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Thread: intro to twinking guide (sorta)

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    intro to twinking guide (sorta)

    I wrote this eons ago, but many in occ wanted to see it, so yet another twinking guide...

    (twinking) The Guide?

    Postby mindstab » Mon Oct 09, 2006 8:28 am
    1. Introduction
    2. Required Twinking Tools
    3. Basic Basic Twinking
    4. More Advanced Imp Twinking
    5. A Real Working Twink Explained
    Apendix A: Computer lit items/buffs
    Apendix B: Treatment Buffing Items and Nanos
    Apendix C: Ability buffs and items

    1. Introduction

    I am going to try and start and update this, my guide to twinking. I will work on it in pieces so it will start small, and grow.

    I will try to put it forth in small enough sections with simple ideas so it can be learned in small pieces. I am currently unsure how to organize the information, so that will change as content is added.

    I have a number of Twinks mostly for towers. I will link thier info on a website soon so orgmates can see the details.

    They are:

    ***** these links are bad because I forgot to pay for*******

    Littlestab...................Level 1 Doctor --
    Clambait...................Level 13 Trader --
    Drdice.......................Level 25 Trader --
    Shadowsteal..............Level 30 Keeper --
    Jimmybond................Level 45 Agent --
    Mindstab....................Level 60 MP --
    Tarsin........................Level 60 MA
    Ministab.....................Level 95 MP --

    (the links have errors for belts and veteran lights, which it thinks are flamethrower ammo. Also missing perks on most profiles)

    These are offered to show my direct experience and to give actual examples that I use to smack clammers around. All in hopes to help other people in the org make twinks. If you look at the imps and items, it will be easy for you to spot places where I can do 'better'. To this I tell you, a twink is NEVER done, it just goes through ready stages. My next goal is a 150 twink, but I have yet decided on a proffesion.

    If you have things you wish me to add, feel free to let me know.

    2. Required Twinking Tools

    The following list (except for the exsplosif pillows) are tools you NEED. If you want to twink, start collecting. Most are rather easy to get ahold of.

    Nano Nanny (the program).......................................... .imp design program
    Med Suit.............................................. .......................+78 treatment
    Concrete Cushions (low ql)...........................................+8 str +8 Stam
    Omnified Omni Helm from Blake quest...........................+3 Stam +3 Int
    Backpack from Blake ny many +1 buffs
    Low QL Old English Trading Co pistols.............................+5 int
    OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz Rifle (low ql).........................+10 Treatment +8 stam
    Explosif Pillows***........................................ .................+10 to 2 attributes

    *** Exsplosif pillows are VERY hard to come by, and sell for 50 to 100 million each

    3. Basic Basic Twinking

    This is a quick look at simple twinking I do starting at about level 10. This quickly and cheaply gets me into ql 50 imps, good armor and weapons. This also represents how I start harder twinking. Stamina and Agility are the stats I usually focus on, as they compliment eachother and complit. Most imps can be made to require one of those stats.

    I usually start by putting on the cushions and omni helm and imping in agility and stamina. To make it easy, I use the following store bought imps.

    Fixer waist
    MP legs
    Trader chest

    I found early on that if I put in the highest ql I could of each, I could ladder up implants. As in, if I put in all ql 20 implants listed above, it raised my stamina enough to remove the waist and put in a better one. Add buffing items (will come in detail later) and outside buffs, you can ladder very high. The above listed imps can also be made after store bought stop working, to keep laddering in higher stats.

    Helpfull buffs are:

    Doctor...........................Enlarge, Iron Circle, SFA
    Agent.............................Feline Grace

    I often need to use enlarge and lower essense combo's in low ncu situations to push the max stamina added by buffs.

    I do this base twinking on all my characters. It has the nice side effect that carb armor is easy to make, and relies on stamina and agility. So I always end up with great armor on. As an example, my level 1 doc is easily in ql 21 carb. My 30 keeper is in ql 70.

    After initial boosting of the listed implants, I make agility feet that requires stamina (agility/evade clcc). And make an agility waist that requres stamina (put in when I need agility based work).

    Then I make a stamina based complit right hand, and agility based complit eye and head. This allows me to put in much better belt and ncu.

    At this point, I usually start all over, because more NCU room means better outside buffs for stamina/agility.

    4. More Advanced Imp Twinking

    Once you get to level 70ish+ implants (depending on your level), the med suit and treatment machine will no longer giver you enough treatment. The TRUE limiter in twinking is Treatment, almost everything else can be raised to meet what treatment you have. So you will need to start adding treatment from buffs, imps, and items.

