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Post Trader Guide & tips - revised

Trader Guide
A rough guide in the works

Trader, the profession people love to hate.
The Trader Profession is a very diverse profession.
We get roots, calms, debuffs, heals and well .. even charms ..

Considering our abilities, the trader is primarily meant as a backup team player,
but with a bit of skill, they can be quite competent at soloing as well in the lower levels.

The trader is also famous (or infamous) for his/her abilities in PVP,
and especially towards lower through mid levels, we can be quite the damage dealers played well.

Index :

In this guide, we'll cover these topics :
  • Trader Role
  • Choosing Breed
  • IP Distribution
  • Weapon to Choose?
  • Armors to Choose?
  • Tools of the Trader
  • Implants
  • Laddering/using drains
  • Making money
  • Perks *new*
  • Basic Gameplay tips
  • Final Words

This guide is the revised version of an older guide posted on the forums earlier.
You can see the thread for the old guide here.
Didymus - Solitus Trader, Member of Instability

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Trader Role
A little bit of what you can expect during yur career.

Trader's General role :

Wrangler :

In the daily life, outside the battlefields, traders are wranglers.
The wrangle lines trader's get are often immensly helpful to other players and
we get asked for them a lot. If you don't yet know what wrangles are, check the "Guide to Wrangles".

Handing out wrangles is often a major stress factor to higher level traders,
and common frustrations include :
  • Wrangled player hasn't got the buffs needed prior to wrangle.
  • Wrangled player notices he/she didn't have enough NCU.
  • Wrangled player didn't realise wrangles don't put up specials.
  • Wrangled player gets surprised when 3 minutes over, he/she is OEd.
  • Trader has to travel to someplace with mobs to wrangle one person
  • Trader can't find person to wrangle because he/she disappears when trader drains
  • Trader wrangles one after another using plenty of time because would-be-wrangled don't accept or ask for team invite.
  • Trader gets asked for wrangles by players who just want to "see how high their skills will go".
( Taken from the "Guide to Wrangles" )

When people are looking for a trader, they sometimes try the /list approach.
/list is a command wich you can use to get a list of players in the playfield
with different variables you can specify. "/list trader" will give a list of the traders in the zone.

Being a wrangler, you don't want people asking you for wrangles wherever you may be.

In order not to be look up in this way, just type "/anon".

You are now marked as anonymous and won't pop up on /list search.
As many other traders have said, "/anon is your friend".

I prefer to go outside SG and announce I'm handing out wrangles if I feel like being nice,
and it happens every now and then. That way, I can help people when I have time for it.

Tradeskillers :

Yes, we have a knack for tradeskills and you'll probably find people who will
want you to make something or need you for a tradeskill buff.
In many ways, we are beaten by the engineer profession when it comes to high QL tradeskilling,
but on the other hand, we are the ones with the buffs.

If you want to become a tradeskiller, I advise you to be patient and wait until you are
well into TL 4 on your way to TL5 when IP gets more plenty. Focusing a character
on tradeskilling from the start is an easy way to cripple your character.
Neither are tradeskills in much demand at lower levels, and when they are,
low level players usually seek out high level players to do the stuff anyways.

Trader's Team role on RK :

Damage Dealers :

On the lower levels (100 and below), you can be an excellent damage dealer.
On these levels, a trader's capacity for twinking is quite awesome.
It is important to have as much hit points as possible, because using a shotgun,
your crits will steal aggro.

Of course, it is dependent on choice of weapon and so on as well,
especially later in your career.

In the higher levels, we still do quite alright if you can get the good trader weapons.
Mostly, we are outclassed by MAs, shades, soldiers, enfs etc. but seeing we're a support class,
I suppose that's the way it should be.

Calmer/Healer/Mezzer :

Anyways, the role you'll fill in a team will be diverse, but primarily calmer. Trader calms are excellent calms
and, if my sources are right, only exceeded by crat calms. Besides, having drains,
we reach our higher calms faster than other professions.

The calms are sometimes far between in QL, though. Nevertheless, the calmer role
is a fun role to play in my opinion, and calms are great when soloing mobs as well.

We can also be backup healers and we even get roots. Also, on higher levels,
you'll probably want to raise skills to get those AC drains going.
Lots of nanos to play with, and they are very, very handy when soloing. Thus a high nanopool is nice,
even if we do get stackable nano drains to keep the juice flowing.

Players who use nanos made to "mess up" (or mesmerize) the mobs like roots, calms,
ac drains and so on are commonly referred to as a mezzer. That will be you.

Update : Also read the added "Trader's Team Role in SL" added underneath
as we'll incorporate that role into the already existing as we'll be able to do both on RK.

( Also check the "Basic PvP/PvM tips" for a few calmer guidelines. )

Buffer? :

We get team wrangles. Some people like the trader to keep these team wrangles coming.
While this buffs attack/nano skills for your team mates, unless you're handing out small
wrangles considering your capabilities, it will cripple your ability to do just about everything else.
So, if they don't need your abilities to do anything else, sure,
you can wrangle them. Generally, most prefer not to ..
And if needed, having to get drains up after each wrangle run out sucks.

Regarding your highest team wrangles, this "job" is best done when your nano skills are
so high or when you're buffed so that you can refresh your top drains while still doing team wrangles ..

Keeping 132 wrangles coming at level 120 f.ex really, really sucks.

Check with the other players in the team to check wether your wrangles can help.
Sometimes, a doc might only be a few nanoskills away from a better heal f.ex.
Then you might be able to help out without setting yourself back too much.

Update : There's a new wrangle out for those who bought SL. It is called an "umbral wrangle"
and basically, it's the same as an ordinary wrangle except it does not lower your own skills
and it refreshes itself, so you don't have to keep them coming. A very nice team buff indeed.

Trader's Team role in SL :

Buffers / Debuffers :

Wave goodbye to the calmer role. In Shadowlands, it seems traders are/will be buffers / debuffers .
In the Shadowlands, our calms and roots no longer work very well.
However, we got new AC debuffs, new wrangles and even Nano Resist debuffs
to be sure we land the debuffs as well as making it easier for others.

