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Thread: Froob gear/playstyle 110~

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    Question Froob gear/playstyle 110~

    Well, here's the situation: I've been "playing" on and off (playing a little, then taking several months off) since 2005 or so. I have several toons, but the one I am most interested in at the moment is a 109 fr00b agent (along with a 100 froob enf, who has legchoppers/1 chirop, so he's fun too). I have about 4 hours of play-time weekly. I really enjoy AO, but it just doesn't have a whole lot of time to itself. So, I'm naturally not ub0r. But, I still want to outfit myself decently and level slowly as I get the chance.

    I have a Assassin's Caterwaul, although a Yata is more effective for PvM I only have a ql164 and the Caterwaul > ql164 Yata. I'm planning on getting a Veil of the Revoked (still in exarch robe currently!), no question as to which backpiece an agent should be using at this level (although the Reanimated Ranger cloak is tempting, but would require more trouble to get my hands on one and slightly harder to equip). I have a VE, only 8% crit but can't spend too much atm.

    As for other armor, what should I be using? I'm thinking shapeshifters vest and apocalypse/OT steel-ribbed (if anyone sells them anymore). Miy's ranged is another option, but less old-school and awesome, and different mods. Shoulders? HUDs? Needing help on these. Also, can't go with anything too expensive because I've got a budget ^_^

    Also, is it at all viable to do any FP at this level? I can get good nano init with a nano formula compiler (fr00b viral compiler) but it still won't counteract the effects of FP/Assume/whatever. MP could be good, because you can cast a heal pet and you have no in-fight casting, so the nano-init wouldn't kill (just a rebuffing annoyance!). Still, if there is any practical way, I'd love to FP doc or something that gives more interest to the game-play so it's not just "H-O" and sit back to shoot.

    Other gameplay tips: should I aim for evades and full def? Or HP/AR and be able to go more offensive for when I'm in FP and need nano init?

    Any help would be great!

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    I think you should invest in some metallic mantis armor and also get the miy's pants purely because it adds rifle.

    try and get a sharpshooter's helmet, that's probably the best froob helmet available and it levels with you.

    Backpiece: veil is awesome and if you can get some help, reanimated cloak is also nice.

    Shoulders you can still make do with a barrow strength and possibly a prowler pad as the other one.

    HUDs are very limited for froobs unfortunately so apart from scope and scent sensor there isn't much else you can have.

    FP meta physicist is brilliant for your level, heals damage and crowd control. enforcer is another good one, more hp attack rating damage etc. and a good HoT.

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    Ive always tried maxing my hp and letting ar sort itself out with my implants and ip,buffs etc.
    I have a froob agent and i am just now considering trying to focus on evades for solo lvling.
    I reckon if i max dodge and evade clsc i can supplement it with dodge evade imps and aad imps in the arms at tl4.With agi ,sense buffs it might be that i will be able to solo higher missions alot easier.
    I would also rely heavily on the heal pet but also you can recast it before your fp runs out and then switch as Romaas says to fp enforcer for challenger and hp buffs,absorb buffs.
    An enf running around an rk mish with a rifle and heal pet is something to be reckoned with maybe even in pvp
    Alot of combos you can do if you have time to wait out the first fp.
    At level 100+ you will have a hard time choosing between evades,attack skills and your hp,nano skills.Because of the many nanos that will be open to you in various fp's.

    Again i ussually sacrifice evade skills for hp but i may try the other way around to see what happens.Pick the setup you would naturally feel useful for your playstyle and you will get a feel as you play what skills will benefit you the most.
    I find once i learned the basic game mechanics like dodge v ranged enemies and evade v melee enemies etc i was able to easily figure out what skills i needed to focus on to get around at certain levels,mobs,bosses,areas. So i think you will be fine either way you go as from my experience a froob player is a better base to start from than a paid one

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    Froob agents are teh win !

    For weapon either go cater+scope or X-3 with TIM scope (or whatever that doesn't debuff your inits). Cater is probably nice for doing easy solo missions, since you'll be able to AS almost every mob. Prefer X-3 for teaming since you might want to just skip on AS depending on the situation (no decent healer, hard team missions, ....)

    As for other armor, what should I be using?
    What people said above. And consider virral eggs for shoulders if you can afford some (+30 int/psy +300 hp/nano and +6 damage for a pair)

    Also, is it at all viable to do any FP at this level?
    Always start your solo session by FP:MP and cast heal/attack pet (more damage can't hurt). Then either pewpew for 30 mins or /terminate (to cancel FP, you'll keep pets for 2 hours - or till healpet is out of nano) and then either stay in agent if you want to use root/snares or choose another FP for buffs (I liked soldier for reflect shields/total focus and fixer for runbuffs and grid ability). I also had most top shop buffs uploaded (reflect, runbuff, essence, doc team HP, ...) for teams (when there is a real doc making my healpet look like some utter crap)

    Mimic:Enfo started being worth it at early TL5 (rage for runspeed and those annoying rooters/... mobs, mongo - and healpet if you can FP:MP & /terminate - to stay alive and challenger for extra damage, and of course the essence/shield/init buffs).
    By changing some implants, I might be able to make a decent use of Mimic:doc now at 160+ (but certainly not self casting best heals for a while)
    Mimic:trader seems great for damage, but I never liked trader playstyle, so didn't really use it yet. It's also the only mimic that will let you rebuff UA/TTS/... while mimic is still running (don't forget to refresh them before recasting mimic !)
    Mimic:sold seems more a PvP thing and the other ones don't have any real use in mimic.

    And with last patch, give a try to daily missions. Every one should be a guaranted ding and you might be able to visit an alien ship as a froob (if you get that mission, I'd recommend doing it the "agent way") And most of them are quick enough to complete to fit your casual playtime.

    P.S : if you use the /terminate trick, make sure you saved all your XP before. Dying this make makes non-saved XP disappear instead of going into pool. And also it might not be worth it for a while : you'll keep pets but not all buffs (and you will need MP buffs to cast UA/TTS)
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    Thank you for the tips folks! I appreciate it.

    Lea, thanks for the tips on FP:MP->cast pets-> /terminate, that is a great idea! Virral eggs would be much coveted, but I'm afraid I couldn't afford them atm. What's current market price these days, anyways? :P At this point, I can't cast UA/TTS self, but do you really have to be in FP:Trader or non-FP to cast it? Daily Missions FTW, they just revitalized the fr00b (far less grinding and pewpew for squishy agents... just go on a daily mission!), that's why I'm wanting to play my agent again. Soloing missions that will give decent XP is impossible at this level and with my gimp gear ^_^

    Torak, yes, IP distribution is tough... I feel that I need to max HP, all nanoskills, evades, weapon skills, conceal, abilities... the IP runs out pretty quickly!

    Romaas, yea, enf is good because of HP and such. I am really low on HP at the moment!

    I may spend some time and do the sided pads quest for a fun accessory and a bit of HP, but I'd have to find people that are willing to come out and keel the lackeys for me (can be hard to find sometimes!). Other than that, my general plan is to outfit this guy and do some daily mishes! When I ding up to TL5ish, mimic will be more practical.

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