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Thread: Doctor Guide?

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    Question Doctor Guide?

    Where is the DOctor Guide? It should be at the top on the list labeled "Doctor Guides". also tired of hear all you guys complaning about docs. Their not going to change anything. If you just look at this game caompared to others this game is a 1.0 game using old code and others are 5.0 games using new code. well thats another thread at a later date. But anyway wheres the doctors guides at...

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    Heh, a 1.0 game is quite finished, compare it to all 5.0 games where the real version number should be 0.4.43-beta3, but it's shipped because buyers are cheap qa and betatesters. Heck, they even pay for that privilegue :-)

    And we complain about docs? Do you mean doctors here on the forums complain about people playing doctors, complaining about toolset or is it ingame bitching about doctors? Or is it the prettier way of forums participants to shout "RTFM" when the question is both asked and answered before?

    But is it this url you look for? :

    Or follow the first link to an older thread?
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    Once upon a time, there was a troll..

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    who mistakenly tried taking on the doc community...
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    with improper grammar...

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    and a stupid .......
    Stop thinking of MMORPGS as girlfriends, think of them as a harem and just enjoy todays favourite.

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    grin on his face, looking to...

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    find peace between clan and omni...

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    in an abandoned White Castle...
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    ... with a locked door.


    Door = Thread
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