The idea is this one :
Originally posted by Cz
Traders will be better at draining/debuffing defensive capabilities, like AC and evades (including Nano Resist, I believe). In fact, not having a Trader around when going up against the tough guys in SL should mean you're in for a very rough fight indeed. For the others to perform against these mobs, the Trader should need to condition them a bit first.

Just add the usefullnes of our buffs and that seems pretty much it.
The new offensive debuffs have a very short duration, so I guess keeping these refreshed
is what we're gonna have to stay focused on in the future.

Tower Wars Role :

You're the hunter. Especially on lower levels, chances are your shotgun is OEd
unless you get to drain something and if there's nothing to drain, the damage
you'll do to towers will suck. (Towers are not drainable) ..

Besides, the trader is *the* pvp profession from title level 1 and remain strong to title level 4.
Keep your eyes out for the enemy, go in and kill them. If mobs for draining are available,
commonly referred to as "drainpets", get one to keep your performance up and it'll help you
contribute some to the towers' destruction as well.

( Check "Basic PVP/PVM tips" further down for tips regarding "drainpets" )

Without players or mobs to drain, you'll just have to fight towers with crappy damage output.

From mid high level, somewhere between TL4 and 5 (between 100 and 150),
the trader's advantage in PVP will start even out, eventually being surpassed by other
professions later on such as enforcers and soldiers, f.ex,
who are considered the "best" high end pvp professions.

Somewhere between TL4 and 5, there won't be many new nanos and so on,
and you'll spend the rest of your career PvPing using pretty much "old tricks".
You'll still get better skill-wise and gear-wise, but so will all the other professions and more.

In high level tower warfare, I slap in a nano range increaser so I won't have to rely on NT buffs
and I tend to focus more on draining & rooting than actually killing other players.

When you do move in for the kill, ganking people who are not at full health with an alpha attack seems to work best.
Didymus - Solitus Trader, Member of Instability

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Choosing a breed

Any breed can be a reasonably good trader,
It's just weighing some abilities over other and pick what you think you'd like.

- Atrox traders get more HP, and they have a slight easier time getting into good Str/Sta
armors. On the other hand, they get less nanopool and takes a bit more time getting to the
really good drains. I'd say good early on, but may miss out on a few things later in life.

- Opifex traders can get a little bit better evades and a bit higher attack rating,
going the traditional way with shotgun, bit higher inits f.ex, but they get a bit less HP.

- Nanomage traders get to their best drains a bit earlier on and the nanopool helps
keep you alive, but they have less HP and can suffer a bit regarding armors.
Nanomage may be a bit more difficult at start, but the strengths of the breed will
be more prominent and pay off later on and they can be the best trader-tradeskillers.

- Solitus trader is an allround very decent trader choice. Probably "the trader breed" if any.

As you can see, it's really just picking what abilities one appreciates over others.
Didymus - Solitus Trader, Member of Instability

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IP Distribution

A dreaded topic indeed. Some will agree, some probably won't.
Nevertheless, before you read on, take 20 secs and get this skill emulator.
With it, you can plan your IP distribution from level 1 to 200 ..

Abilities :
I think I'd say all, perhaps a little less sense/psychic
on lower levels. Everything here is quite important.

Melee :

Thrown :

Ranged :
Go for shotgun skill here. If you're going with vektor or home defender, wait until later with
putting up specials when you can use a change of weapon and it'll be cheaper.

Speed :
Ranged Init - Go for it. Going the way you're going, you'll soon equip scopes that will lower this skill,
and it's generally a skill worth upping.
Nano C Init - Yeah, put some IPs into this one as well. When you're well up some levels, you can put in a
Nanoformula Recompiler that will add lots to this as well - so that should help.
Evades, Duck explosives - These skills work great on a well played trader. Ladder some good drains on the mobs
and they won't hit you as much, wich helps immensly. This should be effective in pvm up to and through
title level 2.

Trade & Repair :
Comp Lit - Max this one. Anything else? .. No, if you made a trader to do tradeskills, it's better to be patient
and wait until you hit title cap around level 130 or so before putting many of these skills up.
You may want to put some up, but IP soon gets scarce, and I recommend you save what you can.

Nano & Aiding
Don't put up matter creation and matter metamorphosis.
For now, those two skills are more worth in the ways of IP you can save on not putting them up.
You can put those up later in your career.
You may want to max the other nano skills, especially time & space and psychological modifications.
These two skills are used for roots, drains, wrangles, the nanos that shorten down roots and
probably something else not mentioned. Psychological modifications is also used in calms and (*gross*) charms.
Charms will kill you, but calms are good. Biological metamorphosis is for heals.
Sensory impression is for calms, charms and our yummy Comp Lit buffs.

Spying & Navigation
If anything, put some in perception for PVP and perhaps some help on the scopes.
Map Navigation can be imped, but enough to get the most basic map reader upgrades won't
exactly hurt you much. Break and Entry should be *at least* your level if you want a chance at opening chests
later on. If you don't want to open chests and doors, forget it. You can open them later in your career.
By now, you've no tradeskill use for the skill anyways.

As you go up, IP gets tighter. It's up to you to find out what to prioritise.
I, myself, tried a somewhat risky approach and only put up time & space and psychological modifications
and a little bit sensory impression up until level 70-80 where I had a bit more IP and got'em maxed.

The reason was I wanted to PVP, and I thought I could be better at it if I spent my IP on
other stuff than calms and health drains. Healing in teams could be done by others and in pvp,
opponents would be dead before I relied on health drains anyways.
I also left the calming on those levels up to others ..

It worked and IP never got really tight for me because when I started PVMing more,
I got spare IPs to put on the other skills anyways. I doubt my way is something one
would generally recommend, but it shows how you can think out your own strategy.
Didymus - Solitus Trader, Member of Instability

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Weapon to choose?

There are many ways of playing a trader. However, the trader is the only profession
that really gets the opportunity to excel with shotguns. Thus, I assume you'll want
to go the traditional way, eventually ending up as a 100% crit dependent baddie
with a miraculously unpredictable damage output. (Well, not all shotguns are crit dependent,
but using one is, in my opinion, an interesting change from a lot of other profs )

The reason traders are the only profession that really excels with shotguns is because
soldiers are the only ones with a non-general shotgun buff and it's self only.
For them, it's better to use something else. We only get expertise buffs, but we also have drains
to help our attack ratings go up. Besides, it's a cheap weapon skill.

