomorrow has no special abilities. Just make sure you get some good healing - GOT can deal some major damage if not defeated quickly.. Once you do kill him...
    % Guardian Circuit Board 100%
    % Guardian Tank Armor Very Rare
    % Bracelet of Amplified Sound 100%
    % Purifying Rod (Very Rare)

    [ The Infamous Trio ]
    This section covers the bosses you'll face at the last room of the dungeon.

    After you defeat Guardian of Tomorrow, you can enter the door behind him. A room of Cultists later, you're met with three doors. Take the left or right doors, and you'll only meet cultists. The middle door will lead you into the trio's guardian, Gartua the Doorkeeper. He's actually not that tough... he just has quite high HP. Very rarely, he'll drop Keeper's Vitality. Pass him, and you'll enter a room, where a crowd of Acolytes, Reverands, and the odd Faithful will attempt to ambush you. Now, after having dealt with them, you'll see a set of stairs, with three more Exarches lined up. The middle one is Ecclesse - "the" aforementioned Exarch Ecclesse, who always drops the Exarch Robe. Now, on to the trio!
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    Uklesh the Frozen
    This is the demon in the far back of the last room. For being the first of the Trio, you'd think he's a pansy, right?
    Dealing damage anywhere from 80 to around 350, he can proc a stun on the target that lasts quite a long time (for those who are curious, these are the fists he uses (don't know exact ql)), and if you're the unfortunate one in the team being hit, it'll be frustrating to see Uklesh the Frozen stunning you, then wailing on you for those massive hits of his. He does not go down easily, and you'll probably need more than one healer in the team. Actually, scratch that... you WILL need more than one. He drops these items:
    % Tear of Uklesh Extremely Rare
    % plus some other, rather random items.

    This one will spawn almost immediately after Uklesh the Frozen dies.
    What a colorful name, huh? Khalum. Six letters. Like his brother Uklesh the Frozen, he has massive amounts of HP, but prefers AOE nuking and hitting hard instead of proc-stunning. Slightly easier than Uklesh, but still quite hard. The only thing known to drop off of him is the Fist of Orion, which is actually quite common.

    After killing Khalum, and having the doctor sweaty from ferverntly mashing his heal shortcut, you move to the hardest mob you'll face for quite a while; so hard, he deserves his own section of the guide!

    [ Aztur, the Immortal ]
    This is it, folks. The granddaddy of every single MOB in the Temple of Three Winds. He will spawn immediately after Khalum dies, so if you don't like dying, it's best to leg it.

    That nice, huge, shiny red sword of his has the interesting ability to effectively slice even the best tanks to mincemeat Mixing in samurai and brawling moves, his damage ranges anywhere from 300-500 points, and he has been known to critical-hit in the quadruple-digits. That's right. That means he can crit for 1000 points of damage. Oh yeah - he's fast as well. Combine that with exponential health, and only the elite can bring this bad boy down

    A nice little tidbit - heavily twinked engineers have been known to solo Aztur. If you don't see a warbot, then there's practically no chance of soloing. Some even go as far as casting Slayerdroids, and those easily cut Aztur up like butter.

    If you manage to succeed in this grand task of yours, you gain the loot rights to a wonderful array of items, those being:
    % The Stygian Desolator 100%, has been reported to drop as many as 13...
    % Holy Book of the Immortal Very Rare
    % Skull of the Ancient
    -- Skull of the Ancient is a very odd bugger. Some people have killed Aztur countless times and have never seen this item drop, leading to the conclusion that this may not even be in the game. Others say it exists, but with a shockingly bad droprate. It thereby goes under the label "Insanely Rare."

    Each member of the trio has a good chance of dropping a Purifying Rod.

    [ Vocabulary and Abbreviations ]
    This section lists the many abbreviations and phrases you may hear in a team.

