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Thread: Sensible Social

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    Sensible Social

    Since you can post images in Reets, I figured we should start this one off.

    Post a screenie of some sensible or otherwise improved shots of your character, now that the social tab is live. That is to say, having tweaked your combat effective but mismatched character into an equally effective figure of beauty.

    No Freakin' Tutu's. You and your kind should all be taken out behind the chemical sheds and shot to death.

    I'll start:

    Decimal, 215 soldier.

    Inferno boots replaced with CSS
    Ofab gloves replaced with CSS
    Ofab Shoulder (left) replaced with Tier3 shoulder (left)
    Social Right shoulder left blank to allow non mesh MoTR to be 'visible'.
    Double pads disabled.
    Tier3 Back Worn as real armour. Still saving for the Ofab back. (Will sociall replace)
    Tier3 helmet replacing CSS.

    Result: Old fashioned tier/CSS mix soldier, Sharkified, with just a single bulky shoulder pad.

    *Ponders a thong and a Punchknife to look like a Frank Miller style Spartan*
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    Here, always wanted to dual wield a sword and gun (Mantis Blade and Freedom Arms 3927 G2). Armor is a mix of Sentinel, Lya's Chest, Pelisse of Ely Nymph, and Hadrulf's Glasses. Need to finish my Sentinel set. Little hard to see it though. I'll get a better pic up later.
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    Total coverup here....

    Lya's glasses, The Sighting shirt (from halloween '05), entertainer gloves, Wicked Tights of the East and Aquarius boots. Pure gothic hawtness :-)
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    Oddly enough, my social gear didn't change much at all, just found a new spot to put it in that wasn't in inv.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubbacrush View Post
    Oddly enough, my social gear didn't change much at all, just found a new spot to put it in that wasn't in inv.
    Same. Got Miir Suit and some random black shades I don't remember the name of.

    Sorry for lack of screens, I'll get som elater if I'm not lazy.

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    What I think I'll keep my soldier look like:

    Social Nanofreak Trenchcoat from Miiir, Ofab/Allappa on top. Ofab pad disabled. Social CSS glove to cover ofab. No social pads. No unbalancing. (Only way to unbalance is wear a nomesh pad as real armor). Helmet disabled, I'll get a new face shortly.

    Under the hood; 192 CSS, replacing with Ofab ASAP.
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    ironically no one has actually linked an image yet.

    Prouver que j'ai raison serait accorder que je puisse avoir tort.

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    Fixer in full CC replaced with mystic force shirt+boots, halloween boxers, Aurea's heated cloak, mark of the fisher king (cant see in pic)

    Engineer Mix of crep/cc/ofab/leos replaced with mystic force shirt+armband, ado boots, Advanced Nano Breed Survival Headwear. still looking for some proper pants, but default texture is good enough to go with for now.

    my officers' trader mule is in a superhero get-up, think he needs something more dignified tho

    adv in carb replaced with mockers suit/office worker shirt and sleeve (and various weapons)
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    My bank toon has had a s thermal bandaging (think Fifth Element) suit for a fair while as real eq, and a carlos (the crat pet) suitcase wielded. Moved that suitcase over to social, and dual wielding it with a Katana now. Heh.

    Too many froobs hump me. Next one who tries it gets one in the gut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egadsrk2 View Post
    ... Too many froobs hump me. Next one who tries it gets one in the gut.
    See? That.

    ~25% of the fr00bs I know are people that started playing a long time ago. Got sick of the expansions and reverted to playing "like in the old days."

    Even in jest I don't understand this dislike of fr00bs.
    Fr00bs are not used to the maximum potential but they are:
    • Future paying players.
    • Tax cuts
    • Advertising revenue
    • Word of mouth advertising
    • More people to play and interact with, quality players, this is a multiplayer remember? We need a larger player base.

    Did some nasty fr00b molest you as n00b gimp?

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    I mean I have a mostly naked bank toon who stands around Borealis.