When you're about to pick your shotgun,
I recommend picking one of these :

- Vektor ND Shotgun / Home Defender - ql 50 / 180 / ql 50 / 200

These shotguns have no specials at all. On the bright side, you don't have to put any special skills
to use them, and that can save you some IP on the lower to mid levels. Also, on the bright side,
twinking these babies on with drains and getting a wrangle from your fellow trader makes'em easy
to equip on high QLs. Also, they're very easy to get a hold of and can be found in shop terminals.
I think I'd pick Vektor over home defender as it hits for energy damage instead of the home defender's
projectile. The way people put up duck explosives, they'll crit in pvp as well.

- OT-Windchaser SM30s Shotguns - ql 50 / 190

Another shotgun with no specials, these are easy to get a hold of and, as far as I know, go from ql 1 to 190.
Another okay choice for the lowbie trader with an IP problem, these will be easy to get on at high QLs.
They are very fast and crit reliant, so regular damage won't be too good, but high AR and a lowbie crit scope
along with it's fast attack and recharge should get those crits going.

They sell in shops and can be rolled from missions.

- Pump Trainee / Pump Master - ql 40 / 50

Awesome gun. If you can get a hold of one, enjoy it while you can because as they only go from
QL 40 (trainees) up to 50 (master), you'll outgrow it in no-time. It is a *very* good Shotgun,
grossly overpowering those who use it most traders would say ..

Drops from dynabosses.

- Ithaca - ql 50 / 199

This is an old PVP favourite. Truth is, being crit reliant as it is, it's best to wait with these until
you can get on at least a ql 250 Vision Enhancer, granting you 8% crit chance. Also, having two specials,
it can get a bit on the expensive side, IP-wise, on lower through mid levels. Also, having two specials,
you'll probably end up wielding it on far lower QL than a home defender or Vektor.

So if you're lower level, I recommend you leave this one in the freezer for now.

- Maw of the Abyss - ql 1 (only)

This gun drops in IS, second floor and aside from the looks, I quite like it.
With the arrival of SL, the min damage ain't bad at all and so it's definetly nice
to have if you haven't gotten yourself a Mudurlugu or perhaps some high QL shattergun dual wield combo.

On RK, I daresay an ithaca with Mark of Peril, Take The Shot and an 8% VE scope will outdamage Maw,
but then again you can't beg for outsides all the time (or can you?) and the higher min damage is definetly welcome in SL.

There are some drawbacks. It's largely useless in PVP and the Fling Shot requirement is rather insane.
Unless you implant Fling Shot some, this gun can be a bit tiresome to equip at lower levels ..

Especially if you're switching from going ithy and pvp to Maw in pvm a lot.

- Mudurlugu - ql 50 / 200

The trader's wet dream, this nice gun drops on mobs in SL (rather rare drop) and has the NODROP
tag wich makes it hard to get, I'm afraid .. Other than that, it's largely *the* trader favourite at the moment.

It's got no specials, but the damage looks so nice ..

It frequently seems to drop from ql 160-200 on the Mortiig boss "Ikaput"
on the island just South-East of the redeemed garden portal at the Ravine, Penumbra.

- Fine Smith Shattergun - ql 100 / 200 / 300

Another SL gun, no specials .. This one goes from QL 1 to 300 and could (should!) be dual wielded.
You can't dual wield it with another shattergun though, because it has a right hand requirement.

Just find something else to wield it with and you're good to go.

- Shooter of the Door Keeper / Shooter of the Porter (ql 300) - ql 100 / 200 / 300

Another one-handed shotgun with fling and very low multi wield req,
this would do nicely in a combo with the fine smith shattergun at a reasonable QL.
It's got fling and it's very fast, but one drawback is it's low minimum damage.

I've found them on unredeemed mobs, but the easiest place to get them might be the market forums.

Get it at a nice QL, dual it with an FSS and get those AC debuffs going!
Didymus - Solitus Trader, Member of Instability

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Armor to choose?

From a trader point of view, agility/strength is easily implanted without messing up a good setup and will also add to shotgun.

Anyways, here are some descriptions ..

Strength / Agility Armors

Tertius Decus / Secundus Decus / Primus Decus
- Regular Armor - rolleable

(Edited by Sabynne: Language not Appropriate)

From sometime back in 2001, these armors were extremely popular. In full sets, they look good and they're easy to get a hold of.
All these armors have the same weaknesses, the biggest holes in the AC being chemical and Radiation ACs.
These weaknesses are greater on a tertius set than they are on the secundus and primus, so basically,
Primus (blue colour) is the best, Secundus (Black colour) next best and Tertius (deep orange colour) is the least good.

These armors are rolleable from missions only and there are some level "restrictions" here.
Primus is first rolleable from ql 75+ missions, Secundus from ql 50+ missions, Tertius ql 25+

.. I think. If you know or find out differently, again, please write a post or a PM.

Flower Tech Armor - Regular Armor - Buyable / Rolleable

(Edited by Sabynne: Language not Appropriate)

This is the armor some of the old clan guards in Athen etc. used to wear. The vanguards still appear to,
although they have it covered up a bit. Anyways, except from not having any mods at all, this armor really isn't too bad.
It's one of the old favourite regular armors, because it's got it's strongest ACs in the right places.
The look of the helmet really isn't all that, but if you can bear with (or enjoy) looking like a boiled lobster,
this might just be the armor for you.

This armor is buyable from about ql 70 to 125 or so, but not all the pieces. Some pieces you have to get from missions.
I think the pieces that can't be obtained from shops are chestpiece, gloves, helmet at least. I may be wrong.
If I'm not mistaken, ql 70 is the lowest this armor will go and so keep that in mind when you get your set.

Servants of Eight - Boss Drop Armor - Dynacamp/mission boss loot.

