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Thread: trader 60 & Dog of War?

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    trader 60 & Dog of War?


    I would like to equip my trader lvl 60 with a pistol ( Good min dmg & shooting fast + X2 specials burst/FS !

    Does anyone ever tried this configuration on trader? Do you have a setup implants to advise me?

    Thx all

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    A level 60 any prof (except shade) should be able to equip it without a problem.

    Ql 150 implants (maybe even 140s for a trader) would be best... think you could put on 160-170 if you went hard at it.
    burst/fling right hand
    Fling shot/burst wrist
    Either burst or Fling shot right arm, not sure which one, you'll probably figure out which ^^
    Fling shot right arm to twink it in.. then could probably swap it to burst right arm after

    Won't need pistol on your right hand since you'll get loads from drains.

    Just know, unless you're paid, you won't be able to do dual dogs unless you're an advy.
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    could go with a home defender or some other one hand shotgun with no specials, this would give you the benefit of a higher AR for perks?

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    Have one on my ToTW engi paired with CDR in the offhand. It's only 75% as I needed the armor slots for +nano skills armor to help cast/keep the bot out of OE. Even then, it's a complete beast damage wise in the temple. Fling in right arm until you get it on, then up to you if you switch to burst (I did) or leave fling in.

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    Trying to put 2x on my 50 trader as we speak. Still working on imps

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