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Thread: "If we don't fire it off in these final days of 2016, it will be how we start 2017."

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    "If we don't fire it off in these final days of 2016, it will be how we start 2017."

    So 1/12 of 2017 gone, what doyou mean with "start" in Oslso?
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    They were talking about Conan
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    Its a fluid term, just like Monthly Development Update.
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    This is going to get done if it kills me or preferably someone else.

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    [...] Monthly [...]
    A new term has been born since last Summer: Monthlytm Development Update.
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    The Monthly Development Update is still being published, monthly. #alternativefacts.

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    I don't understand people's hope for change in AO. It is stagnant, for a reason, because they have no intention of adding additional content or making great changes. Steam release was just FC attempting to make extra cash before the game completely crashes. They said themselves that the game is in maintenance mode... "No further significant work is expected to be done on this project going forward".

    They are focusing on 'relaunching' The Secret World and... early release of Conan exiles - They say it has done well in such a short time but do they not understand how many people are going to steam refund once it gets close to release when they realise it's just a clone of every other survivial MMO? It's time to take what little creative talent Funcom has left and make something new ... I don't know, maybe... AO2? D:

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