(Edited by Sabynne: Language not Appropriate)

This armor is mostly wanted for it's ability boosts as a buffing armor. It also features in the old Trader Doug's PVP thread
where it was the armor of choice because of it's evade bonuses. It's got that old school primus look and it's an okay armor
if you haven't got anything else. The reason it's not as popular is because each armor piece has a level requirement.
You have to be level 91 to wear a ql 100 piece and 180 to wear a ql 200. By the time anyone can get on ql 200, they often
have better alternatives when it comes to armor or grander prices to strive for, at least.

All in all, the mods are quite nice .. But at the level you can wear a ql 200, there might be other armors you'd rather have.

Junkmetal Armor - Tradeskill Armor - Player Made

(Edited by Sabynne: Language not Appropriate)

This is one of those armors with that carbonum look. It's hard to get a hold of at higher QLs because people don't bother with it.
The only mod on this armor is health and unless you have a "MRR : Shape Hard Armor", it's hard to make at high QLs with a screwdriver.
At low levels, maybe you'd want some of it, because ..

It's easier to equp, so maybe you'd want to mix some pieces of it into your carbonum setup for more HP.
I haven't explored these opportunities, but an educated guess tells me that would be the best use of this armor.
Otherwise, I'd rather go with carbonum armor, sided or not.

Mantis Armor - Tradeskill Armor - Player Made

(Edited by Sabynne: Language not Appropriate)

One of my favourite armors, this is what I wore when I was a PVP twink in my early TL3s.
This armor has really good projectile / Melee / Energy ACs, got nice mods such as boosts to HP, nano, dodge, init, damage ....
The only catch is that you have to buy it or find the pieces and make it yourself.

The pieces seem to crop up from ql 70s to lower ql 130s. The reason is that to make this armor, you need pieces that drop
from mantises in the Smuggler's Den. The mantises in the Den are around this level, though once I saw someone ref a BP
that Ithink was at ql 178. They claimed it was real ref but the owner wouldn't tell how he'd gotten a hold of it.

.. So I've been wondering .. Could mantises in higher QL missions drop pieces for these?
Are there higher mantises somewhere else who might drop the bits needed?
Anyways, it's a good armor and I really like the looks of it.

To make it, you also need a MRR - Shape Soft Armor. If you have one or are just curious, read the how to on Anarchy Arcanum.

Strength / Stamina Armors

These armors are sometimes a natural choice if you're an atrox or simply because some of them are good and they're easy to get on at high QL.
The ever so popular various tank armors also require some amount of stamina & strength to get on and they're abilities most would keep up.

Graft / Organic Armor - Regular Armors - Buyable, rolleable

I'm not entirely sure about the specifics on this armor because I have no experience with it. If you do, please inform me.

The only reason you'd want any of these armors is because Strength / Stamina are probably the easiest buffable abilities during the levels
this armor will concern you at all. the graft armor is a little better, providing an increase to some ACs.
I think that the graft armor is available from shops at around ql 70 - 120s, but not all pieces of it, just like the flowers.

If I'm right, you might have to fire up clicksaver and mission for it.

A good reason for not wearing this kind of armor is because it looks like someone barfed on you.
The best reason for getting this kind of armor is that it can be made into Symbiotic CAS armor ....

CAS Symbiotic Armor - Tradeskill Armor - Player Made

(Edited by Sabynne: Language not Appropriate)

This is a nice armor with good ACs and mods that anyone could find useful. It's easy to twink into and it looks pretty mean!
A common choice for many twinkers and regular players alike, it seems most will have at least one set during their career.

Your armor will probably be bought from another player, but if you want, you can set out to get the bits you need and make it yourself
or get help from someone with a bit of tradeskills! If so, head on over to the CAS Symbiotic Guide on Anarchy Arcanum and start
saving up graft / organic armor bits and notum fragments ..

Trader Armors

These are either armors for SL units with prof req that we can use or even more narrowly specific trader armors.

Elysian Protector's Cuirass - SL Boss Drop Armor - Elysium Bosses (imps only?)

(Edited by Sabynne: Language not Appropriate)

This is just a chestpiece, but it deserves a mention. If you're reading this guide for tips, you might be in the levels where this
armor would be nice to have indeed. It drops from Imp bosses in Elysium .. It might drop on other bosses as well, but I've only found it on imp bosses.
The drop seems to be quite rare, but having camped more than just a few hours for the funneling devices, I have a few in my inventory.

If you're on Atlantean, do a "/cc addbuddy Didymus" and check if I'm on .. If I am, feel free to ask if you can have one.
I might have some extra ..

Oh and docs can also use this armor!

Smuggler's Armor - SL Boss Drop Armor

This armor might be a bit hard to get a hold of and goes all the way to ql 300.
The requirements are high, ACs are a bit low but the HP mod is quite nice. They give their ql in HP,
so 200 extra HP on ql 200 gloves. Not bad!

Some of it might be worth equipping, some not.
Requirements seem to easily make this armor tedious in the lower levels.

I expect most of the players who read this are lower level and for you guys,
there are other armors that would be easier to get a hold of at lower levels.

Trader Tier 1 - SL Tradeskill Armor - Player Made

(Edited by Sabynne: Language not Appropriate)

I'll only cover the tier 1 because if you're seriously wondering about getting the later versions of this armor,
you don't need this guide in the first place.

Personally, I hate this armor. It's intelligence / psychic are higher than the equivalent Barter Armor QLs and the mods are not all that.
On top of it all, it looks kinda like a pyjamas. There's a 20 shotgun mod to the BP, but by the time you're using this, I suppose your AR
is over 1k already and if that's the case, 20 extra to shotgun will give a minimal increase to damage. Might help you get on/use higher
QL shotguns if you get it early enough I suppose. I'd say you're generally better off with the barter Armor ...

Barter Armor - Tradeskill Armor - Player Made

(Edited by Sabynne: Language not Appropriate)

This Intelligence / Psychic Armor is really quite nice. Get some VTEs, old english guns, some assist imps and get that ql 200 on
as soon as possible! I'd pick this armor over CAS any day and it's basically made using the same process. The only difference
is that this armor is made out of Nano Armor instead of the CAS' armors graft / organic base.

I also like the looks of it. Read the how to make it on Anarchy Arcanum.