    A good way to start is buff up your complit and see how large of a treatment library you can get into and have it made. Next get an SFA and treatment expertice, and see how high of a treatment hand you can get into. AFter putting it in, see how high of a treatment eye, and put that in. Then a treatment head.

    You will find at this point that if you remove the hand, your treatment will go down yes, but will allow you to put in a better treatment right hand. Which will allow you to add a better eye, then a better head. Just like the stamina and agility imps, ladder up your treatment as high as you can. This is a good time to use the treatment rifle mentioned earlier.

    This is where twinking starts to get VERY expensive, constantly buying/making new implants (or creeping imps as described soon). In the example later of Clambait, 8 million I think was chewed in implants, and much more needs to be done.

    5. A REAL Working Twink Explained

    In this section I will try and describe step by step my level 13 Atrox trader. I will fill in this section as I remember steps taken, and as new ones are achieved. Currently this trader (clambait) uses a Frosty (not oe when drained), and has 281 NCU to play in (includes collar from CoH, and ql 37 carb, and NCU Ring).

    Where the IP went
    On almost all my characters I max all the base abilities. I also maxed nano pool, nano init, tutoring, and Complit of course. Treatment (a must on ALL characters). 2he and fast attack. PM/SI/TS. Run Speed (most battles end in the loser running, so this will help ya catch them, or help ya get away to heal and return). For the use of kizzers, I maxed sharp object, and psychology. Almost everything else remained untouched.

    To start twinking, its a good idea to start with NCU, many consider it as somthing ya must max before ya do any real twinking. I tend to twink my characters over time. But, for purposes of this guide, I will explain the NCU as one long job.

    The 2-slot belt
    I put on a 2 slot belt, and 8 ncu chips.
    This just required a complit buff (may not depending on ql of belt).
    This gave me the ncu to buff on the concrete cushions, don't spend IP to get the cushions on. A level 1 to 5 twink may need to imp and buff the cushions on, but all others will just need basic weapon buffs.

    The 3-slot belt
    Adding comp attributes and a baby essence with a med suit allowed easily ql 20 imps (fixer waist, MP legs, trader chest). With omni helm I was able to remove the 20 waist and replace it with a 30, then the legs, then the chest.
    I then bought premade complit imps (doc and NT if I remember right) and put on a 3 slot belt and 12 ncu chips. A feline grace may have been used to get the complit imps on.

    The 4-slot belt
    With the expanded NCU, I was able to get a larger essence, and replace all the imps with ql 50's. At this point I made stamina based agility feet, and stamina based agility waist. Working out my max stamina and agility, I designed complit imps (stamina hand, agility eye and head). I also added tutoring to the head so I could use a tutoring device to raise complit. This allowed a 4 slot belt, and slightly better ncu chips.

    The 5-slot belt
    I now had enough NCU for a small wrangle and the first trader complit buff. Standing at a treatment machine (to refresh nano), I wrangled myself (could as easily drained into the nano, but this way ya don't need to buy the lower drains), and kept recasting the complit buff (frequent customer), while removing each of my ncu chips. Keeping the buff refreshed means it always fit within your ncu, even if you become overdrawn (which will happen durring this greatly). After removing all the chips, I slipped on the ql 100 5 slot belt (the belt from GOT in TOTW would have been preferable with its lower reqs, but it is level locked).

    After putting on the 5 slot, the complit buff will have expired, so you must put on the smaller chips again, and rework your way back to the larger. Then I wrangled and used frequent customer again and put in ql 101 ncu chips. This (with my carb) put me at about 190ish ncu.

    The 6-slot belt
    Now the real hard part. I laddered my imps to between 80 and 90 using agility and stamina as listed above, making my own treatment implants. This allowed me to use 72 to 82 complit implants.

    making biomet imps. I then was wrangled, and drained to the max I could, then added a BM mochie, and Biomet expertise allowed me to get on a collar from CoH (+30 ncu).

    I then got mochies of PM/TS and drained and got a 104 wrangle, then kill TS mochie and get SI mochie instead. This allowed me to cast the next higher complit buff (bulk trader), which allowed me to switch a couple of NCU chips to 120ish. Giving me a max NCU of 231.

    The last part also required these items

    -Omni Special Grey Suit (adds 1 complit per piece +6 complit with full suit)
    -Pirate Cloak of Captain Jim Salabim (hidden +5 complit for traders/fixers)
    -Esplosif pillows (set to add 10 int/psychic each)

    this proccess was a PAIN.