    )) train > Training, to start off, means running haphazardly through hallways, dragging attack-on-sight mobs behind you. A train is a group of mobs formed by such an action. When a team member yells "TRAIN!!!" it's best to leg it, unless your team is well coordinated.
    )) train to DOT > When a player says this, this means they don't want to bother with battling Cultist after Cultist on the way to Defender of the Three, and is ordering the team to rush through the hallways, giving no care whatsoever to what you drag behind. Quick reflexes are needed for this, as being stuck at a wall will hurt. Whenever possible, AVOID CROSSING OTHER PLAYER'S PATHS - usually you're pulling multiple cultists at once, and they can break aggro from you onto other players. If at all possible, kill cultists individually unless you can navigate through empty rooms.
    )) azzy > Aztur the Immortal.
    )) GOT > Guardian of Tomorrow.
    )) buffing up > The action of standing at a central meeting point, followed by (usually the team) running nanoprograms. Sometimes players in a team will say this while battling, meaning the team should make this their last kill before rerunning nanos.
    )) GTA > Guardian Tank Armor.
    )) DM > Dark Memories.
    )) ding > An exclamation meaning one has leveled.
    )) ninjaloot > To loot a corpse split seconds after the team gains XP before anyone has a chance to. Extremely frowned upon, especially on the more rare items. So called after the fighting nature of a ninja - quick and surprising.
    )) camp > To wait for a mob or boss to respawn, often to kill it to see if it dropped the item the "camper" wants.
    )) set loot to alpha > This command tells the leader of the team (green in your team window, CTRL-5) to set loot rights to individual teams in alphabetical order. The leader of the team is the only one with such power. So, if Aeorro, Xianghua, and Hydrojen were under this system, Aeorro would loot first, Hydrojen second, Xianghua third, and then back to Aeorro. This is done with /team loot alpha
    )) set loot to leader > This command sets loot rights to only the leader of the team. Done with /team loot leader
    )) set loot to all > This command asks the leader to ditch the current looting system and to allow anyone to loot. Done with /team loot all

    Solrekka provides an interesting magnification on the aspect of TOTW trains - thanks mate!
    [ Trains, and How to Deal With Them (by Solrekka) ]

    I feel it's worth mentioning a few tips on dealing with the trains you'll encounter in totw. Yes, training mobs is bad, and nobody should do it. But since it's pretty much a fact of life in totw, the better you are at dealing with trains, the less you'll be hugging reclaim and your stay there will be a little less aggravating.

    First, and I can't stress this enough, get the map reader upgrades as soon as you can. Implant map nav, spend IP, whatever you need to do. But it's definitely much easier to run or hide or whatever if your playfield map is open and you can see that swarm coming your way. That couple seconds' advanced notice can mean your XP stays with you instead of filling the pool.

    But even without map upgrades, there's a clear warning signal you'll get sometimes -

    get ready to run like hell, because there's a whole block party on its way to see you!

    Ok, so here comes the train. The most heroic option is of course to stand and fight. You'll learn what you can and can't handle by trial and error (and some rezzing). Enforcers a great to have in team for this reason, but make sure they have Mongo Slam!(or Bash), and that they're not shy about using it. (And yes, sometimes you DO need to ask.)

    No enfo, or you just don't want to fight the umpteenth train that day? Well, what you can do is largely dependent on where you are. Running all the way back out is always an option, but there are some alternatives.

    In the entry hall, it's probably best just to run back out, /shout "Train incoming!" or something similar. I usually make a "Train" macro for use in totw.

    /macro Train /s Train Inc! Run like your head's on fire and your arse is catching!!! is a personal favorite.

    In the side halls leading to the large hall where DOT is, you can run back to the room where it branches off (with Rev. Oulay and the portal thing), then enter the opposite side hall. Just enter far enough so that the door closes. It's much easier to fight 1-3 cultists than an entire train's worth.

    In the large DOT room, you've got a few options, depending if they're training in or out. "Training in"=running from entrance to DOT, "Training out"=running from wherever to the exit. If the train's coming in, run into the hall that leads to the curator, as the people training in will always go into one of east/west halls if they don't kill the train themselves. If they're training out, take advantage of the fact that most people train straight toward the exit. You can duck into one of other hallways at DOT, or if you're near the Acolytes on the east/west sides, move back toward the north wall to avoid the train. (You may catch aggro form a couple mobs, but you won't be getting spanked by the whole train.)