Other Armors

Storm / Omni / Carbonum Plate Armor - Tradeskill Armors - Player Made

(Edited by Sabynne: Language not Appropriate)

The carbonum armor is an all-time favourite armor for the low levels. One reason is that it's hard to make at high levels unless you have an
MRR - Shape Hard Armor. Another reason why it's loved at low levels is because it gives you extra NCU, much needed for the twinks to hold
outside buffs. Other sided versions of this armor are Storm (for clammers) and Omni (for omnis, duh!) ..

The omni version of the armor can be made by simply using an omnifier on the armor piece and a full set will have a nice extra boost to health.
The clan version of the armor is made much the same way using a clanalizer and will have an added boost to NR.


Living Cyber Armor - Leveling Regular/Quest Armor - Subway mob loot/quest rewards

This armor isn't all that bad at low levels either, if you can bear with the looks. You can level this armor up to ql 50
where it seems to give a nice 135 extra to health. Chest, Boots and Gloves need to be quested for.

The other pieces of the armor drops on human mobs in the condemned subway. Good luck hunting!

Edit : For tips on equipping armor, check under "Gameplay Tips"
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Tools of the trader

First out, when it comes to getting stuff that you need, a lot of it will be rolleable as mission reward.
There is a program that can click the "request mission" button on the mission terminals
for you and analyse the mission data while it does. Thus, it can automatically browse
and notify you when/if it finds a mission with the reward or pickup item you wanted.

It's a great way of getting new nanos, guns, scopes, etc.

It is also a nice way to just check other mission data as to where it is, f.ex.

The tool is called "clicksaver" and you can get it *here* ..

Vision Enhancer Scopes :

Yes, these help even at low QLs. If you're using a with a high crit (ithaca, vektor, home defender, etc.),
you'll want the vision enhancer that gives highest crit percentage while crippling your inits as little as possible.

"Vision Enhancer" scopes are easily obtained from missions as loot and reward.
Say you want a 3% scope, then check either
and look it up there or .. By investigating a little bit, you'll
find that on QL 134, the Vision Enhancer gives you a +2% bonus to crit chance.
At QL 135, it ladders up to 3%. Get the lowest QL for the wanted percentage and get it in.

Equipping these scopes is easy. If you're level 75 or less, perception can be buffed
by 120 + 130 + 107 by Lupus Oculus (adv) + Karma Harvest & Blood Makes Noise (fixer).

I believe these numbers are correct, but I'm not 100%sure. Anyways,
as you gain levels, you can get even higher adventurer perception buffs,
so you hopefully won't have to sweat much over getting these babies in.

Alternative : TIM Scope
hhj thought I should include it. So, here it is!

So, you decided to choose another path than the path of crit dependence.


If so, you might want to get yourself a TIM scope.
The scope drops off a bio-mechanic robot named T.I.M.
He's lurking down in the bottom of the "Foreman's Office" -
the very end of the dungeon.

The Foreman's office is a dungeon in the omni mine, quite west in the Longest Road.
I'd say the dungeon contains mobs from about level 50 to 100.

I think T.I.M himself is about level 100. You shouldn't venture down there
alone until you're higher. Besides, T.I.M has a bad habit of being
camped nowadays, and so it might be hard getting the kill on your own.

Anyways, these are the stats for the TIM Scope :

Reqs :
Rifle 394
Aimed Shot 317

Effects :
Aimed Shot 23
Critical chance %1
Ranged init 180
Rifle 19
Weapon Range 5

As you can see, the extra crit chance isn't that great, thus you're better off
with a Vision Enhancer if you're using crit dependent Shotgun.
The good thing about the TIM Scope is the 180 Ranged Init Buff wich is ideal to
anyone who value speed over crit chance and a great Aimed Shot/Range increase.
It's especially sought after by manex users as manexes are horribly slow
and shouldn't be used by people without an extremely high ranged init.

It takes up the same HUD space as a Vision Enhancer, so you can't use both.

Alternative : LLTS/ELLTS Scope

Low Light Targetting Scope and Extreme Low Light Targetting Scope (ql 200s).
These are the scopes of the golden oldies, taken out of the game because
they overpowered the people using them. They are still around, but not as drop or reward.
You can only get them from other players, and last time I checked the price for a ql 200
15% scope, it went for about 300 millions. So, unless you're rich, you can skip this part.

The advantage with these scopes is that they can up your crit chance more than
any Vision Enhancer scopes there. Unless they give more than 8% crit chance,
they're generally not much worth having unless it makes you go nostalgic.

These are stats taken from a ql 250 8% VE Scope :

Reqs :
Perception = 685

Effects :
MeleeInit. -378
RangedInit. -378
PhysicalInit. -378
NanoC.Init -27
AimedShot 287
CriticalIncrease 8%
WeaponRange 39%

And the following are the stats for a ql 101 LLTS, granting the same crit bonus :

Reqs :
Electrical Engineering = 397
Weapon Smithing = 319

Effects :
MeleeInit -399
RangedInit -399
PhysicalInit -399
AimedShot 156
CriticalIncrease 8%
WeaponRange 21%

QL 101 is the lowest QL an LLTS will give 8%.
Now, if you combine the bonuses, you'll see that the Vision Enhancer is
actually a lot better. Inits are not as decreased, aimed shot buff is bigger,
range is better .. The only downside is a downer to your nano init wich you'll hardly notice.

Thus, unless you can get them on well over 8% crit bonus, you should be better
off with a normal Vision Enhancer.

Nano Forumla Recompiler

The trader is a caster class, and we're the masters of comp lit.
The two things combined makes us crave for faster nano execution and
the buffable skills to get them! ..

Nano Forumla Recompilers are wonderful. If you don't already know them,
they are nifty items that go in your deck slot. They add a certain bonus to your nano init.

A QL 200 Nano Formula Recompiler will add 400 to your NanoC. Init.
Sounds good? It is and it's well worth the deck slot it takes up.

They are obtainable from missions as loot and reward.

Also check "laddering/using drains" on tips how to equip one.

Advanced Salesman's Hat :

Questions about the Advanced Salesman's Hat (also known to most traders as the "asshat")
sometimes surface on these forums, so I'll write some about it.

