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Thread: Feedback on daily missions

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    A Contingent Spy

    Here you're sent to a private mission area not far from Bliss in The Longest Road. There are eight lvl 25 Omni-med mobs inside which you are to kill to get their access cards. Some of the mobs are guards and some are surgeons. The surgeons can be armed with cups, data pads, a pens/scalpels, a cleaver or a torturing device. While the guards and surgeons are always in the same places following the same paths what the surgeons are armed with is random. So at times only one or none will have a torturing device while other times a number of them could have one.

    My guess is you get this one for the first 25 or so lvls as I've gotten it with a lvl 24 char and a lvl 6 char (still with lvl 25 mobs). The lvl 24 managed them well enough and they gave XP cap (10% of the XP to lvl) from each kill, even when lvl 24 and close to it at lvl 25. All but the one armed with the torturing device hit for up to about 30 or so damage but they heal themselves a lot so it was a bit annoying. The one with the torturing device though hit for about 120-150 damage and one crit hit me for just shy of 1k damage.

    Now what I found is if you leave then enter again the whole place resets. Also despite what the mission info says not every mob needs to be killed, you just need to have your eight access cards and make your way to the room at the end of the main hall for the last part. This allows you to avoid those torturing device armed mobs and to farm the other mobs for rather nice XP.

    One problem I had with it was that at the end you are to spy on some higher ranking Omni-med personnel that are coming there. To do this you are given an item that loads a nano into your NCU when you're in the right place. My problem was that even though it takes only one NCU mine was completely full and the item was used up. As you sent in the passwords you now have to go out and back in to get eight more access cards to get their passwords so basically I had to start over.

    For changes...
    • If it's going to be given to lower lvl chars the mobs should scale in lvl. A lvl six char getting the same mobs of the same lvl as a lvl 24 char isn't right.
    • The damage difference between mobs seems a bit much. Maybe up the damage of the other mobs some but get rid of that torturing device.
    • Either make the nano that hides you in a box take up no NCU like the two zone nanos (the cleaning ones and the a good place to hide one) or don't have the item you use to get it be used up.
    • Be nice if the nano box you're hiding in didn't jiggle around so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Russless View Post
    My shade, a week or so ago, got a mission to talk to Ace Starr (biomare quest line guy), however, as she had already completed the entire quest series that Starr gives out previously this resulted in a mission I could not complete as he wouldn't talk to me.
    If you've completed it he just says in vicinity about how it's not possible to tickle yourself. I got that mission too after completing the whole quest but it completed itself. Those types of mission don't give you anything, just point you to a NPC that gives some other mission.

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    I just finished the smuggler killing mission on my 125 engy. It took four hours. Ridiculous. One of the biggest problems was that it wasn't possible to pass the mantis section quickly, so each of the three times I died, I had to spend half an hour making my way to the smuggler section. Killing the smugglers went fine enough, although at one point there was a major aggro and pathing circus. Also, please please PLEASE make the mobs killable in any order. That would have saved me at least one trip back from reclaim. The smugglers are rather well mixed and it's totally impossible to avoid killing the wrong types without calms.

    I usually try to do solo content solo, but if this mission comes up again I'll make an exception and bring in all the high-level support I can get from my other accounts.

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    Is it just me or it is really hard to zone in and out of the instance in Rome Blue?
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    I can't pull any missions with my lvl.150 crat. Any Idea whats wrong? Talked to the npcs over and over, but the agents keep saying "I can't help you"

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    Quote Originally Posted by hasufuel View Post
    I can't pull any missions with my lvl.150 crat. Any Idea whats wrong? Talked to the npcs over and over, but the agents keep saying "I can't help you"
    You need to talk to the reception robot first and get scanned or whatever...
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    I haven't done a daily on 2 of my toons in two weeks.

    I'm getting tired of pulling nothing but Eavesdropping or Extraction which is impossible for either of my 150's to do.

    FC would you please fix these its getting old.

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    Three times Smugglers Den in a row.

    Not fun.

    Waiting 18h after deleting a quest.

    Don´t know what to say to this, not fun is a bit weak in this case.

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    Decided to do the crate Smuggler's Den mission rather than delete it today by calming everything so my lowbie could get their safely. As it turns out though this is another mission where you don't actually have to take the one with the mission out of the Freelancers building. Anyone can open a crate and the item inside is only unique, not nodrop or nodrop unique. So you could take a 220, train your way to the crates letting all those sorry sods trying to struggle their way along with lowbies deal with the mobs or die, open a crate, take the item, go back then hand it off to your lowbie char that never left the Freelancer building.

    All the return item daily missions seem to be like that. There's the parts collecting from mutants and such at very low lvls, parts from Cyborg Barracks borgs, the smugg den crate one and likely others. It sure makes things easy for those with higher lvl chars to get items from outside zones or dungeons with no lvl cap but is this really the right way to design these missions?

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    I'm sorry, but 16 pages is a bit to sift through so what I have to say has probably already been said, but I feel the system for deciding what mish you get each day needs to be tweaked. I've gotten the high level smugglers den mission every day for more than a week now, and it is getting tedious to say the least. Once in a while is okay, but I question the randomness of the system when I have so consistently gotten the one specific mission. Perhaps implementing some sort of rotating schedule or at least block out the previously held/completed Dm for at least the next mission pull.

