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Thread: Friday with Means - September 17th, 2010 - No footage for the greater good

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - September 17th, 2010 - No footage for the greater good

    It has been near a week now and it seems my camera with the footage of the Q&A session here in Oslo will not be reappearing any time soon. As much as it was someone else who removed it from my possession I did give them the access and opportunity and I am sorry that you guys will miss out on the chance to see the full session here that was full of interesting questions. As typing-penance for my lack of vigilance in watching hardware (in addition to losing my cameras and personal footage) I will be answering these questions again...please post your questions here and I will complete them for next week. I talked for almost a straight 90 minutes at the the interest of public health and safety it is probably for the best that this tape is never found again...and we can hope it never falls into the wrong hands or the consequences could be dire. Thank you again to everyone who shared the day with us, we all had a great time and hope you did too

    So the questions you asked at the Q&A session here...or the ones you would have asked if you could have made it here.

    Battlestation Level Ranges

    A good part of the reason there was no feedback last week on the lengthy thread concerning Battlestation Level ranges was that (after seeing this was such a hot topic) I felt the event would be a good time to actually speak to players about their feelings on the subject. Thanks to the many of you who took the time to talk to me about the proposed changes. It is not our intention to ruin areas of the game that are enjoyable to the specific people who actually use here are the *new* suggested level ranges:


    The goal was to broaden the level ranges to offer access to points and participation. The first version had this brought down to 6 level ranges...the new version will have seven with preferred twinking destination levels occupying the top space of most level ranges. Regardless of where these level ranges are put there will be twink characters built to occupy these spaces...removing twinking is not part of our plans as it is such a significant part of AO. While this may not be perfect in the eyes of everyone I do agree with the people I spoke with this weekend that this will be closer than our previous suggestion.

    This Week

    Work this week continued on the Alien Daily Missions, Sector 7 and Profession Nano overhaul documents. The Crat document is available as an attachment today we look forward to your feedback on the changes.

    Have a great weekend!

    Kintaii Edit!: Balance Discussion thread on Bureaucrat Nano Document changes (includes extended information):
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    1st? o.O

    New BS seems more adequate, huge differences still, but i guess you can't have ballance between a 175 and a 214 either way you look at it, and bs "should" be more populated...
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    i R not spik engrish

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    Awesome! Im on first page
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    first awwwwwwwwww

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    bow chicka wow wow!

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    yay and which profession is next?
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    175-214 is a lolwhut range, not gonna work.
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    First page Yay!!

    And 175-214? Shouldn't 174-205 be better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alternity View Post
    175-214 is a lolwhut range, not gonna work.
    Now you are just negative!

    Two posts on first page ftw
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    not first.
    Im liking the new bs level ranges a whole lot more.
    much crat love
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    first page :O

    edit: Battlestation changes look much better [in my eyes at least]. Sector 7? When will Kintaii post the collected ARk event pics? :[
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    Using my anfigur skills I will do a sanctmersion and preview the future. Battlestations that will run: 101-150 and 215-220. Which means that VP farming will become more difficult. Grats on the whinning whinnerchampions. Bs will run less is my opinion.
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    Uhoh, it's here....Let's see if they're wrought havoc with the crat changes or not...
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    yay for better bs lvl ranges
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alternity View Post
    175-214 is a lolwhut range, not gonna work.
    Remember that most people in the 200-214 range except for 207s are PvM medsuit n00bs, 175-176 twinks should have no problem disposing them fairly fast... 175-204 and 205-220 would probably have been better for all tho but hey, it seems to work atleast seeing how theres no activity at all in that range at the moment ether way.. Maybe it will run from time to time now..

    I must say i am alittle worried about FC cutting levels from the TL 7 BS tho.. but meh.. it will still run, i would have preferred a bigger level range tho, more people = more mech fun ^^
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    Good job, BS ranges are good
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