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Thread: Combined game subscription

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    Combined game subscription

    FC should do like Sony/DBG and have a "multipass" subscription to all their games, or maybe just the ones out of development. I know people that play EQ, EQ2, and other DBG titles on rotation...just switch when they start getting bored of one title. Granted even EQ probably has a ton more subs than AO and is still in development mode, but being able to jump between ao, aoc, and tsw might help the longevity of all three.
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    That's not a bad idea. I bought another TSW account but haven't done anything with it other then the first part of the tutorial. A launcher with all three titles on it would certainly generate more traffic.

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    I'd actually like that option as well!
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    Free games sounds good, which is what this would amount to for me.
    Even though, I've never bothered with FC other titles.
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    I always wanted to try out TSW but never got around to do it.
    That might actually get me to try it.
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    I did the TSW beta but only a little due to RK4 getting in the way of my gaming. I knew that it had something about it that would eventually need more investigation and probably result in yet another addiction...darn. Had to wait though because the RK4 RNG kept giving me crappy results. Things calmed down and now I'm getting average die rolls.

    Anyway last year when it appeared that AO might not live out the year I started exploring other gaming options. FC and Humble Bundle got together and TSW was in a bundle so grabbed it. I'll be playing it soon (tm). Anyone thinking of buying--There's a ton of DLC's so I'd recommend waiting until the Steam Summer Sale when it will probably be $20 for everything.

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    This is probably one of the greatest suggestions I have ever seen.

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    I second, third and fourth this!!!
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    Would be awesome, would have some use with the Lifetime subscription with TSW...

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    I did this with Sony and alternated between Vanguard and EQ2. Unfortunately, FC only has one title I would be interested in playing so I would not get much value from it.

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