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Thread: Oh hai

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    Oh hai

    Just re-downloaded the game to check out 18.7. I was an old-school RPer on RK2 back in...2005-2007 I think? I'll be rolling a brand new character here and would love to get back into the RP community.

    Anyone still around? Are the only active RP orgs on Omni side?



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    Welcome back Tyma, hope to see you in-game sometime!
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    Hi Tyma,

    Welcome back.

    Best thing to do is check here:

    This link is the 'All in One' info page, which gives reference to individuals rather than organisations. RP at this stage in AO is a mix across numerous orgs across factions.

    - Vash.

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    Welcome back Tyma!

    There are a few RK2 RPers around, I was RK1 so looking forwards to a chance to meet your characters.

    You're coming back a quiet time, there is a bit of social RP here and there but the major story lines and player events have wound down. Perfect opportunity to start something new up! If you'd like, add your character to the IC Connections & Contacts post so people can pull you into events. Many of us hang out on IRC, so the RKRP channel is a great spot to find people. You can also add me to your contacts in-game as Hilfy (clan side) and Gumiho (Omni-side.)
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    Well, hello there, stranger. Hows school?
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    Hey Girl, Hey.
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    Towerblock, 220/30/70 Engineer
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    And way too many alts...

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    working out some final bank issues. I could be in as early as today, or sometime next week.
    Towerblock, 220/30/70 Engineer
    President of Steadfast

    And way too many alts...

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