Numerous times im running around BS (low level so i don't know if this happens at TL5/7 etc) and im faced with a mech at our spawn point waiting for our gas to wear off. Its the stationary turrets which are worst, sitting round the corner from B so they can hit you as soon as you spawn. Next its when people are in mechs, and you can't summon one because you're in a fight with the mech.

So what im asking is for a root - for walking mechs, so you have chance of escaping, or a calm or something similar for the turrets + normal mechs.

Calm would work like this - (this is first in the line, scales up at each BS stage)

Name: System Hack
Target: LE Mech
Requirements: 210 psy mod , 210 Sens Imp
Cast Time - Attack: 2 seconds
Cast Time - Recharge: 2 seconds
Effect: Srambles the enemy mech's motherboard, disabling the mech from executing attacks for 15 seconds. The opponent's current attacking target is lost from the radar, and no new targets can be aquired.

Root would be something similar, but preventing the mech's hydraulic powered legs from working.