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    Question Buff bot...

    I was wondering what you guys think would be a good class to follow me around and buff me.

    I have another account that I can use for this.

    I am going to start a new enforcer and a buff bot to tag along for team missions and buffs heals whatever.

    I thought a Meta for nano buffs...doc for hp and heals...Fixer for run and HoTs...

    I've come to think that a Agent would fit the bill but a meta might be best for heal pet and nano buffs is all I would really need.

    What are your thoughts?

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    An agent will give you the professionbuffs of your choice when you need'em, so I guess I would go for that. AND if you give up on a mission, the agent can sneak it instead. Although, an agent in FP uses ages to cast nanoprograms.

    It would be nice to have a doc following though. Giving out treatmentbuffs, hots, HPbuffs, IC when needed. Might concider that.

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