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Thread: Story of Meh.

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    Story of Meh.

    I had a ransid case of food poisening from a bad bronco burger, and forgot who I am. Allz I remember is Im the Don of The Syndicate, but how did I get here? What did I do before? (whoever can think of the best story, will win 30 million credz). A little reminder would be great.
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    Post Re: Information Request

    Interdepartmental Information Archive Matrix Department
    Omni-Administrative Services

    REQUEST NO.: 22.03.29478-i845F90-345KH65
    EMPLOYEE NO.: 8962-568IH-AXX-ORJ00957
    DEPARTMENT: Omni-Tek Press Corp

    Dear Mr. DOH!,

    As per your request (22.03.29478-i845F90-345KH65) we have compiled a summary of archival data on SMALLS, STURMFAUST.

    Records indicate a batch of Atrox given the surname "Smalls" (OMX-8783d4-53R3.17.04.29458) was released from the Omni-Med cloning facilities on April 17, 29458. The batch was certified nominal by Dr. Zachary Nitus and given indenturement contracts with Omni-Mining.

    There is a record of an Atrox by the name of Sturmfaust Smalls who worked for Omni-Mining from 29458 to 29462. Sturmfaust Smalls was employed on a standard 10 year indenturement contract with Omni-Mining, assigned to Mine 63(a) located in northern Clon****. It was mildly injured in a mining accident and fell ill during the recovery. When it violated the alloted sick leave period it failed to show up for work. An arrest warrant for indenturement violation (OTRK-OP-5829FD) was issued on November 15, 29462.

    The time period 29461 to 29470 was marked by an upsurge in criminal activity roughly coinciding with the third Rubi-Kan civil war, as civil security forces were reallocated to meet the Clan threat. During this period a number of powerful organized crime families came to power. One of the largest of the period was the Pisani family, led by the infamous Don Mario "Pugface" Pisani. Don Pisani had criminal operations in nearly every city on Rubi-Ka involved in gambling, smuggling, counterfeiting, racketeering, and many other crimes. The main centers for these operations were Omni-1, Omni-2, and Tir.

    There is significant evidence that a "Sturmfaust Smalls" was a high ranking "heavy" for Pisani's organization. He was arrested for a number of small misdemeanors that were connected to Pisani through circumstantial evidence in the period from early 29463 to 29471. There also was one audio recording taken during an undercover Omni-Pol investigation where Pisani was heard to say "Tony, Marco, Sturmie, break his f***ing legs..." This was followed by the undercover officer getting his legs broken.

    During the '71 crackdown on corruption and organized crime, Omni-Pol stormed a nightclub called "The Truck-Shaped Atrox" located in the Clon**** slums, which was operated by Smalls. This "speakeasy" was actually a front for a strip club, which was a front for a brothel, which was a front for a gambling ring, which was a front for a large smuggling operation with strong ties to the Pisani family. Needless to say, it was a major blow for both Pisani and Smalls. Due to a long string of mysterious clerical errors, Smalls was released on bail.

    Meanwhile, Pisani was involved in a low level gang war with his main rival, the Alpha Triad. The leader of the Triad, Leung Rongji, was losing badly and decided to call a truce. Pisani agreed to meet with him, only to find out that Rongji had cut a deal with Omni-Pol; Pisani was perma-killed during the resulting confrontation. In the chaos that followed Marco "Scarfoot" Capri, Toni "Macaroni" Tonitini, and Smalls assassinated Rongji and several of his lieutenants.

    That day went down in infamy as "Bloody Wednesday Midafternoon", although the mayhem continued nonstop for several weeks. Over the years power had consolidated behind the two rival organizations; with their leaders dead there was an immediate balkanization of power as rivals tried to claw their way to the top, resulting in a massive free-for-all gang war. This infighting took it's toll on organized crime in Omni-1 and allowed Omni-Pol to easily clean up the mess. In Tir, Pisani's operations were violently overthrown by a rival street gang called the Str8 Ballerz. In Omni-2, individual criminals kept their operations going but without any unity or cooperation. Operations in other areas vanished without support.

    During the assassination of Rongji, the Alpha Triad's headquarters was destroyed by several large explosions with Pisani's men inside. While all three men's insurance were tagged by Omni-Pol, only Tonitini appeared at the reclaim terminal. He was sentenced to hard labor for life in a mine on the western frontier. Capri and Smalls were declared dead by insurance failure on October 29, 29471 at 25:31 RKST.

    We hope that this information meets your needs Mr. JOHN DOH!.
    Omni-Tek is your friend.

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    How about this - You're a mindless thug that threatens small business owners of your own faction!