    And people just come up to her and start humping it. Even in seven year old squareshoulder low detail land, its more than a little disturbing.

    So I socially gave her a Katana. Seemed like a good idea to me. :P

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    I have been fortunate. Maybe they realise I am too crazy.

    Even if it is a non-expansion toon it is rather likely to be someone (sl00b) on their alternative free account or just a new weirdo. When I say fr00b, I am thinking of people that have played for six or more months or gone beyond level 120 and are aware that unless they upgrade they may as well cap their XP at 150 and twink up because really unpleasant real fr00bs tend to get ostreosized rather quickly.

    Maybe things have changed since dustbrigade and there is the possibility of some 150+ classic game content.

    Note: It wasn't complete derail, I did post my subway "twink" sporting one of those back item oriental dresses that you couldn't put on without taking everthing else off first. She is wearing a carb suit underneath but thinking of going mix and match especially more Cls-Evade, fire, disease and radiation AC. Wonder if I can get some crawler on her ...

    (Your anti-fr00b post was out of the blue, not replying to anyone's remarks and didn't have an image.)

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    Psh. You entirely missed the point. Twice.

    It wasn't anti-froob. A ******** is a ******** wether they are a froob or not. They're just young kids being smartarses. I didn't actually finger any of them and see if they had expansions or not. I just walk away. Until now. (BTW, /disco with swords is ultra slicey.)

    Half the bankies in <insert city here> wear bikinis and are all solitus females. And all the ********s, lets for the sake of argument call them 'froobs' since most of them look, talk, act, and think like 'froobs', come up to them and flirt in tells and make humping motions with combinations of emotive actions. 'U R PRITTE'.

    So I gave my bankie (whos a froob, boo hiss!) a katana. Socially. You know how this thread is about social armour combos? And the next ********^WFroob that tries to hump her is getting their damn head cut off.

    So far its been 3 days without any unwelcome prepubescent penetration. Woo! GO TEAM KATANA.

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    One of my social looks, and one that is unique to Fixers:

    I get this effect by equipping a cloak in my Clothing back slot, and Grid Armor in my Social back slot. I also uncheck the Helmet Visible option in F10 --> Visual --> Misc

    Edit: Forgot to mention, in order for the GA cloak effect to show, I uncheck the view social only option in F10. If that is checked, I end up with a GA jumpsuit effect.
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    Nothing wrong with grid boobies Somehow it reminds me of that scene from Demolition Man lol

    Egad some people might like the idea of the katana during sex0rz...its kinky lol
    No longer plays. It ruins my life.

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    Here's what Swordbreaker looks like right now. Mostly social, part worn - this is what the character looked like back in Autumn 2005, with a couple of notable differences: Pistols are new, and the helmet's visor's color has changed from that ugly yellow to much nicer blue.

    Executing Nano Program: Gift of Assurance. Target has not enough nano controlling units (NCU) left. Swordbreaker: Not enough NCU. O_o Fixichong: FFS Fixichong: ive failed as a fixer Fixichong: i quit

    One of the first of those people who put the Infused Dust Brigade Engineer Pistol (2,7k ME/EE making req) + Infused Master Engineer Pistol on the same Engineer before any updates that fixed anything (including the original sync issues inside the DB instance), lolz!11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zudahh View Post
    Here's what Swordbreaker looks like right now. Mostly social, part worn - this is what the character looked like back in Autumn 2005, with a couple of notable differences: Pistols are new, and the helmet's visor's color has changed from that ugly yellow to much nicer blue.

    yeah that new blue look to the helmet is nice..I really didnt like the tobacco stained look Somebody been smoking in my helmet ! lol
    No longer plays. It ruins my life.

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    Okay. That grid armor thing rocks. Almost rocks hard enough to roll up a frooby fixer just to stand around and be an attention whore.

    By the way, if anyone figures out how to wear any sunglasses (including pen glasses that appear to have a different mesh identity to most helmets) with any other headwear, so it displays both of them at the same time..

    WTB how.