The hat is a ql 20 to 75 leveling item that you probably can build yourself and like the un-advanced,
it comes with a red wig included. To build it, you need two items :

Salesman's Hat - To get this, go to Hope. By whompa, Newland City -> Newland Desert -> Hope ..
Then try and find the NPC named Zoftig Blimp (no relation). You can buy them from him.

Salesman's Chip - This is what will make your hat advanced. You can get it from regular mission mobs
around level 20 and also mobs around totw are said to drop these now and then.

Simply combine your chip with the hat. The process takes 110 Electrical Engineering to complete.

Grats on your asshat!
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A few tips regarding your setup.

As you may know, I've been out of the game for some time now,
so I can't really remember what clusters go into what imps and so.

Also, including an implant section in a guide at that level of detail is not a good idea.
People have their own ideas of what they want from their implants,
and so it could turn out messy.

Nevertheless, there are a few basic tips.

Get Nano Nanny!

Basically "Nano Nanny" is a program that :
"lets you build and maintain a list of implants and clusters with ALL the data you need to do it quickly and easily."

Without Nano Nanny, implanting would be hell.
With nano nanny, it's been reduced to somewhat of a nuisance.

You can get Nano Nanny at

What Abilities?

The various clusters you can get for various implants relate to different abilities.
For a trader, it's rather easy making a good implant set that primarily uses
Strength and Agility. Strength and Agility is good because they are
easily buffed, unlike abilities like intelligence and psychic. If you don't get the ability
requirement you want from your implant, see if there's a cluster or two you can change
to make it switch to an easier buffable ability.

What clusters do want?

Basically, it's just picking what you'd like frmo the drop down menus in Nano Nanny.
There are some rather self explanatory hints, though.

Hit Points - Life clusters for raising hit points will save your ass. Especially crit-dependent shotgun
wielding traders get a ridiculously unpredictable damage output and will steal aggro.
When that borg turns on you for critting it three times i a row, you'll thank yourself for
getting these in. I *think* Shiny, Bright and Faded life clusters could go nicely in your set
without putting you at a serious disadvantage with other skills.

Psychological Modifications - This skills is used in roots, wrangles, etc ..
and drains. You want the highest drains as quickly as possible, so imp this one.

Time & Space - For the same reason as with Psymod.

Shotgun - You want the highest attack rating and the best shotguns? Imp this.
( Or - if you've decided on using something else, imp that instead. )

As for the rest, think of what you'd like to implant and also check the "Distribute IP"
section to see what's important.

Generally - implants are easier than people want you to think.
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Laddering/Using Drains

You got your trader up and going. Now it's time to check out what you can do with him/her.
The trader's strength lies primarily in his/her drains. There are two lines of drains for you once you're up and about,
namely "Ransack Skills" and "Deprive Skills". These come in different QLs, some better than the others.

This is how to put them to use :

When you cast deprive skills on a leet, it's attack skills and nano skills will decrease.
( Well, in theory. It doesn't *really* have much effect on them. )
Your attack skills and nano skills, however, will go up.
If you then cast ransack skills on the same leet, it will stack with the deprive skills,
thus lowering the leet's skills even further and your skills even higher.
Now that your skills have been temporarily upped, you may be able to cast a better version
of deprive skills, wich puts them up further. Then you may be able to cast a better ransack.

Deprive is easier to land than ransack, so starting your laddering with it is preferable.

It goes on like this until you're at the best drain you can cast. Your attack skills and nano skills
will be upped considerably, so you'll do more damage, crit more often, be able to equip better guns,
throw nastier nanos and so on while the duration lasts. Note that specials, like fling shot, do not
increase by draining mobs.

When doing missions, etc. this optimal state of performance is where traders prefer to "work".
when one is at one's highest drains, just make sure to recast your highest ransack/deprive before
they time out.

Keep track of the skills you have when fully drained. Also keep an eye on the drains you just can't use yet
and get get them when you can. When you have a new drain run, recheck your skills to see if you can run an
even better drain than before. Drain, check, upload nano and repeat if possible and you'll be uber in no-time.

Using drains to equip "stuff" :

- Better Shotgun

This is really simple, and you'll probably figure it out on your own.
Get a shotgun expertise, get your top drains going, note down your shotgun skill.
Then check how much above your drained shotgun skill you can go before you are Over Equipped.
This is easily done by doing a "/tell helpbot OE #" (# is your skill). Then check what QL shotgun you can use and
not be OEd while at fully drained. To equip the shotgun, run expertise, find a trader that can give you the wrangle
you need, then run and drain something and equip it. Now, you'll probably be OEd, but as soon as your drains hit the
roof, you'll be under the 20% curse.

Some prefer a bit lower QL guns in PVP, wich
may be smart sometimes, considering what might happen.

- Better NCU upgrades

You can also use this method to get on NCU. Get a decent amount of NCU. When draining up, hitting the +55 comp lit
buff doesn't take long. If you can afford it, get some comp lit or Psymod/senseimp assist imps in as well.
What you want is to get enough NCU to do something like this :

Sensory impression expertise + teachings (+25)/masteries(+50)/infuses(+90)/mochams(+140) +
Psychological Modifications expertise + teachings (+25)/masteries(+50)/infuses(+90)/mochams(+140) +
Biggest possible wrangle (up to 131 or 132) from a fellow trader +
your own drains.

( teachings, masteries, infuses and mochams are all Meta Phycisist buffs to nanoskills.
They do not stack with eachother, but get the biggest you can get for this to work )

This ought to get your nano skills up by a lot.
Probably enough to run some nifty comp lit buffs, namely :
Frequent Customer (+55), Bulk Trader (+160) and Trading Mogul (+260)

Having run the highest possible of these, start swapping out your old NCU stuff with new upgrades.
If you don't have enough NCU to do this process, do what you can so you get more NCUs to repeat.
Along with more NCUs, you might want a "Nano Formula Recompiler" at as high QL as possible to get those
drains flying. You'll feel like a whole new trader afterwards ..
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Making Money
A few, puny trader hints for making creds.

