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Thread: /overflow command

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    /overflow command

    So um, why aren't you allowed to open your overflow window on demand?

    Wouldn't mind seeing a command like this implemented so that you don't have to force your overflow open again if you accidently close it. You know... like a new player might have to do, since their newbie island quests give items as rewards.

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    bump, wondered this myself
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    terrible on bs, cant open overflow, cant swap items or cast nanos XD, nor can you trade with anyone to fix it.e
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    u just want everything easy dont you!? ><

    nah, come on, FC doesn't makes mistakes like this, it was probably in game at some point and some disgruntled employee deleted the command.

    also: keep one of those portable fgrid thingies with you, and open it with inv full if you're on BS and need it opened, or some other item that spawns another. that should work.
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    Unless the overflow compartment is infinite in it's storage capacity, and it can make the game explode when people dump everything in it

    Actually, that sounds like something that might happen on a Friday night. Let's find out <3

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    Overflow does have a limit. It's like 30 or so. I reached it once making Extruder bars on my trader. You get a message like "Congrats noob, you just lost an item!" Pretty funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saetos View Post
    So um, why aren't you allowed to open your overflow window on demand?
    cause FC doesnt want lazy people using it as another pack/bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowgod View Post
    cause FC doesnt want lazy people using it as another pack/bank.
    Being able to open it doesn't mean you can drag and drop stuff in there
    Make it that you can open it with /overflow, but leave the rest like it is. You can only "add" items to the overflow well... if you inventory is overflowing, not by dragging and droppen em into there. Items get deleted from overflow oc on zone. Its hardly another bank or pack if you have to make your inventory overflow to add items and they get deleted on zone Long blabla short: leave everthing as it is, just make overflow openable by /overflow command IF there are items in the overflow (otherwise make a message: "There are no items in the Overflow inventory". Just in case someone accidently closed it and doesn't have to make the inventory overflow again to open it.
    Might encourage overflow tradeskilling a bit, but no harm in that in my opinion.

    ummm bump!

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