    Paying uh. Zero I guess.

    You can wear a QL1 'Visor' and the pen glasses at the same time. Pen glasses real. Visor social. And the result well.. to be honest was undesired. And accidental, after giving up on making it work. (And I have every pair of sunglasses in the game. But not every helmet, naturally.) Two pointy bits of pen glasses sticking out of an otherwise nice visor.

    However, quite a few people would like to combine a full open or semi-open helmet with some sunnies.

    So if anyone figures out a combo that works, post it here. :P

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    I think I just finished the first "Social Twink" (and yes, I realize the idea of putting social gear on the social tab that can never be put back on if removed violates the idea of the social tab ... and I sorta like that).

    He's a L5 (for now, but I'll be levelling him now that he has his social stuff done) Clan Soldier with a full set of Omni-Armed Forces armor ... if you're Clan this is like full Sentinel armor + a tank armor that requires 3 other pieces of armor to turn in to acquire (needless to say, standing around in Rome while I was still Omni got some jaw drops).

    The original idea was to equip him to look like an Omni city guard, but after thinking about it I decided to give him some contrast, so instead of wearing the OAF Helmet, chest and gloves (see the 2 images on the left) I put him in Omni newb isle sunglasses and Omni carb chest/sleeve and a lightbar. I think it makes the Tank armor "pop" (2 images on right).

    edit: Follow-up

    I found that the Omni tank is a little bugged on Soli models, the left shoulder doesn't quite cover the left sleeve in the back, which looked really bad with the Omni Carb sleeve because it is white at the top. Assault-issue is dark grey at the top though.

    Also forgot to put my Omni sunglasses on the social tab.

    So I took him Omni again for a few minutes, swapped the glasses and sleeve, and back to clan.

    I found that the Omni and Clan sunglasses have the same issue as Debauch found with the Visor (both show up) but in this case I think it looks kinda good.

    I also found out that if you flip display of shoulderpads off then back on after zoning, the Omni pads will display for me again. So I get my spikey bits again when I really want em.

    Final result (TL1 Clan):

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    Oh that looks fantastic. Especially like the glasses effect. With that face, my first thought was.. Oh jeez, it's Mr. Smith. Or whatever Matrix-villian's name is.

    Ive picked a final look that I want to be common for all of my toons. It's so far true for all the Troxes. And they look super. Crat in a tank armour and a twisted up angry face.. PETER COSTELLO IS OFF THE RESERVATION. RARGH. BRING HAMBURGER. OR I RAISE YOUR INTEREST RATES AND DESTROY YOUR FAMILY. RAAAAARTRHGHHH.

    Visor, naturally. They look fantastic on 'angry' trox models, but not so great on solitus. NM's have a built in visor on one head model, startrek style, and Opifex's look ugly if you can see their skin.

    Any kind of grey shoulderpads. (Read: Ofab or Alaappa)

    Notum Freak Black Trenchcoat from mir.

    Any kind of bulky backpiece, preferably a single tone subdued piece (Read: Ofab / Possibly Otaf)

    The Notum Freak trenchcoat has a large colourful design on the back, much like MNCTC, the purpose of the tank on top (other than obvious Ofab superiority) is to hide it. The front of the cloak and sleeves are black with a white strip on the arms, and two vertical white strips on the front. The result is quite.. Plain-but-intimidating. You know, chilling uniform style. Any kind of black or otherwise dark boots and gloves to compliment the cloak, worn socially.

    Oh and Hydey, I'm in the middle of making a social twink myself.

    My goal is to have a level 1 Fixer appear at first glance to be an older fashioned 220 fixer. That is to say, full CSS and a pair of KMP's. Now since I own both KMP's and a CSS set, why not just slap it all on, press F12 and get on with your life?

    Nowhere near ludicrous enough. I'm making QL1 CSS set. Could take a while since I wont pay more than 20m per bot just to be ridiculous.

    Edit: Which sunnies are those (both of them) and did you try any helmets?
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