    Down the GOT path, there's not much you can do until you're in the GOT room. Once you're there, if you see a train coming from either direction, hug either the far east or west wall (Not the diagonal parts). You've got very good odds at survival, as usually the trainer will run straight from one door to the other, and you won't catch aggro. One BIG if to this: IF they have trained Aztur into the GOT room, and he stops there, you're probably going to get squashed. Also, you may have to deal with Eternal Guardians, but in my experience, if you smush yourself against the wall at its halfway point, neither they nor GOT will aggro you if they pop. Past GOT, duck into one of the side halls to avoid trains.

    On the Lien side, there are two rooms you can hide in, one near Lien where Acolyte Betany pops, and the one where Windcaller Yatila pops. I'd only advise using the Yatila room if you're sure that Yatila won't pop while you're in there. Of course, if you can take Yatila on, then it's no big deal. I've never tried it, but you might also be able to hide on the north side of the large stone pillar next to the Reanimator. Otherwise, there's the old standby "run into the north or east DOT hall."

    Most of the Trains at the Nematet room (North hall from DOT) will be out, from someone accidentally aggro'ing Nematet. It's usually safe to duck into one of the smaller rooms next to the Nematet room. Like Yatila, only duck into the Curator room if you're sure he(she?it?) won't pop, or you can take the Curator. Otherwise, it's usually a safe bet to run back into the hallway around to the north side of the passage. 99% of the time, the train will run to the south of the path.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Well... how was that? Not a bad dungeon, ey? You agree! Cool!... Now get in the dungeon and own these mobs!
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    Very nice written

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saetos
    % He also drops a bracelet, agent only, adds to perception; I forget the name
    iirc it's the Bracelet of Amplified Sound.

    There's no agent-only requirement, but it's handy for those snipers out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tazalanche View Post
    There is no IRL. There is only active in game, AFK & extended AFK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berrenta
    iirc it's the Bracelet of Amplified Sound.

    There's no agent-only requirement, but it's handy for those snipers out there.
    Added; thanks!

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    Very Nice. but your missing some info, and some is incorrect...

    first Khalum drops some MA gloves and its pretty common, i belive called Fists of Khalum or is that the Ma books in there...

    the Reanimator doesnt spawn by killing the reverand, she spawns on her own, and she also summons some skeleton lackeys when you attack her/get aggro from her. she also drops Purifying Rods when you kill her, so does Lien rarely, and GOT Very Rarely, so does Azture/Lien/Uklesh pretty commonly.

    Lien from what i remember has a 100% Drop rate on a Crumbling Funeral Urn, every time you kill him.

    You need to talk about the MA books in there.

    Nematet also drops the Arm implant commonly.

    and thats all i can remember atm, i'll probably remember some stuff later on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pillager
    Very Nice. but your missing some info, and some is incorrect...

    first Khalum drops some MA gloves and its pretty common, i belive called Fists of Khalum or is that the Ma books in there...

    the Reanimator doesnt spawn by killing the reverand, she spawns on her own, and she also summons some skeleton lackeys when you attack her/get aggro from her. she also drops Purifying Rods when you kill her, so does Lien rarely, and GOT Very Rarely, so does Azture/Lien/Uklesh pretty commonly.

    Lien from what i remember has a 100% Drop rate on a Crumbling Funeral Urn, every time you kill him.

    You need to talk about the MA books in there.

    Nematet also drops the Arm implant commonly.

    and thats all i can remember atm, i'll probably remember some stuff later on.
    Done! Bump

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    Gartua the Doorkeeper, whom you gloss over, also drops the Keeper's Vitality rarely. Killed him four or five times today and hadn't had it drop. I'm amazingly un-lucky, though, so that may not be indicative of his actual droprate.

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    thats right, oh also you dont have to fight gartua to get to the room, you can take one of the side halls, to avoid then, and each hall is full of more Cultists, but not as hard.
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    nice one

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    Pssst. Neutrals like to use the Omni Green portal, too...
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    I think it's worth listing the Curator just because he drops the MC/TS and MM/BM versions of the platinum and notum rings. Rare drops though, took me about 40 kills to get my last one.

