... and just so I'm not giving Docs a totally bad rep on damage ... this is Afreet in the same Pistol gear, using DoTs and perks with Starfall instead of Pistol Mastery since I decided to test it out, prob back to Pistol Mastery later but DIDN'T have it for the original Pistols test ...

(Damage /Damage per Minute/Hits /Crits/Crit%/highest hit)
( 312.737 / 166.020 / 83 / 7 / 8% / 4.635 )

Not DD level damage, but not in DD gear, not spamming dots on multiple mobs nor using Malpractice, and more than 2x the base weapon damage (which lends to the idea that weapon type for damage doesn't REALLY matter much on a doc).