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Old Mar 13th, 2012, 15:05:26   #1
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level 90ish tower twink?

So Im wondering if a lvl 85 or 90 engi would make a viable tower twink?

JAME, full css, osb'd to the nines popping slayer....pew pew?
I'm fairly new to the engineer myself so any constructive comments are welcome.
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Old Mar 13th, 2012, 15:58:35   #2
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i wouldn't bother making anything less than 105 (so 107/108?). medallion is REALLY nice.
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Originally Posted by Genele View Post
we all know that Neutrals are Omni light!
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TL3 engi... dont expect uber 1 vs 1... but it's probably a nice support toon.
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Make a trader, failing that, make an enf. Failing that, make a trader.
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Originally Posted by Marinegent View Post
Soldier reflects just flat out need to be much stronger all the time (70%~ at level 220 at all times...)
Originally Posted by shadowgod View Post
the day our pets last forever, like yours, is the day your reqs will be lowered.
Originally Posted by Obtena View Post
To be fair, you are lucky the mods are as forgiving as they are.
Originally Posted by Obtena View Post
your an idiot

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Old Mar 14th, 2012, 10:23:10   #5
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meh it should be be ok untill you go up against a cc prof. (those damnned traders and agents) at that level pets are root/drainbait (actually thats most levels ) and you don't get pet attention till 100. With the equip you mentioned its likely your pets will be bait so you can actually do the damage... though if you can root graft an agent and have slayer crawl up his backside you might get a few nice hate tells. :P
Originally Posted by Means View Post
...Ranged professions enjoy a significant advantage everywhere and more so against pet professions...
Originally Posted by Means View Post
Note: Calling me an "incompetant ass-monkey", while admitedly is extremely amusing, does nothing to quantify what exactly, if anything, you would like to see changed in your/someone else's nanos.
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