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Thread: How to Make Money at Low Levels

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    Cool How to Make Money at Low Levels

    The worst thing about being new is wandering around in ugly default clothes trying to scrape enough money to get armor, a first weapon, and enough money for heals and ammo. I share your pain, been there many times.

    Here are just a few of the ways to get rich quick. Er...ok, afford basic implants.

    1. Your first two levels: spend these in the backyard. Don't bother with training missions at this point, especially if you can't yet afford a lockpick. Hunt and look for gems and rings. Save any implants that you think you will be using later. Sell any not appropriate for your profession. SAVE the monster parts. Sell the robot junk. If your weapon seems to be pretty lame, remove it and use brawl (B). Ideally do not use an ammo weapon yet. At such low levels you can't afford the ammo and the weapon won't benefit you enough to justify using anything other than your newbie weapon or fists.

    2. Now you're level 2. If you've been lucky you have a piece of armor or two or a weapon. Time to leave the backyard. Don't bother with training missions. Why? Because the reward for those is always the same, a first aid kit. Once you leave the backyard you can choose what you mission for, and what you want is armor, weapons, and basic supplies. Important. Before you leave the backyard, buy a lockpick. You will need the lockpick to greatly increase the amount of loot you can get.

    3. Now you've left the backyard. For the next few levels, do missions for items you need, and make sure you do missions that give you two items. How to do this:

    There are several ways to get 2 reward missions. I recommend these settings, personally, but you can play with the sliders.

    Setting#1: all good, all chaos, all hidden, all stealth, all money
    This gives you 3 missions that let you keep the item you find. They will be the first 3 listed. If you get two missions at once, you will notice the next mission only the first 2 listed give two items. You can only take on 3 2 item missions at a time, and the 3rd mission only the first mission listed will be a 2-item mission.

    Setting #2: All bad, all money. Also gives 2 items but doesn't give you as many locked chests for exp and extra goodies.

    Mission for items you need to protect yourself: armor, weapons, and implants which help you get better nanos, evades, etc. Also buy yourself a bio-comminutor when you can and convert monster parts to plasma before selling for more money. Depending on your profession, it may be worth it to polish gems to get a better price for them. You can get the items required to convert parts and polish in the trade section of the general stores/fair trade stores. Better yet, ask on the ooc chat if anyone can polish/convert parts for you and save yourself a little money.

    4. By this time you will get missions that take you out of your startup town. This is the time you can really begin to increase your wealth. How? By getting missions at locations that are far from your mission destination.

    If you are Clan...go to Avalon and get 3 missions to somewhere safe like Newland City, Borealis, Old Athen, West Athen. When you are done, go back to Avalon to get more.

    If you are Omni, go to Rome. Get missions to Trade and occasionally Lush Fields (Harry's).

    If you are Neutral, get your missions in Borealis. Go to Stret West Bank or wherever the biggest money reward is and go back and forth to Borealis.

    5. You may notice eventually that your old mission runs are becoming less profitable. It's probably time to head for the great outdoors on missions, and at this point you should be able to survive the journey. This is a good time to learn about teaming. Your first few excursions out of the cities, try to go with a team. Team missions will get you some nice items like back armor that you cannot get in solo missions.

    More tips: It's often possible to skip the ql 20 premade professional implants and buff into ql 30 ones. You will need to get some of the general nanos to accomplish this. i.e. self buff your str/agi or other basic stats. These are found in the nano section of the general stores/fair trade stores.

    Keep brawling as long as you can do so without having to put points into it and str. If you are in a profession that uses str and brawl anyway, you can keep this up for quite some time before you have to buy any weapons or attacks.

    Resist the temptation to buy social armor, sunglasses, etc. They are fun but they offer you NO protection. Save that for later when you have the dough.

    Get yourself into a guild or org that does not tax members. Most orgs give old armor and weapons to their own members, saving you a lot of money.

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    This is a great resource for working those terminals.

    I recently started a new toon on RK2 and have forgotten how hard it is to get some descent equipment on (levels 1-20) without any outside help.

    Actually I'm enjoying the challenge.
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    A few suggestions

    1. When you get to level two do ONE ql2 training mission for the stim kit. It is better than the ql1's you can buy and saves you a few credits. And most of the time you will find a ql2 treatment kit as well. These will help you out when you go into the real missions.

    2. I hate to say it but make a team and do 50% missions. Started a new toon and out of 5 team missions we armored all 5 people. In fact I got a full set of plasteel off a boss. If you are a MA then you can bet on getting a MA suit or two. These are nice added protection. Once you have armor, cash, and maybe a weapon go solo for bigger cash.