Playing a trader is expensive if you haven't already made a considerable amount
of money already with another character, etc. Because of our capacity for
twinking and increasing our nanoskills and so on, we're on the constant lookout
for new nanos, new guns and so on, so expect to spend some creds ..

First off, check THEDEACON's Making LOTS of money as a new player guide.
Also worth checking out for newcomers is Doctah13's List of valuable low QL items.
The stuff I post here are just a couple of opportunity's for traders that I can think of.

Trader Shops :

You can't use these until you hit level 25. If you haven't seen'em already,
and you don't want to spoil the surprise (or disappointment), skip this bit.

The trader shop terminal can be found inside special shops.

Trader terminals mostly contain profession specific stuff for other professions.
Most of it is rubbish, but sometimes you might run into someone who want their hands on a BBI.

See Baffle's thread on "The Trader Shop - Content" if you're still curious about what's in there.

The only use we have for them is that selling stuff in the trader shop terminal gives considerable
better price for the items than in the other terminals. If you're desperate for cash,
grab what loot you can and head over to one.

Also, getting your comp lit up by buffing yourself will also raise the amount of money you get.
This works on all shop terminals.

After checking today with various items, a miiitar, a mentor's strawhat and a flowers tech helmet,
I can happily announce the increase in money gained from selling things in the trader shop
instead of regular shops is at an impressive 75%.

Note that some other shops and vendors also have an increase in money from sales,
but none as high as the trader terminal.

Updated : Mercatura's dwelved into the matter and made a rooted thread regarding Trader Shop Info.

Services :

If you've read the "Trader Role - Trader's General Role" section,
this one's easy. Just accept what tips you get for buffing or tradeskill services,
or you can sell your services .. The update is in the post above.

Many traders wrangle themselves to their first yalm.
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A few words and tips on perks ..

The first thing I did with my perks was to make some pretty big mistakes,
so I might be unlearning while you read this. Anyways, even though it's pretty early,
I'm gonan try and write a little on perks for those of you who have Shadowlands.

Perks are special abilities and bonuses you gain every 10th level from 1 to 200
and then every level from 201 to 220 to a maximum of 40 perks.

Please check out Jayde's Perk Configuration Tool and play around some.

What perks should I put up?

There are a few perks worth putting up. As I don't know too much myself yet,
I'll *try* and write some guiding words for you up & coming traders.

Generally now, for a low level trader, I'd say shotgun mastery and nano doctorate.
Definetly accumulator when you're getting up in your career and distill life doesn't really
seem like anything worth putting up until you're high enough to get the last special at stage 9.

Tinkerer might be good for the people who badly want more specials and have perks to "waste".

The blinds are supposed to actually work, I hear.

Accumulator :

Accumulator may look a bit pointless at first glance because it's not really
easy to get much out of the line's description in-game. However, it's probably
the most noteworthy and beneficial profession perk line we get.

When you put points into this perk, you'll drain a little hitpoint and a little nano sometimes when you hit your enemy.
while that might not sound too good or the line might seem a bit boring with it's lack of specials,
it's really quite nice and well worth upping - at least in the higher levels.

Note that the usefulness of this perk is also dictated by your weapon.
The faster gun you have, the more effective this perk line gets.

Distill Life :

I'd say this is the less useful of or profession perks. For the lower levels, you get a special
from the first perk in the line called "Reap Life". It's a DoT that deals a little damage over 30(?) secs.
Then there are no specials, only bonuses up to perk number 6 wich is bloodletting.
Bloodletting is another DoT, but it also has the effect that it increases the damage
done by some other specials, including the first special in the line.
At stage 9, you get a special called "Vital Shock", wich is a stun and a lifetap.
This line's maybe not very attractive unless you're higher level and want Vital Shock.

Baffle says :
Vital Shock is a direct damage perk that usually do 2-5k ish damage. It also works like a lifetap. You get ecactly 75% of the inflicted damage back as a heal.

Usually the damage is around 2500, something that give you a 1875 heal. You need to be level 205 to train this perk. (People usually train it at 206 to be able to have the Easyshot/VitalShock combo)

Vital Shock stun the target in 3 seconds. The effect is actually a calm that breaks then you shoot at the target again..

The distill life perkline aslo increase the power of your umbral wrangles slightly. Example: A +140 umbral and +10 distill life turn into a 147 umbral.
Thanks Baffle

Shotgun Mastery :

I'd say this line is actually quite useful at lower levels. Higher AR is great
and it'll allow you to get those good shotties on. Once you're so high level your AR
crawls over 1k, this perk line immediately gets more worthless. Damage-wise, every point over 1k AR
is only good for 1/6th meaning that f.ex 120 points over 1k (1120) only counts for 20 points (1020).

Note, though, that while the AR isn't as effective damage-wise it still makes us hit and crit.
Perks such as distill life specials use shottie as 100% Attack skill, so putting this up
some should be worth it, and if you're way high, well .. You can always unlearn a bit.

At perk number 3, you get a special called "Leg Shot". This is yet another DoT
and it's damage increases if you have bloodletting already running.

Alchemist :

This perkline will add bonuses to your pharmaceuticals and chemistry skills.
Unless you're a tradeskiller, this isn't exactly desirable .. But for those who are,
chemistry has always been a sort bottleneck as we have no profession buffs for the skill.

Anyways, while not being the best stat giver, this perk line gives you some specials.
There are two DoTs, each more effective if bloodletting is running, one blindness special
and one special that seals wounds meaning it removes dots running on ya.

Sounds worth it? .. I suppose It might be.

Nano Doctorate :

This perk line adds to your nano skills, simply enough. It adds to all of them.
We traders already get to our nanos rather quickly and now you can do it even more so.
The line's got one special in the 7th step that seems it will let you remove a nano shutdown.

Definetly well worth considering ..

Genius :

This line will add to your intelligence and psychic. The reason you might
want it is probably because the new trader armor uses intelligence / psychic as reqs.
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Basic Gameplay Tips!

Drainpets :

You might be challenging a Desert Eremite, marching to a tower battle or getting ready for a pvp bash in MMD.

If you can, always drain up before you start fighting!