    Also Windcaller Yitalla has Barrow Strength 100% drop.

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    Lien also drops Ring of Memory Loss very rarely.

    Good ring for getting rid of aggro.

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    Don't forget to mention the agent-only Shadowfade Armor (exact drop locations listed in Core's Shadowfade List).

    And I'd rather see the Curator listed as a real boss mob, since he technically is one (can't be calmed/charmed) and he is the only one who can drop the MC/TS and BM/MM notum and platinum rings.

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    I've had up to 3 DM's drop of Lien.
    Never heard of more though

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    There's also:
    - Ring of tattered Flame
    - Ring of Weeping Flesh
    - Bloodleech Ring
    - Ring of Eternal Night
    Which drop randomly of the non-cultist humanoid mobs and on some of the bosses.

    And Nano Crystal (Lien's Crystalizer) drops from windcaller Yatilla.

    I've also heard (but not confirmed) that one of "The Infamous Trio" drops an implant. Can anyone confirm/deny this?
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    I got a few requests done. I'll do the major additions later this afternoon.


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    This guide is geared towards newer players, since it's for people who haven't been to ToTW yet, so I'd suggest you put in a couple of "Caution!"s in there for the few things ToTW is infamous for:

    - There's a reason it's called Temple of the Three Trains. A "train" is when a person is running through the dungeon and being chased by 30 angry cultists. People usually do that either when entering the dungeon or exiting.

    When entering, your team may decide to "train to DoT", which means run like hell and don't stop until you reach the junction where the Defender of Three is. This causes a "train" of cultists behind you, most of whom will stop following once you drop down into one of the side tunnels at DoT.

    The more dangerous kind of train is caused by people leaving the temple, as they will begin from the very bottom and run non-stop all the way to the exit. It is possible to bring fun stuff like Legos, GoT or even Aztur to the very entrance to the temple, not to mention the 30 angry cultists, which would mean instant death for any lowbie team caught in it.

    Bottom line is: 1) If you train, please make a macro or something to shout Train! Train! and warn other people in advance. It's common courtesy. 2) If you see a person run out through the door with a couple of cultists after him... there's probably 28 others on the way. And they're angry. Sometimes you can hide behind a pillar or something, but to be really safe... just run.

    - Clanners beware! When running from the outpost to the temple, you pass through a land control area (notum tower field). If the gas cycle happens to be below 75%, you will see a counter on your screen counting down from 1min to zero when you enter the field. When it reaches zero, you will be open to attack by Omni/Neutral players and more often than not, there will be several Omni twinks waiting for you there when the gas is below 75%. If you have low runspeed and cannot make it from the outpost to the temple in less than a minute, I suggest you go north from the outpost until you are directly east of the temple (stay out of gas!) and then run from there - it's shorter.

    - Omni beware! People will sometimes train the Clan guards from the nearby outpost all the way up to the temple entrance, at which point they will proceed to shoot you dead. I've also seen cyborgs and sandworms being trained to the entrance, so that some pathetic loser can have a laugh. Just run inside the temple and you'll be safe (unless someone trained Aztur to the entrance...)

    Also, you may wanna put in a quick comment on the common loot rules at camps like Lien, since this is the first place newbies will learn what ninja-looting is and they will get cussed out/kicked when they loot that NODROP DM. Good job.

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    the "Implant" is an EXTREMELY RARE!!!!!! implant that drops Aztur.... but i havent seen it. its Skull of the Ancient. its very rare, and some people believe it to be not ingame anymore, while others claim they got it. at any rate, the drop rate is unbelievably low.

    also an update, the MA gloves are called Fist of Orion.

    Lien also Drops Ring of Memory loss, its a rare drop off him, but i got one on one of my alts.

    there are 3 diff. Notum Ring of the Three, and also Platinum Ring of the Three, buffing MC/TS. BM/MM. PM/SI.

    also theres the agent Shadowfade armor.
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