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Thread: Friday with Means - Feb. 18th, 2011: 10th Anniversary Party in Montreal - June 25th!

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - Feb. 18th, 2011: 10th Anniversary Party in Montreal - June 25th!

    With the 10th Birthday of Anarchy Online approaching we definitely have reason to celebrate and we want to take this opportunity to all get together in Montreal. The details of the event (what we are doing, what time and where) will be firmed up as we get a little closer to the date...but these will be the definite set-in-stone dates for those who need to make arrangements for travel. The event in Oslo was fantastic and we can't wait to do another one this side of the ocean! It was great to meet so many of you and to share so many memories and ideas together.

    Anarchy Online 10th Anniversary Weekend
    Friday June 24th and Saturday June 25th

    It is likely we will all meet up for something low-key on Friday night to warm up for the weekend, have tours and a Q&A session at the offices (or where we can find space!) on Saturday afternoon...and then risk serious bodily harm on Saturday night at a suitable Montreal location. Again as the particulars of the event firm up we'll share the details. I expect registration for the event will start up next week so we can start to get an idea of where we can host the event...we barely fit in the facilities we had last time with only three weeks notice...we're all looking forward to this one!

    10 years!

    PS: Here is the Adventurer document... we look forward to your feedback. This was a tough profession to work with but I think the changes look very exciting. You can find the official discussion thread for the document in the Adventurer forum at this link:

    Kintaii Edit!: Also, AO Universe published the latest in their series of interviews with the Anarchy Online team, today featuring content designer extraordinare Lindelu! To read the interview, click the following link: AO Universe Interview with Lindelu!
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    Can I have my hat now?
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    WTS this post, 2b. PST

    10th Anniversary Weekend
    Friday June 24th and Saturday June 25th

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    Can I have my hat now?
    I need aviator hat!!! =)
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    wow... It's early.
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    not first haha

    but hey nice one and FINALLY not on my Birthday (which is the 26th haha)

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    first page
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    w00t! First page?
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    Funcom employee

    And here's the German translation of today's FWM.

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    Hrm, party falls on my birthday actually....I wonder if I could get there, never been out of the country before, would be interesting..

    Now, MP documents?

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    This has possibilities.
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    today? win(e)!
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    Last page!
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    is that a 500 evade buff for adv's 0_o

    although I must be honest and say I havnt checked the heals yet.....
    Still here

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    Funcom employee

    Holy mother or all that's holy, TEN YEARS! This is gonna be the best party ever! I will of course be here with bells on. And whistles. And probably a party hat too.

    For those of you who want to come to Montreal, the expenses for hotels are low and you can find a lot of nice deals among the city's numerous youth hostels.
    * Hotels
    * Youth Hostels

    You should also check the visa status from your country so you can prepare well ahead of time and not be turned away at the airport cause you're a schmuck: Countries needing visas. And you should of course have a valid passport. Preferably one that's valid for more than 6 months after your arrival.
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    A question that's been on a lot of people's minds - when does Q1 2011 end for FC?
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    First (page).
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