This is usually done by finding some low level mob, draining it and then calming it, keeping it as a "pet".
These "drainpets" are often used in pvm or to keep your skills up in tower battle, etc. as well if there's nothing else
to drain. You may have seen traders draining the ICC guards in Meetmedere as well or pulling rollerrats and whatnot
with them when they're marching out to war.

So, the idea is simple. Drain the mob, pull it where you want it, calm for later use.
You can head back to this pet once in a while when you need to recast your drains.

Using calms and Nano drains in fight :

I feel a bit silly writing this as you'll figure a lot of this out on your own.

When you're up against a tough mob, see if you can get your drains in, then calm it.
Replenish your health/nano, and now you can start fighting the mob again at your optimal performance.
You'll have the nanopool to heal yourself, root, etc.
If things start looking grim, just calm it again & replenish .. Simple as that!

Of course, keeping a drainpet handy can also be good if mob counter your drains.

Also, after draining up, you can cast nano drains on the mob you're fighting.
These nanos stack even when thrown on the same mob and even works if said mob f.ex dies.
Spam a few of those and you'll have nano to keep yourself alive.
Maybe you won't have to calm after all.

Using calms in teams :

Being a calmer takes a bit work, but can be very fun. When you're in a mission,
watch out for the doorways. Try and move around a bit to get a good look.
There might be a mob in there just waiting to aggro. If you see one, target and calm.

When fighting, always position yourself where you get the best view of the situation
and any directions from wich potential adds might come and attack the team.

Also keep a lookout for engineers, MPs and Crat mobs as their pets are sure to turn up.
Also keep a lookout on your own calmed mobs. People like to attack calmed mobs,
and pets sometimes also like to try and mess up your job.

If there are noone on the team who really wants an AS, you can also calm ahead.
Basically, that means taking a couple of minutes to calm the mobs in the coming areas
so that the team get an easier time pulling one at a time instead of the first three.
It's especially nice taking the lift up to a pre-calmed boss room.

There are problems with ASing calmed mobs, though, so some agents might get a little whiny.
Sometimes, some team members may think you're about to do something completely
different and follow you, so it's best to tell them what your calming plans are ..

Using charms :

The charmline seems more than a little borked.

When you try charming something, you'll get rooted and unable to cast nanos or fight - even if it doesn't land!
Aside from that little problem, our charms have long duartions and stuff, so if the root wasn't there....

There's no way to get aorund the root easily, but there is a way at least.
With each hit you take from a mob, there's a slight percentage you'll get smacked out of the root.

So what you need is to get smacked a lot. Try and do something like this ..

Before you charm, get aggro from lower level mobs, drain them and head for what you wanna charm.
Charm the mob while you still have aggro from the lowbie and the lowbie mobs hitting you might snap
you out of charm eventually.

I've been trying this against Elysium hecklers where it seems to work quite well.
I got aggro from a group of mobs from the unredeemed temple north of port 7,
headed south to heckler land and tried to calm horrors ..

On 3 attempts, the charm landed 3 times. My nanoskills must've been about 1150-1200 or so.

Suppose I'll try Scheol hecklers next ..

Wrangling Tips :

How many times have you heard people ask you for the "highest wrangle" or a "132",
even when you know people would do good with a 74?

A good tips for those who get caught wandering in public is to drain up,
then cast a 131 wrangle on yourself. Now you'll get both the debuff and the buff.
That amounts to a loss in nanoskills at 11 .. Enough so that most traders through TL4 to TL5 and up
should be able to recast 131 wrangles as long as they still have their drains going.

.. So until then, just keep handing out those 131s

The debuffs won't stack with the one you have going from wrangling yourself.

Equipping Armor

I can't write too much, but .. Not going too far into detail, this is very easy to accomplish :

Stamina / Strength : Essence of Behemoth (enf) 27 + Iron Circle (doc) 20 + dual wield QL10 (f.ex) cushions 16 + Str/sta boosts 12 = total buff of 75 to Stamina/Strength.

Agility : Agility boost 12 + Feline Grace (agent) 25 + QL40 or more Tsakachumi counter sniper rifle 20 = 57 buff to agility.

Sense : Ability Boost 12 + Enhanced Sense (agent) 15 + ICC Gun-Bag 20 + ql 1-200 Personalized Robot Brain 3 to 15 = 50 to 62 extra sense.

Intelligence : Ability Boost 12 + Neuronal Stimulator (NT) 20 + 2 Second hand old english trading co. + 10 = 42 extra intelligence .. + 2 VTE 15(x2) = 72 buff to intelligence with VTEs.

Psychic : Ability Boost 12 + Neuronal Stimulator (NT) 20 + ICC Gun-Bag + 10 / Vektor ND LIzard Shotgun + 15 / Vektor ND DRAGON Shotgun + 20 = 42/47/52 extra psychic .. + 2 VTE 15(x2) = 72/77/82 buff to psychic with VTEs.
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Final Words ..

Having written this guide with each section in it's own, respective post,
editing the material or adding more should now be a lot easier.

There are other sources of information out there as well.

-> Arowen's Trader Guide - Also check the thread about it.
-> Tips & Tricks - Thread started by Wrangeline, mainly pvm/pvp tips and tricks for once you've got some levels.

Also, check out the sticky threads on the trader forum.

If you have any corrections, questions, feedback, etc. please post them,
but keep in mind that this guide is ultimately aimed towards the lower levels.

A big thanks to those who gave feedback on the original post,
and if you're reading through this guide to get help on your new trader ..
Welcome to the family.
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For twinking purposes, stm/str armor is actually better because there's more buffs.
Peek-a-boo I see you.
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Can I have your stuff?
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Originally posted by Bungalokelly
For twinking purposes, stm/str armor is actually better because there's more buffs.
Thanks, I've written a few notes on it now.
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Where are the rooters hiding? Guides should be rooted.

I havent read through it all but it looks good
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Thanks Wrangeline ..

I'm gonna give this a shameless self-bump.
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Didymus the guide God!!!


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Haha, thanks Sid ..

I've removed just a little bit of naughty language from the guide.
I'll add some more to it soon, probably at work tomorrow.
Didymus - Solitus Trader, Member of Instability
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