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Thread: Friday with Means - June 25th, 2010 - Happy Birthday..Holy sh*t we're NINE!

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - June 25th, 2010 - Happy Birthday..Holy sh*t we're NINE!

    It is hard to believe it has been nine years. A number of you have been with us from the very beginning and I am sure have the same flux of memories to mull over that I do at this time every year. Just yesterday a bunch of us were standing outside the office discussing our favourite AO memory and before we knew it we had been standing around chatting about it for almost an hour. It was of course funny to note a lot of our favourite memories were bugs...very memorable ones.

    Speaking for myself it isn't easy for me to describe how I feel about it as it is actually difficult to really remember my life before coming to Funcom and working on AO. I have been here and working on AO for six years. Working on AO isn't a "job" that you leave behind at every day...generally when we aren't at our desks we are obsessing about how we can do things better or differently to really push the limits of what our favourite game is capable of. I'm sure a lot of you PLAY AO in the very same way. My two kids were born while I was on the AO team. With my wife working my first son Ethan practically grew up in the office. I was lucky to have a *very* understanding boss (thanks Craig!) and he would be here playing around my desk or sleeping in his buggy for at least 4 hours every day. He crawled for the first time here right beside my desk and was cheered on (and filmed) by the whole team. Aythem and Bachante (we miss you!) used to have regular play sessions with him almost every day...and this didn't really feel odd at all. The reason is that after moving to Norway the AO team has been my family for the last 6 years. People have come and gone but the group has stayed the same at its heart.

    While people have come and gone over the years their dedication has been the absolute key to the game's survival and evolution over the years. I can't think of a single person who worked with us on AO who didn't live and breathe it during their time with us. This is really still the case today...possibly even more so. With the smaller team size than the original production this team really needs to be miraculous to be able to deliver the breadth of content and creative energy that the players deserve. As the game director I am a lot more visible than the other members of the team and I want to assure you that in no way am I wholy responsible for all the good stuff we have seen over the last couple years. Anything BAD can of course be blamed on me but the people that deserve the praise for their superhuman efforts are (in no physical proximity to me in the office):

    Patrik Persson - Lead Coder (Macrosun)
    Brad L. McAtee - Senior Designer (Kintaii)
    Sjur Helland - Render Engine and Tools + Vice President of Patching (Parsed)
    OJ Kielland - Art/Modelling/World Building (Flaptoot)
    Tony Westerlund - Art/Modelling/World Building (Mstrbstrd)
    Helene Grøstad - Designer (Genele)
    Fia Tjernberg - Senior Designer (Lindelu)
    Michael Jensen - Designer/Coder (Metaing)
    Sergey Nenakhov - Senior render coder
    Iriche - Who the hell let him in here? (apparently visiting today)

    Without the significant efforts of these people I don't think we would be here today...or not nearly in as good shape as we are. Funcom also deserves my thanks for all the support they have given this project over the years and CONTINUE to give us would have been the easiest thing in the world to downsize/downplay development over the years but they have continually supported us in our efforts and dreams.

    I hear it again and again that the reason that AO is "Still Alive" is our community and I have to agree. I can't thank you all enough for your support over the years...I can only promise you that we all respect the game and will continue to do our absolute best to continue making it better in the hopes of us all seeing another nine years together. We will get it done...we know how much it all means to you as it means that much to us.

    What is your favourite memory?

    See you all at the party tomorrow. Thank you all again!
    Colin Cragg
    This "Means" Cake
    Past Game Director (2008-2011)

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    Yay me!! My first first!!

    I would be hard pressed to give a favorite memory. I have so many fond memories from this game (I've been here nearly 8 years). From my early days in The Unity of the Rose to becoming a GSP Dancer back before we had an official org (and being so nervous when I auditioned for DJ Lauri). I'll never forget my first night at Reets and dying when I fell through the Glass Dance floor.

    I was really blessed with meeting so many good people along the way in Anarchy Online. I can't explain what being a part of this game and this community has meant for me.

    Thank you, Funcom! For Everything!!

    Now, bring on the party!!!

    (oh and dev t-shirts plx!!!!!!)
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    Funcom employee

    Yey! Funsies!

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    Congratz Means.

    Oh and BTW, I'd like to apologize for my not so friendly words about the items for the new building (and where you get them more importantly). It turned out to be very fun collecting all the pieces with friends. Still took alot of time, but I dont really care anymore what the actual building does. Its just nice to have it standing in my city atm
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    and some other Sick.... Terminat0rs

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    buhu seems not
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    this birthday looks too asian....
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    Happy 9...

    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    Iriche - Who the hell let him in here?
    I ask myself this ALL THE TIME.
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    "A whole new place to run around for ages in then die suddenly without warning."

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    edit: sup
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    Venice Academy

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    Funcom employee

    Quote Originally Posted by MstrBstrd View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    He crawled for the first time here right beside my desk ...
    That's great but when did he kill his first heckler?

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    grats to us i guess

    Edit fav moment; first trox adv on RK2 to ding 220... in those days when 220 took time...
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    1st page?
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    Thanks Means & Co. For the memories and the pies. I wouldn't trade it for the world, our org is 6 years old and full of people who i care about, who watched my own stories and antics of my own kids, and who if anything happened to me or them, they'd kick people in the nuts for, and I'd happily do the same. Gratz on 9 years guys
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    Woot first page
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    Happy 9th birthday! Here's to seeing nine more!
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    Long story short: Thingie with the stuff. *nods sagely*

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