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Thread: Suggestions for game improvements, catered for the projected influx of new players vi

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    Suggestions for game improvements, catered for the projected influx of new players vi

    Suggestions for game improvements, catered for the projected influx of new players via Steam
    These are my own opinions.

    Improvements to UI and skills window:

    The current UI is more or less the exact same as it was when I first started playing Anarchy Online in 2007. Back then, I really didn't have anything to compare Anarchy Online to. I was 12 and it was my first MMORPG (besides a little Runescape). The UI was utterly confusing, and it took me years to finally explore the f10 settings thoroughly enough to remap keys and properly setup my custom GUI. However, this should be part of a tutorial given to new players... just basic stuff, so that players know that you press f10 to open the menu... and the useful commands like /list, shift+f9, /stuck, /terminate, etc.. There should be an ingame knowlegebase for stuff like this, the current "tips" window is pretty weak currently. I bet that most players just "disable tips" because they just pop up out of nowhere while youre trying to play the game, rather than being there when you actually have a question about essential game mechanics.

    The skills window is organized pretty well, my only complaints are that the explainations for IP spending are not very detailed, and the suggested ip distribution gives IP to skills that are more or less useless. rather than just pressing a button for a default ip distribution, explain why some skills are maxed and others have no IP. Explain why you probably only want to raise one main weapon skill, and not to touch skills that you aren't immediately using. Explain why some of the skills cost more IP than others based on breed and profession, what light green and dark blue skills are. It is my understanding that many new players will delete or reroll their first character due to poor ip spending in the early parts of the game. I remember when I created my first character, a soldier, I did not touch my IP window until I was level 9 or so. by then I decided that I wanted to use pistols, assault rifles, rifles, heavy weapons, ranged energy weapons, I wanted ALL the weapons! obviously in Anarchy online this is not realistic. The more this can be prevented the better in my opinion.

    Arete Landing Tweaks:

    A couple of the missions on arete are pretty difficult to do given certain circumstances, and these kinds of roadblocks early on are the types of things that will demotivate a jaded gamer for good. I'll list what I've noticed here:

    -The very first mission, kill 3 malfunctioning cleaning droids, can be very difficult when many players are beginning at the same time, particularly for melee professions. this is because players will often camp this spot with a ranged weapon (tab q tab q tab q) in order to farm all the parts for the alvin/dodga sided pads quest until they are level 6, or lock xp at a lower level and just tab-q every spawn for a half hour until they have all the parts they need. I do not suggest removing the quest components from the drop table, however I do recommend that perhaps the quest be tweaked somehow so that more players can complete it at once, like make the droids spawnable by opening the crate first, then kill the droids, then open another crate for the new droids.

    -The part of the quest line where you must make the leg implant, each step is its own mission so you must make the implant by adding the clusters in the shiny-bright-faded order or else the mission will not complete. I suggest that you tweak the mission to not care what order the implant is created in, as long as the end result is the same.

    -The final part of the quest where you must find the reet has proven difficult for some new players. Ideally, by exploring the dialogue you will find that the reet loves peanut butter cookies, and so if you buy one you are able to bait the reet into the cage when you interact with it. However if you are the type of player who clicks through dialogues and looks for the mission objective only, the quest can be quite confusing and frustrating. youre given a cage, and told to cage a bird. how hard can it be? it turns out that polly wants a cracker and well, the reets not getting in the cage unless you know its secret vice and where to get it. I actually admired funcom at first for including something like this for the very last step of their new player introduction, however now I think that it has probably caused a couple players to give up on the game, which is tragic because there really arent that many hard quests in Anarchy Online in that respect, aside from that omni quest for the helmet and assault pack, that one is similar.

    __________________________________________________ __

    Profession tweaks:

    Everyone is OP. Everyone should be OP. In fact I am not in favor of nerfing anybody (except maybe enforcers, just by removing charge!, or making it a knockback instead of a warp-to). Every profession has a level range where they absolutely dominate, and a level range where they are pushed out of the meta. From what I can understand here however, Enforcers and Agents seem to be increasingly OP. enforcers have everything in the world that you could possibly ask for except absolute concentration, and agents can go mimic enforcer (or mimic adventurer for a more defensive mimic, or doctor etc.). Currently the main issues I have with enforcers are:

    -they are a tank class, but have the best weapon options for dps and the best self buffs for AR and weapon skills.

    -they not only have rage (which is bugged imo, currently the lowest rage removes nanite drains) but they now also have Charge!. which just seems like lag every time someone uses it, and at tl2 anforcers can pretty much alphakill anything they want (besides other enforcers) within the guaranteed 2 second stun timeframe. and its not like you can just root them and run away once you are unstunned. Keepers get force pull, but at least keepers dont also get Rage, challenger, and golem HP buffs.

    As for agents:
    the issue with agents is that many of the other professions have OP stuff for an agent to use in conjunction with its high damage. As an agent you are sacrificing a lot of defense and casting ability for another profession's nano kit, as well as an absolute concentraiton line and unmatched concealment. You also get a really nice amount of perk-DD. With agents kit basically designed around alphakilling opponents in less than 14 seconds of 100% crit chance and all the perk attacks you can muster, it is no wonder that they are called op constantly by other professions in pvp(please note that other professions can alpha-kill agents too, unlike tl2 enforcers). however I dont believe that agents should take a straight nerf to their damage, as their damage is all that they have to ungimp themselves. Instead, by boosting other professions options for defenses in a pinch, there will be counterplay for high damage alphas (which are not unique to agents, by the way!). So that's my opinion. it's not that agents are too powerful, its that some other professions are just too weak to take a straight up bombardment of crits and perks, and most people are set up offensively in pvp which limits their ability to survive an agent's burst. Soldiers can TMS, other professions can pop dance of fools or coccoon, but some professions are just left in the dust when it comes to counterplay. Not that this is anything new for anarchy online, some classes just straight up beat on other classes.


    likely more to come, including
    -fixing the fixer special bullets nano so that it scales properly
    -thoughts on SL or AI added to the Froob program (AI>SL, more on that later)
    -item store feedback
    -neutral shop prices
    -multiboxing regulations
    -certain unobtainable items be made reobtainable (healing nano, weapon augmentation,
    -Metallic mantis armor tradeskill pieces are not dropping off mantises any more. Is this intended? I really hope it isn't

    EDIT just realized there's a game suggestions forum so If a mod could move my thread that would be sweet
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