    Though to be honest I probably would not be complaining if I got the prisoners quest every day. It is fun and quick, which fits perfectly with my current schedule; on the other hand smugglers den is long and tedious. This is only complicated the fact that if you arrive maybe 10 minutes behind someone with the same mission you will have to wait at least 20 minutes for a respawn. So if I am stuck with this mission again (as I almost certainly will be) I feel it would be better to either shorten the respawn and/or give more of an xp reward for completing it. It is a little annoying knowing that I spent an hour getting the same amount of xp I could have gotten in 10 minutes if only I had the luck to roll one green hill or prisoners.

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    My take on daily missions, from the perspective of an occasional player who's back once more for some AO lols...

    One of the big reasons I never stick around for long is I can't stand grinding and not having my character going anywhere gets old fast. It doesn't help that most newer MMOs have much shorter level curves, and in some cases grant the option to bypass it entirely. Some of the dailies provide a very nice shot in the arm for people like me, as a relatively easy mission can yield some nice results. They also provide a nice bit of flavor and critical thinking beyond "go to X and kill some instanced mobs, repeat 100 times" which is nice. But the emphasis is on some of them. Level ranges are really wide, and particularly at lower levels there's so much variance the missions are nearly impossible. Even most of the easier ones are best done with a highlevel friend, which kind of defeats the purpose of creating options for people who aren't supertwink. The CoH daily in particular is pretty much impossible to do without a team of 3+. I realize these are relatively new and more will be added in the future, but this is something that does need to be looked at.

    Maybe something you guys could look into is offering a choice between an easy quick mission for around one level, and a more difficult dungeon crawl for 3 or 4. Fetch quests are boring but they're a great way to fix mistakes in a relatively painless way. Case in point, I've repaired quite a bit of damage on my borked lowbie agent by doing the "bring a speed stim to a dude in TLR" daily mission. And it's a whole lot easier to say people should be teaming up on these than to put it in practice...if I wanted to drop 2+ hours on a dungeon crawl I'd join a borg team or something instead. Like I said I see dailies as an option to sort of trade playing time for real time when it comes to level gain--many of us want some sort of tangible reward for playing ~1 hour a day.

    One other thing, the XP reward for the foreman's mission seems really bad compared to the level one has to be to not get utterly destroyed in there. CoH is lame and counterproductive but at least there you can get 2 to 5 levels out of it.

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    On my average build MA at level 115ish i got the smugglers den loot controller mish.
    There was an engie in there too with slayerdroid same level as me but doing the mantis part of the den.

    We easily strolled through until randomly, Mantis Ravengers popped. Red mobs, hitting for about 500-600 each, there was no way in hell we were going to survive.
    My MA had gamboling/pred/Ql200 imps/perks/pen ofab pants and i still died because i couldnt heal up/nano up after the first Ravenger.

    IF this was meant to be solo, its impossible for that level range, and accessability is a bitch.

    The CoH one. Im sure im not the only person thinking this but, why give a SOLO mission when you need TWO people to get through the doors? Quality work there FC.

    Daily missions are a total fail at lowbie levels. On my fixer i have no problem doing any of the dailys so far. I was Really happy to get the bar tour, that was awesome. Bar, meep, bar, meep, bar, meep.

    Edit: Dark Enigmas daily IS THE BEST. So much fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamer View Post
    We easily strolled through until randomly, Mantis Ravengers popped. Red mobs, hitting for about 500-600 each, there was no way in hell we were going to survive.
    My MA had gamboling/pred/Ql200 imps/perks/pen ofab pants and i still died because i couldnt heal up/nano up after the first Ravenger.

    IF this was meant to be solo, its impossible for that level range, and accessability is a bitch.
    Either you took a wrong turn somewhere, or you were unlucky enough to hit high-level mobs that someone had trained into the low-level area. Under normal conditions, you won't see any high-level mantises while doing the low-level missions in Smuggler's Den.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikenche View Post
    Either you took a wrong turn somewhere
    You go in the main door.

    Through the 2nd door.

    Take the first door on the right.

    Level 180 mantis mobs not far beyond.

    If you keep going down the tunnel, its all the nice lowbie mantis mobs.
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    I've been in there before and saw where the mobs i needed to get to were. I also know these mobs had popped, and werent previously there.

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    I got the DM of The Grid Grid Runner

    It looks like I am to go to a location called "The Grid". I went to West Athens and entered the grid and the mission did not update. Yes I'm a noob and this is my first experience, so what am I missing?

    Grid Runner: The Grid
    Grid Runner: The Grid

    The Grid is Rubi-Ka's virtual highway. Your body can be encoded into digital form and travel from any location to another on the planet. Since creation the grid has experienced temporary disturbances, source unknown.

    You are commissioned to complete a routine check of the grid itself, assuring it's running stable.

    You may need to train additional points in Computer Literacy to travel with the grid.

    Use the Matrix Grid Stream in the following places:

    The Grid
    West Athens Grid Terminal
    The Grid
    ICC Grid Terminal
    The Grid
    Old Athens Grid Terminal


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    Did you use the item inside the grid?

    From the looks of the description you have to go to grid and then use item. Go to West Athens and use the item again while next to grid terminal. Then you go back to grid and use the item. Go to ICC and use item. Back to grid and use item. Then OA and use item.
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    It turns out you *just* use the Matrix Grid Stream item. Not on the grid access terminal, use it like you did your clan/omni application back on the island.

    Silly me, I thought the Matrix Grid Stream was a fancy name for the grid.

    Problem solved, all is good and I'm a happy nanomage.

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    well i know what means and team will be doing this weekend, reading this thread and taking notes, 16 pages already 0,o

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