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Thread: Longest road client freeze

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    Longest road client freeze

    Every time, I do mean every time I go to the Longest road facility, the client will freeze at the section near the wompas .

    It can be repeated if you enter the area, move away from the wompas, and then head back again, FPS isn't a problem there stays at a healthy 60+ and once inside a the foremans instance, exiting and heading toward the wompas or out of the "corridor" will cause the same effect.

    Something to do with all the INVISIBLE WALLS around the area perhaps ?
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    Crashes for me on every whompa zone attempt at 2ho. Makes doing dailies through there a nightmare.

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    Same problem ! no idea what it's coming from... but i have client freezes each time i go to Foreman.
    It's very strange because i have no freezes elsewhere.... but it's seem there is a particular problem in this place.

    (It's not just entering the area... most of time i do 30.. 50m .... somtimes less, sometimes more... but it seem to happen each time i go there)
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