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Thread: Friday with(out) Means - Oct. 30th, 2009: Ramble v2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by tazalanche View Post
    2 days later & they still have not returned...

    What happened to us getting them through this weekend too?
    maybe they were all hiding from you, cause i was finding them all just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowgod View Post
    maybe they were all hiding from you, cause i was finding them all just fine.
    So you were "finding them all just fine" in the locations mentioned here?

    Woah. You do your name justice because no one else in those areas were seeing them when asked in the OOC channels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by -XeI20- View Post
    Parry and Riposte do nothing to give Shades a unique contribution to PvM nor does it do anything to untroxify the prof. Neither does it address any of the other issues Shades have. To assume parry and riposte will fill this void given upon their vaguely defined, and ever changing, descriptions is quite the leap there.
    Here's the thing in all that though, we still don't know all the details of what they plan to change. They have repeatedly said there's more changes coming in regards to nanos, items other perks, research and so forth plus that they are willing to change the changes they have listed already further. If they stamped "final and complete" on what we have been shown then you'd have a point. Although we may instead have only seen a small portion of the total changes coming.

    Ever since they first started listing changes or vague concepts of changes people have been jumping up and down about how terrible this or that is and how prof X has been left out while prof Y is getting lots of love. Yet in each case they keep repeating that there are still many other changes not yet determined or revealed. No wonder they wanted to wait till they had more to list rather than giving little scraps here and there.

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