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Thread: Froob->Sloob and free month plx

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    can almost guarantee that froob getting sl would mean less overall revenue for funcom. not everyone is at end game, especially new infusion of players and having SL especially in earlier levels takes away too much incentive to upgrade.

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    I think sloob with limit to level 200 and nothing past Ado would be great imo. Failing that just bringing back the old 5 dollar sl only accounts would be stellar.
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    Ya wanna fix something - give RK mobs better xp, make RK matter again.

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    Isn't the majority of the reason you purchase expac for shadowlands though? the other content is icing on the cake, but SL is by far and large the biggest expansion the game has.

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    For playing to 220, SL is where its at. For endgame 220 power and gear you need the rest. Source: my extensive experiments with an SL only account versus a fully paid all expacs account. Absolutely no contenst in terms of capability.

    One-off SL upgrade B2P type thing please!

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    Sloob would be great, I tried leveling in sl the right way a while back there was no one to team with everyone just stays at kite hill until 160ish. It would be nice to bring back SL to life. However I dont see that happening, funcom is too greedy, even if its killing the game.

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