    3. Find a ql5 to 8( 700 to 1000 credits ) bio communicator and find the shadow blots. When looted you get 27 or so credits and quite often a ql3 to ql5 monster part. Once converted it gives you another 60 or so creidts when sold. Just a note. QL30 blood plasma sells for 1000 credits. It pays to do the monster part bit.
    Once you are able to hunt shades the ql 6 to 10 type, then hunt them. They seem to have a high rate of parts dropping.

    4. Remember that doing 50% mission you can make it to level 10 with out armor. Not easy but doable.

    5. If you can, dont buy a full set of ql10 implants. Do ql10's that you must have. Primary skill type implants. Save for 20's or better yet 30's.

    6. Read the threads about blitzing missions. It is a nice way to get cash and items.

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    FC have dropped in some new NPC's who dole out useful items to/for low level characters. The ones I know of are all in clan territory, but three of the four missions are available in Tir County, which along with Tir City now has neutral guards so Omnis should be pretty safe there.

    Mission 1) Tirbo Ratcatcher. Tirbo is a lunatic who stands around outside West Athen recruiting people to help exterminate rollerats. He used to be outside Tir, which is probably why he says that Tir council have employed him, not Athen. Like all the NPC's here you just have to walk up to him, target him and say "Hi". He then launches into his pitch, with the key term [interested] - key terms are always in square brackets.

    Repeat back the key term (working it into a sentence if you feel like RP'ing it a little) and Tirbo will give you a mission to collect a rollerat tail. You can find these by killing rollerats and looting the corpses - along with the usual loot there's often a tail. As with all NPC missions, you complete the mission by trading the item back to the NPC.

    The reward for these missions is always a piece of armour with a QL equal to your level when you got the mission. The real score here is that sooner or later, Tirbo gives you a mission with a full set of Metaplast as a reward.

    Tirbo only responds to very low-level characters and responds to higher levels by hurling abuse at them. He'll also do the same to any character who outstays their welcome and tries for one mission too many from him...

    If you're Omni, it's best to stay away from this one, as the guards in Old and West Athen will kill you on sight.

    Mission 2) Inventor Bobic. Another lunatic, this time in Tir County. The guards there are ICC Peacekeepers ATM, so you should be safe enough except from the wildlife.

    Leave Tir by the west gate and head down the road a short distance until you see a footpath branching off the the right. Follow the footpath to the settlement on the next rise, and look for Bobic, who's standing outside one of the shops at the bottom of the slope. Again, target him and say Hi in vicinity.

    Bobic is a little incoherent, but basically he's after mechanical legs. Lord alone knows what he's building. Key terms are [parts] and [legs], either will seemingly do. Bobic gives you a mission to find him some Flexible Alloy Legs. These drop from the Mutilated Shades which are running around Tir County ATM. Return this to Bobic (trade it to him) and he gives you the next mission in the chain, to find him a Brain Module. This drops from the Mutilated Claws. Trade this item back to him and he gives out a mission to get hold of a Visual T.R.A.C. Scanner, which drops from the Mutilated Eye mutants.

    Trade back the scanner and you get the Notum Hood of Bobic as a reward. This is worth keeping around even at higher levels for the 3pt Int boost it gives.

    Missions 3 & 4) Nodda Greg. Nodda is a guard at the top of the hill in the same settlement where Bobic resides. Nodda loves Bronto stew, but can't leave his post to get any. Consequently, he asks you to fetch some for him.

    The first thing Nodda asks you is whether the Bronto Burger stand in Tir has opened. Repeat back the key terms as usual, or say "Yes". Nodda then does a little dance of joy - feel free to join in. After that, he'll ask you to go and get some Bronto Stew for him.

    The Bronto Stand is near the west gate of Tir City, just past the much larger and more salubrious Mongol Meat stand. Berta the Bronto Burger Flipper will complain that she has no supplies to cook with. A quick enquiry as to whether she needs some supplies will be met with an offer of free food if you can get her something to cook with.

    To make Bronto Stew, Berta needs some Bronto Meat, which you can get by hunting Young Brontos. These are fairly tough customers that you'll have difficulty soloing until your early teens at least. There are some in Greater Tir County, but I prefer to do my bronto hunting in Newland Desert. If you're lower in level, getting a team together should help immensely. Brontos travel in herds and are social beasties, so picking off a straggler is your best tactic. Once you have some Bronto Meat, go back to Tir and trade it to Berta for the stew. Take this to Nodda and trade it to him, and you reward is the Loose-Fitting Hydraulic Glove.

