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Thread: End year sub promotion

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    Quote Originally Posted by anarod View Post
    Hi FC,

    This year for the first time there is no shiny items and no free months when take 12 months subscription promotion, please explain why I should resub for a 16 years old game asking 17,95 a month?

    Last 3 months no news for the community .... last patch is a joke, it looks like you took 5 minuts to pour something on server and all failed except subway ofab weapons, new itemshop is ugly and lacks tons of info on items, its just incomplete. Please set your priors right!

    If nothing changes I wont resub my paid accounts and just hang out a lil on froob accounts, I have the feeling you don't care anymore about the community, exploiters can do what they want, it looks like you lost total control on game.

    I really feel sad writing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ophiuchus View Post
    I'm hoping the steam release gets a sub deal with it.
    Doubt it, that would require some kind of actual business strategy and thinking ahead, the AO team lacks such things. Actually except for whoever works on TSW should probably be fired these people have no idea what they are doing, it's beyond me how Funcom is not bankrupt already.

    Lego Minifigures Online ... everyone knew that was going to fail, except Funcom. And lets not forget the newest crap, they have a horrible Conan game and what do they do, they double down with another crap Conan game...
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    I think you will find that the main problem with AO is the lack of resources. The team isn't only working on AO.

    I only hope that any revenue that AO makes from going on steam goes to AO, and not to loincloth online or some other ruinous project.

    I hope it does well on Steam, so another game developing company thinks it can take the AO franchise and advance it. I have no faith in Funcom; however, the AO ppl on the dev teams have kept this game alive.

    I am also hoping they are saving sub bonuses for the steam launch. IE, so it would help make it look like a success.
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    Your hope is nice but do you believe than fc put ao on steam?:-) becouse i dont those messages from fc thats its only on hitting final button or what are only empty promises they dont have nothing only working on aoc and we paying.
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    ...would it kill you every once in awhile to play a little Foghat?
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