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Question 25 doc twink

I'm thinking of creating a lvl 25 doctor twink for towers and want to get some advice before i start.

Any ideas on breeds, IP spending, weapon choices, gameplay?
i've never played a doctor before so i dont really know where to start. And i cant seem to found a guide for a doctor twink, they are all about levelling to 220.

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Neutral forever
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Level 25 doctor does not look like a good choice for tower twink to me.
However I have never tried it so I may be wrong.
Doctor's forum should be a better choice for advice rather than new arrivals.
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Supa Leet
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Well, level 25 doctor is quite a good twink for towers... except when you fight traders ... and that's 90% of the fights.

Other rooting profs will be hard to kill, but they wont probably kill you (not counting Sechzy level 25 agent )

enfos will not be any problem... except if they are NR perked.

Weapon of choice, is, unfortunately Neleb Rod.

This is my 27 froob doc equip (more or less)... far from maxed, but should give you some pointers.
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Nyuck Nyuck
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Prolly Atrox for the HP, armed with Neleb's upgraded battle rod.

If I were building it (and I am far and away not an established PvPer) I would focus on NCU (no brainer) and enough PM/SI to upload the Composite Expertises/Boosts. The +20 nanoskills could open up the next heal or w/e. Yes, you can get those OSB, but having them immediately available is nice, and getting PM/SI to 54 shouldn't be too taxing at lvl 25 (54 base +10 from Proficiencies = 64 needed to upload), assuming that your IP is too tight to go all the way to 64.

Have fun!
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i might be a troll
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Thanks for your advice, some friends are planning a little pvp team for towers so I won't be fighting solo. I figured I could prolong the life of the team a little. I'm not so worried about damage and more about survivability.
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