    Nodda's still hungry though, and wants a Rib Burger. For this you'll need Bronto Prime Rib, which drops from Minibrontos. Again, these can be found in Greater Tir County, but there are enough running around outside Newland that this might be an easier source. Minibrontos are much easier to kill than the full-grown variety, so you won't need a team for this part. Return the ribs to Berta for a Rib Burger, then trade that to Nodda for a set of Solid Steel Hydraulic Legwear.



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    Exclamation Omnis

    Beware Fizzban near Berta. He aggros. Approach her stand from the central area in the water, do not go along the outside in the southwest corner.

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    Sorry, wasn't aware of that. Sometimes it pays to be neutral, I guess



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    Here is a better way to make money at low lvl IMO. Get to lvl 10.

    pull lvl 10 missions for concrete cushions.
    go get 2 of them.

    NOTE: It is important you do NOT lvl. if you are about to lvl up, /terminate.

    you can sell 2 ql10 concrete cushions for at LEAST 100k, most likely more. High lvl people pay a good ammount of cash for them.

    Ql10 is the lowest QL they drop in ( hence, the lowest requirements ) and thats why you do not want to lvl. at lvl 11, you cant get a ql10 mission.,
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    the /terminate command will not cause you to loose xp below level you would have to blitz the missions if you were close to leveling....

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    You can't pull a QL10 mission at lvl 11, but you can at levels 12-15. Just turn the difficulty slider down a touch.

    Besides, I can't see most buyers being put off by being offered a pair of QL11 cushions...



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    Cushion market is nothing like it used to be.

    I'd still make them your only missions at levels 6-14 if you need cash, they still sell for a decent amount. But, many people already have them now, or are capable enough to get them for their own alts as they create them.

    /remembers the days when people were known to have paid 1m, yes 1m credits for a pair...credits "worth" more then too!

    Oh yes, even if you want to be omni in the long run, I'd suggest new people starting off as clan. Tirbo is nice cash, and those Bobic & Noda quests are real easy for clans. Plus you get wailing wastes, a map not for sale at all.* Omnis get galway (a high 600 map) but you can still get it later, and don't have to go there for anything really.

    You can go omni around level 10-15 if thats what you want and not really lose anything in terms of tokens.

    *(It took them nearly a year to fix Broken Shores map, at least 6 months after people told FC about it)
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    Also, I've found that if you can be nice and somewhat witty, you will actually get some really nice people to donate to your noobish cause if you "beg."

    The most fun way I ever did this was with my MP. I used /pet chat to have my pets beg for money from higher level passersby in Tir and then I'd apologize for my pets' poor behavior and say that donating wasn't really necessary although it is true that I'm a poor noob with no money.

    It was pretty fun, and I guess when it all boiled down to it I:

    (1) wasn't begging rudely "CAN ANY1 GIVE ME 50K PLZ!!!"

    (2) was being honest - I really did need the money and used it responsibly when it was given to me

    (3) had a heck of a lot of fun learning how to use my pets, even in such an unconventional way, since it was the first time I had ever played a pet class!

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    heh...nice. At the moment Im just collecting random crap and trading it in as I go along. I had amassed close to 2500..yes not a lot but to me it was...only to waste it on a Nanno I couldent use since I --still new-- did not realize the shift L-click trick to reading before you buy.

    Oh well.

    Looks like I might have to make my pet the street cartnival monkey that I always wanted.

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    dont leave anything to spare get woteva u can no matter how small it is

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    Arrow Be very careful how you beg

    No, screw that, if you know how to "beg nicely" you wouldn't be reading this for advice.

    Don't beg. It can ruin your reputation, even if you don't have one yet.

    You really don't want to end up like this guy.
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    LOL! I hadn't seen that thread before. It is a very good example of multiple things NOT to do.

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    With the influx of EQ players, you better get your poop boots on because that game was filled to the rim with uber beggars. They arent your normal breed of cockroach. Devious to a fault, HOURS/DAYS/YEARS! They have time to burn, and for some sick perverted reason they prefer to beg for something instead of actually earning it. What? Spend 10 minutes getting cash to buy a picklock when I can spend 10 hours begging for one??? Why would I do that? Yes... an odd creature this beggar. A life form like no other, a mennace to be feared for sure...
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