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Thread: Dual Logging!

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    Dual Logging!

    Been bored as of late so I wanted to give dual logging a shot. The problem I am having is deciding on classes. Main account is fully paid, other is completely fr00b. Been getting bored of SL so I want to try and Duo a team to 200 on RK only. This will be a leveling duo too, I don't really care about how many UBER bosses they can solo at 200. I am much more concerned with just getting to 200 and having some fun doing it. Main reason is boredom and the fact that it's just silly trying to get teams together anymore. People either want to /afk in SL hecks, or your not getting into an SL heck team because your not an NT/Crat or have a pocket. Team missions are a waste of time in my experience as most people leave after a single mission or death. So I figured why not take the stress off and just do it myself, that way I'm never stranded w/o a team and I don't have to rely on other people!

    Also, I'm not here to debate the aforementioned opinions, or to be told to get an org or friends and such, so please, please, please if this is the only advice you can give than do no bother responding to this post, I am looking for suggestions on good dual logged classes.

    My first thought was to go Enfo/Doc with the enforcer being the main and Doc as the second client, but I've heard mixed things about this combo. Something everyone CAN seem to agree on is Crat+anything is great and so is Keeper+anything. Problem is I already have these toons and don't want to use them. Someone suggested Sold/Doc was really good.

    I am looking to play one more than the other since I only have one computer however it is more than powerful enough to run 2 clients at once in full screen w/o any lag.

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    If you're doing it on a froob account make something useful for later transporation purposes. Aka, roll a fixer, or roll an engie.

    Engie + Keeper is pretty good as engie's only real weakness is the lack of healing. Fixer on the other hand is the king of RK when wearing GA and has access to CoH weapons (Blackbirds) which makes them highly decent DD characters despite beeing froobs.

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    think what that froob would 'give' to your main ie buffs

    Fixer is an excellent rk only choice and can fgrid/runspeed and HoT your main, as well as being fun and good at blitzing stuff for cash/usefulness.

    or a trader for free wrangles
    or a NT to kite your alts on RK

    I'm levelling this agent as a froob buff dispenser for my main.

    Trying to play 2 accounts on one screen might get tricky, so i expect a pet class may work well. /hunt
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    Quote Originally Posted by sheresh View Post
    This will be a leveling duo too, I don't really care about how many UBER bosses they can solo at 200. I am much more concerned with just getting to 200 and having some fun doing it.
    I'd go for MP + Trader then.

    Great buffing synergy for high pets, buffs, calms and debuffs from the start, trader brings decent damage and CC, both have some healing. MP doesn't have to be played that actively either, but both classes are fun to play.

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    think what that froob would 'give' to your main ie buffs
    this too
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    I went the froob route after burning out all of my paid toons and I went with froob fixer to dual log with. Having fgrid by your side anytime you need is the biggest help,aside from gsf/hots.
    Currently have 4 froobs following my doc around in ql250 mishes. Trader/agent/engi/fixer hehe froobing is pretty refreshing because what ya see is what ya get and you don't have easymode with perks,etc.
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    was thinking about doing the same with engi+crat. Reckon the following would work ok for a non-active dual log

    1) Get a big bot on engy, set it to /pet hunt in high level mish. Put follow on crat. Switch screen to crat
    2) Have crat follow the bot around and help kill all mobs the bot attacks, while mezzing any adds. As engy is on follow on crat, and crat is following the bot around, won't get pet out of range issues
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