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Thread: Smart Backpack (Social lightbar...)

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    Smart Backpack (Social lightbar...)

    Give us a way to receive the Smart Backpack after levelling out of SL starter area, like an NPC that just forks it over because you're cool. (And lvl 50+)

    It does, in fact, have a working lightbar even when worn in social... My keeper has one... none of my other toons are lucky enough though.

    No social UTIL/HUD slots needed for social light, just give level 50-220 access to the backpack, Please.
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    Interesting that it functions.

    Wonder if it would be feasable for all the UTIL light sources to have a tag added in such a way that it could be equipped on the back. Would be the fastest way to allow us to wear these Utilities social, and people definitely want that.

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