    ((OOC: relating to Sturm bullieing Lightswift around at The Cup))
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    OOC(( ok, we were gonna go for the standard "We are here to better the clans people! We will stop at nothing to blah blah", but common, every RP org out there is "here to defend and train the people of rubi-ka! And defeat (insert faction here)" We need some criminals))
    Sturmie "Sturmfaust" Smalls, 220 Enforcer. (Totally the Enforcer on Ninj00's Billboard)
    The Syndicate Join the Family.

    First Enforcer on Rimor to declare war on Romania as a whole, not because of their beliefs, but simply because they're different.

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    ((OOC: DO I GET A COOKIE?!?!?))
    Administrator Jacob Stroud
    Omni-Tek Department Affiliate Program - Administrative Representative, Rimor

    Omni-Administrative Services Special Operations Subdepartment K-62
    Commissioner, RKDC

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    ok heres your life story,you were born in a small clan backyard as a lvl 1 enf with no idea of learnd and learned and you grew up to 45 and went to temple with my retired main,ueffer(although you may not remember)and camped legos.i didnt see you or talk to you for a LONG time and i decided to say hey and you were lvl 198 are a 203 enf who didnt do any sl till 200 and you use SS,bchta and are my friend.

    gimme 30m

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    LOL Ill keep it up for a little longer. Ueffer j00 always new how to talk to a tr0x. /me is whisked off his feet
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    Sturmie "Sturmfaust" Smalls, 220 Enforcer. (Totally the Enforcer on Ninj00's Billboard)
    The Syndicate Join the Family.

    First Enforcer on Rimor to declare war on Romania as a whole, not because of their beliefs, but simply because they're different.

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    Jacob stroud..give me a tell..your ways of writing is totally what we are looking for in buidling rp totally cracked me up..and the presentation is great...
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    Yeah no mater what I say about sturm being dumb, smelling of cheap cigars, smelly, ugly, mean, vulgar person he does have some redeaming qualties, ................... well uhh I mean hes uhh big?

    And in sturms defense those people he attempts made fun of him when he accedently stepped on his pet Roller Rat he so loveingly called MR.ROLLIE they made fun of him and the bronto burger bronto burger guy stole the body and used it in a sandwich. so I see why he does get money from them. ohh yeah *hands Sturm a 10mill fine* thats for extorting people.

    And he may make fun of people and kill a few he will drop everything he is doing and help a clanner kill a omni and even works with the people he jokes about to make the Clans a better place for the average citizen and for that I will not mention that his apartment should not have any contrabands in it tommrow cause there will not be a raid there with a search warrent *wonders if he should make sure sturms nanomage secetary should be informed sho sturm doesn't forget*

    Also if there are no criminals in RK I would be out of a Job as a Peace Keeper. And heck were is the fun in that!

    Later Sturm off to do some patrols of OA and make sure there is no omni incursions in our lands.

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    There's one sociological testcase of the timeless "Nature vs. Nuture" argument which has always fascinated me: twins seperated at birth. The story of identical twins, taken before they could remember under the au****es of different guardians, raised and reared in entirely different manners. And yet in many of these cases -- while not making the same major soi-dissant life choices -- the twins develope the same idiosyncracies, vagaries, and those attractive little flaws I believe define existence.


    MISTER KAY: So--

    WHOEPEEL: --it's done.

    MISTER KAY: Don't interrupt me.

    B. LOONDER: He didn't mean to, Sir.

    MISTER KAY: Don't apologize for him.

    B. LOONDER: I'm sorry, Sir.

    MISTER KAY: Don't apologize for yourself either, Bottomfeeder. Can't we just conduct discourse like a couple of competent compeers.

    B. LOONDER: Sir...pardon my impertienence, Sir, but certainly you agree our particular relationship is slightly different from that of business associates or kindred confrats.

    MISTER KAY: I must agree to nothing, Milch-muffin. Now, is he--

    WHOEPEEL: He is dead.

    MISTER KAY: Confound it, you tactless ingrate! I will pause when it is your turn to rejoin the parlais.


    MISTER KAY: ...(irritated) Now would be one such time, Whoepeel.

    WHOEPEEL: me, your most Graciousness. I mean only to say that your wishes have been made corporeal, your investitures realized, your most ephemeral, liminal, faintest tuggings of desire sated by a copious bestowment of Lord Fate and Lady Justice.

    MISTER KAY: You are quite long-winded once let in, then.

    B. LOONDER: He is, Sir...yes, Sir. Intolerable at moments, but the quintessential companion at others.

    MISTER KAY: Very well, then. Humour me once more. In all that is unsullied veracity, you swear that Sturmfaust -- a name I once had the sentiment to associate with the concept of son -- is--

    WHOEPEEL: Dead, terminated, perma-fried.

