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Thread: Returning player.

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    Returning player.

    I have been an off and on but dedicated Anarchy Online player since around 2005. I've bailed, left, but always returned to AO. But am not too happy with this silence across all chat channels, would be nice to have a core group of players to communicate with while I roll a new character and get myself back into my favorite MMO.

    UnholyLlama is my current froob characters name but I plan to reactivate my main account (which has ALL expansions) sometime today or tomorrow.

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    Welcome back!

    I for one am in a habit of talking on the OOC channels particular of finding new players in Rome and helping them find their feet/find Borealis and all the rest.

    If you are on RK 2 I'd be happy to team up/help out/chat away! I am in an active org to boot!
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    Welcome back!

    Check Atlantean Recruitment if you are RK1.

    Org chat > OOC
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    Reactivating my account after work today, will most likely end up dropping into Atlantean as that has been my preferred server since 2005 . Definitely gonna have to drop through the recruitment section as it's been ages since I've been in a good ORG.

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    Up and running on my paid account with all expansions, Atlantean server and I'm currently using the character SolitusJedi .

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