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Thread: Winter Holidays - 2016 Are they on a timer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odonoptera View Post
    In addition to tomorrow's update, we're going to do a quick restart today in order to address the playfield crash issues that are being reported. We're terribly sorry for the trouble; we'll have Father Time and the rest of AO back up as quickly as possible!
    Quote Originally Posted by Emma View Post
    Thanks for the news ...

    So, is tomorrow's update the one including holiday content?

    How long will the holiday content be "up"? Three weeks? Until January 10th? Since it got started so late?

    Any new missions? Or, just new holiday loot? Any new item store goodies to claim? Renewal goodies?

    Happy Holidays

    So I will ask my question again to clarify. A number of posts refer to the holiday event along with the special prices in the item shop and holiday items to claim being available - "Santaleet, Gingerleet, the gift-wrapped leet, and all of the winter-themed creatures shall be returning to Rubi-Ka from December 20, 2016 to January 9th, 2017."

    January 9th is a Monday, does everything last until Monday morning? Or, the end of the day?


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    Assume Sunday Evening, by knowing the last few times things lasted through a day and ended up early.
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    Why does funcom always say things that they do not live up to? We were told we had through the 8th for the holiday stuff yet they took off the free gifts in the claim section today the 7th. They also took away the items that we could purchase that were holiday related. Why? I don't know why it is so hard to do what they say they will do. Especially since they were so late giving us the christmas stuff to begin with.

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