    MISTER KAY: YOU SAD WELT ON THE MORTAL STAIN, await your turn, I plead you. Now, remove yourself from my sight.


    Of course we all know about the Miner's revolt. That's the Gemini we're familiar with; the Dioscurii history will remember. But I'm sure even a less imaginative sort than myself can think of more uses for an Atrox than just shoveling earth. So did Mister Kay...Oh, Mister Kay was REAL imaginative.

    Omni-Tek is a corporation like any other corporation: they are the employers of a community--and in this case, the community is planet-size. Everything, EVERYTHING, is paid for by them. And everyone, EVERYONE, works for them--directly or indirectly. And yet, despite all this, there's not a single employee who doesn't go home at night and complain about their job. That's just the way it is. Not everyone wants to do everything; and the bigger the corporation, the greater the chance someone is going to get stuck with a job they weren't daydreaming about as a kid.

    That's OK. In fact, it's more than OK. Those are the types of employees a company works. You want the people who are going to come, do their work because they're scared of getting fired, and then leave. You don't want people who are curious about what they're doing. You don't want people who understand the weight and power of the company, and how easy it is for one employee -- any employee who takes the time to take notice -- to maneuver. You don't want a tacit R&D researcher like Mister Kay, working on Breed Engineering, and dreaming about Notum-trafficing on the sly. Because what's going to eventually happen -- what DID eventually happen -- is he's going to design a breed that's not only good at unearthing notum, but damn good at keeping posession of it too. And controlling it, and selling it.

    So Mister Kay worked long nights (Oh, what a good worker you are, Mister Kay!) and was happy to take care of those annoying bookkeeping tasks that no one else wanted to do (You sure you can do it that, Mister Kay?--Hehe, OK, you don't have to tell me twice. I'm outta here!). He even was able to get some say in who was transferred where. This was always about the money. He was careful, he was discrete, and he profitted. Everything was going well, until Sturmfaust.


    MISTER KAY: Lovely day today, wouldn't you agree, Loonder?

    B. LOONDER: Certainly, Sir. A fine day indeed.

    MISTER KAY: All the finer because today is Shipment Day.

    B. LOONDER: Ah, yes, Sir. You do know how to enjoy a good Shipment Day.

    MISTER KAY: Are you implying then, Loonder, that you do not relish a good Shipment Day, yourself? Or, to a lesser extent, find it merely mildly amusing.

    B. LOONDER: No, Sir...Ahem, not to say you're wrong, Sir. Only in that I am unable to feel any emotion on par with your Excellence. I enjoy it as much as I am capable, Sir.

    MISTER KAY: You're groveling, Loonder.

    B. LOONDER: Am I, Sir? I do apologize.

    MISTER KAY: Do not apologize.

    WHOEPEEL: (entering) Whoooooowhheeeeee! Smells like Shipping Day to me. Eh, there, B.L.?


    WHOEPEEL: Oh, aahaha. Didn't see ya there, K-Stallion.

    MISTER KAY: The shear audacity! Harumph. Remind me again why you still respire akin to so many "sentient" lifeforms?

    B. LOONDER: He is my brother, Sir. I do apologize.

    MISTER KAY: Confound it all! Rhetoric, Loonder, rhetoric. It's subtle, but it's not rocket science.

    B. LOONDER: Yes, Sir. I did get a hint of innuendo, just wasn't certain, Sir.

    WHOEPEEL: Well then. Shall we then load the cargo onto the Tr--

    STURMFAUST: (Entering, carrying a massive cargo box, he steps on Whoepeel's foot. The pain silences Whoepeel before he can reveal the name of their client.) Boss says we don't say that word. Stoopid.

    WHOEPEEL: Owwwwww!!!!

    MISTER KAY: Yes, but "Boss" never said you had to stop others from using it.

    STURMFAUST: What's good for Boss is good for me. Good for Brothers.

    MISTER KAY: Brothers?

    B. LOONDER: Yes, pardon me, Sir...but this one here has somehow adopted the somewhat familiar term to describe his relationship with the other workers. It has since spread like wildfire, Sir; they now all use it quite flippantly. If you do not approve, Sir...?

    MISTER KAY: I approve, I approve! I whole-heartedly endorse such a thing. (to Sturmfaust) And you...

    STURMFAUST: ...Me?

    MISTER KAY: Yes -- for the love of conversational rhythm -- you! You have a bright future.