    1. Get Mochies PM/TS, fixer perk for 10 ncu, comp nano, comp attr, complit expertice, pillows and carb on
    2. Drain to max amount (keeping nano charged)
    3. get wrangled 104
    4. kill TS mochie and replace it with SI
    5. kill comp attr
    6. get NS from NT
    7. cast bulk trader and get nano recharged
    8. remove first and second chip
    9. cast bulk trader and get nano recharged
    10. remove 3rd and 4th ncu chips
    11. cast bulk trader and get nano recharged
    12. remove 5th and 6th ncu chip
    13. cast bulk trader and get nano recharged
    14. swap to omni special grey suit
    15. hit tutoring device
    16. cast bulk trader
    17. swap 5 slot belt with 6 slot

    It took me about 15 tries to get it right. For timing, buffs, nano, etc. So expect to practice a bit.

    Put in smaller NCU chips and work your way back up to the 101's. Then repeat steps 1 to 7, then swap to ql 130 ncu chips, instead of just pulling out ncu chips.

    A Frosty at Level 13

    The key to getting items on a trader, is really about the specials required. For the Frost Scythe, its fast attack. To get my fast attack high enough, I put in the following implants:

    Left-Hand Implant: Fast Attack, Shiny
    Right-Hand Implant: Fast Attack, Bright
    Right-Arm Implant: 2h Edged, Shiny

    I had to swap between agility and stamina waist implants to get them all on. I then created Infantry Crepuscule Leather Gloves and put an esplosif pillow set to agility/sense (what fast attack trickles from) in my right hand.

    For 2he I used keeper left and right arm implants (ql 75), and made a 2he waist.

    Then I wrangled myself, and drained (with comp mele, comp mele special, feline grace, and enhanced sense). This allowed me to hot swap the esplosif pillow with the frosty. When I drain with mochies running, the Frost Scythe is NOT over equiped.

    Even undrained it can 3 hit kill most toons.

    Apendix A: Computer lit items/buffs

    Computer Literacy Expertise (General Nano): +20 (The only Non-Self Trader buff)
    Salesman's Hat: +5
    Ql 44Galahad Inc T70 Beyer: +20 Each
    NCU Extension Perks: +10 Total at Perk 1 - +90 Total At Perk 8
    Pioneer Backpack+Tutoring Device: 10+ (Dependant on Tutoring Skill)
    Comp Lit Implants: +136 with Ql 125 Head/Eye/Right Hand Implants
    Intelligence Trickle Down: ~15ish @ lvl 60
    Intelligence Boost (General nano): +12 Intel
    Neural Stimulator (NT Nano): +20 Intel
    Virral Triumvirate Egg: +15 Intel Each
    Ear Implant: Intelligence, Faded: +2-22
    Ql 1Second-Hand Old English Trading Co: +5 Intel Each

    Apendix B: Treatment Buffing Items and Nanos

    Omni-Med Suit: +78
    Biomech Armor Boots/Helm/Cloak: +4-10
    Superior First Aid (Doctor Nano): +80
    Treatment Expertise (General Nano): +20
    Stationary Sugery Clinic: +100 (Found in all General Shops and Backyards)
    Ql 22 OT-Windchaser M06 Quartz: +10
    Shadowlands Garden Keys: +2-14
    Physician's Cap: +3-6
    Universal Advantage - Medical Expertise: Dependant on Ql and lvl
    Treatment Library: +2-18
    First Aid Perks: +10 Total At Perk 1 to +100 Total at Perk 4
    Treatment Implants: +136 with Ql 125 Head/Eye/Right Hand
    Diviner's Helper: +1-15
    Wondrous Gold Ring of Ocra Lux & Sun Ring of Eckel Roch: +5
    Intelligence/Agilty/Sense Trickle Down: ~10ish @ lvl 60
    Neural Stim: +20 Intel
    Feline Grace: +25 Agi
    Enhanced Senses: +15 Sense
    Composite Attribute Boost (General Shadowlands Nano): +12 Intel/Agi/Sense
    Virral Triumverate Egg: +15 Intel Each
    Ring of Divine Teardrops: 2+

    Apendix C: Ability buffs and items

    Composite Attribute Boost (General Shadowlands Nano): +12 Sta/Str/Agi
    Essence of Behemoth (Enforcer Nano): +27 Sta/Str
    Iron Circle (Doctor Nano): +20 Sta/Str
    Ql 10 Concrete Cushions:+8 Each
    Prodigious Strength (Enforcer Nano): +40 Str
    Feline Grace (Agent Nano): +25 Agi
    Ql 40 Tsakachumi PTO-HV.2 Counter-Sniper Rifle: +20 Agi
    Ring of Divine Teardrops: 10+ Agi
    Ergo Quest Rings: +1-8 to Various Abilities
    A large list of Ability buffing items

    I do remember copying some of this from other guides, it was meant to be private so I thank and appologize anyone I stole verbage from...

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