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    Doc Weapons

    I i am just about to make a new doc and was wondering what weapons i should use? bow seems to be a favorite but im not sure what do you guys think please get back to me soon... thanks

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    you should go martial arts till lvl 60ish, then twink on a QL 140 JAME blaster.
    Ding 215 and twink on doc pistols

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    You should weild the search button. Tons of recent weapon discussions.

    and as a heads up..there is no simple answer.

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    W/e you think you'll Enjoy.

    I have 4 docs that im going to level, so i can try out all the options i really want to :P then i'll decide.

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    My 165 doc does fine with the good old Ithaca.

    Maxing out your ai levels doesn't hurt either.

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    Piercing at lowbie levels isn't all bad either, untyped Energy Rapiers for general use or ITDs for RK.
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    I went rifle to MA to 1he to melee energy to shotgun back to melee energy and then finally settled on pistol now ^.^

    Docs an use anything,well almost anything, but our IP still is scarce to spread, takes a while to use something decent.
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    The best advice i can give is to go with Kyr'Ozch pistols or ofab pistols your whole life. You can adjust the ql/specials to what your IP allows, and pistol is very buffable. its also a good thing to be able to get on nice buff guns, like dual oet jesses for +40 int/psy.

    there are better DD options out there by far, but this the best rounded option in a balance between good, easy, and practical.
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    I went pistols from the beginning... and I newer felt sorry about my choice. Pistols are good for buffing attributes and some skills... Mmba has said it very good:
    Quote Originally Posted by Mmba View Post
    there are better DD options out there by far, but this the best rounded option in a balance between good, easy, and practical.
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    If you want to use a weapon (there is no need to if you mostly play in teams), i'd go

    1 - 50 SOL K-91 Mini Monster
    41 - 150 Dual CDR
    140-220 Kyr Pistol(s) (Single or dual depening on what you want to / can spend on MR)
    215+ Left/Right hand

    If you don't mind spending some IPR you might use:

    1-30 Kyr Sword QL < 20
    20-70 Desolator
    90+ JAME
    140-210 MAW
    205-220 Kyr SMG

    But as has been said before, there are plenty of threads in here, just search a bit.
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    This really depends on whether ur lvling ur doc for pvm vs pvp.

    PVM: Stick w/ good ol' fashion pistols. Plenty of buffs and perks that'll help u out along the way. Ai pistols is still a favorite up til endgame. They're not expensive nowadays and im sure a friend or guildie has a pair of Type 1 (fling) or Type 4 (burst) pistol taking up space in their bank (I know I did). Then aim for getting ur dreadloch doc pistols. Unless ur lazy to camp, cost of lootrights will dent ur wallet but its nothing to make cry. I would steer clr of higher lvl (ql 300) ofab pistols. The skills required to keep them out of OE might not be worth losing ur nanodelta.

    Many docs also prefer MA skills. BoB (although i guess u can call that OLD SKOOL now) or much preferred shen sticks (although the cost on lootrights will make even ur parents cry). This also means ull be upclose and personal w/ mob bosses that nukes (but who doesnt want a cuddle every now and then). On the brightside, ull nvr wry bout 'zomg, where did i put those extra ammo stacks'.

    However, one advantage to a doc is their ability to use any weap of their choice and no one will care as long as they can heal. So if u dont wanna go w/ the mainstream, try something else out.

    PVP: Good old fashion ithaca. AS, crit, wont suck all ur ips and higher AR. Even if docs ask for more, doubt FC would give us more.

    Hope this helps and in case ur wondering, i went from pistol > bow > shotgun > 2HE > 1HE > HW > back to pistols....i live a sad life...

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    thanks for ur advice guys iv decided to go 1he until pistols or bow

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    After LE, it's an advantage for many professions to use weapons that produce a high amount of hits per minute for a better chance at triggering LE procs. Currently at level 140, I'll use init debuff procs as an excuse to use my CDRs a few more levels, possibly with a type 1 in my right hand for a bit more damage and faster fling shot.
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    Martial Arts

    And dont forget that DOTs are good DMG also.

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