    STURMFAUST: ...Thank you, Boss. The future...that's like tomorrow, and next week, and those kinds of things, right?

    MISTER KAY: Mere examples. For you see, today could be the future too.


    MISTER KAY: Now, do you have a name then, my little-big (or is it big-little?) prodigy?

    STURMFAUST: Sturmfaust!

    MISTER KAY: Ooooo, such power. A very strong name. I will be watching you, Sturmfaust.


    And Mister Kay did watch him. Mister Kay invested so much time in Sturmfaust he nearly became careless with his own work. He taught Sturmfaust everything about how their secret operation ran, and trusted him many a times with the control of the other workers. Soon there were Shipping Days where Mister Kay stayed back at his main office and didn't even come out to the Syndicate Warehouse.

    The Syndicate. That's what they started calling it. That was Sturmfaust's doing too. He had the mobster mentality from the get go. There was no black and white right and wrong. There were the people near you, the people you could trust. Wrong was someone harming one of your brothers. Right was gaining trust. Sure, he killed at times. They all had to kill. If any OT showed up near the warehouse, they could not leave. If someone back at R&D was getting snoopy of Mister Kay's bookkeeping, they even paid house-visits. A little "Singing Telegram" of sonorous dual-Gelids.

    The simple fact of the matter -- which was a *GOOD* simple fact for any matter -- was that he trusted Mister Kay, and his brothers trusted him. So, once-removed, his brothers trusted Mister Kay, but this was only because of his intercession. There were a few whispers of "slavery", and of "other brothers", other sons of Mister Kay who had things much worse. But why would Mister Kay lie about these things? And obviously he worked for Mister Kay, and did not get paid per se, but it wasn't that bad. And obviously if he wanted to do something else, something other than work Mister Kay, he couldn't (some had tried, very bad idea)--but why would he want to do anything else?


    Are revolutions internally or externally motivated? Do we at some point reach a state, under constant circumstance, that we can no longer stand? Or do we instead, under constant personal balance have our surroundings constricted so much that we must lash out? Why don't things stay the same? Why can't things stay the same? Why is Entropy? And when, Pray when!, will we be able to rebel against it? When will we finally reach such a state as it will not fall apart. When will we reach such a satisfaction that no discontentment can be engendered?



    You can imagine where it goes from here.

    One year, Sturmfaust discovered the date of Mister Kay's birthday and sought to surprise him. He prepared an elaborate fake kidnapping (the Syndicate had a "rough" sense of humour) and while waiting for Mister Kay to leave work, they caught sight of a large group of Atrox's being herded into a transport from the R&D facility.

    "Brothers!" Sturmfaust's heart screamed, but realization had alreaded dawned. He said nothing, but watched. Over the next few months he tracked the transports and discovered a nearby mine. There he caught sight of so many Brothers, he could not count (though he was never very inclined in the way of numbers). There were 10x, 100x, the numbers of the Syndicate. And each one worked twice as hard, twice as long, faces painted with expressions of horror. It did not take much empathy to intuit the dark cloud of fear that loomed over the mine. They worked because they were afraid. They did not work to maintain trust. When one fell under a heavy burden, they were sad only because they knew they had to pick it up. They did not care a single bit for one and other. From that point on Sturmfaust changed. He tried to go back to the way things were, but his eyes were opened. Mister Kay had given him too much power for him to not know he had other options. He *could* change things, and he would.


    In many ways, as I look back on this whole biography, I can't help but wonder if there wasn't another Sturmfaust at that mine that day, staring back at him. And just as Sturmfaust woke up to the reality of the situation, so did his twin. Seperated and distinguished from birth, they were content to continue their lifes, striving to be the best they could under any conditions. But when they saw each other, they knew that they both had to be free. Sturmfaust saw there that day the missing piece to a puzzle he had been working for years. He knew how to traffic the notum under the noses of OT, he knew Mister Kay was in too deep to ever rat him out if he went on his own, and as the pointman for a number of transfers he knew who to sell it to and where. All he needed was the notum. And there were his own "Brothers" mining it, like slaves, for no goood of their own.

    Sturmfaust knew the ratio of cost to profit. For him and his brothers it was never fair, but they lived good lives. Yet he knew that there was plenty for his other brothers to survive too, under better conditions.

    That was it. He would start his own Syndicate, apart from Mister Kay, and handle everything, completely self-sufficient. They would have enemeies, certainly, but they would have each other. Ultimately, that was the most important. He needed the trust back. Mister Kay had lied to him and betrayed him. He didn't mind the work, but he could no longer work with Mister Kay--and he knew his Brothers were with him no matter where he went. And that, alone, was reason enough to revolt.
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