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Thread: Hiroth's method for credit farming with a TL7.

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    Hiroth's method for credit farming with a TL7.

    This is definitely a guide to how I have managed to consistently generate 2 billion+ credits a week for several months straight. All farming is done with a 220 engineer and on RK2.

    Keep in mind that I started from the ground up, which means that my initial setup was that I only had about 60m on my toon, no cities, no AI armor or any other valuable items. In fact, my engineer was only marginally geared when I came back from a break. As to why I am writing this guide: for those of you on RK2 who know me, and continuously ask me how I seem to always have so many credits, here is why and how I did it. I have been accused of cheating, taking advantage of exploits, and buying and even selling to credit spammers. This is all false.

    I track all of my earnings. While a few things slip through the cracks I know that I generate around 1-1.3b credits per week selling small things, and sell at least a few large items which always boosts my net income to over 2b. Items sold are in different locations on RK2. (Tip, don't just go to my org shops and think that is it)

    I can 100% for sure say that I have almost completely dominated several markets on RK2 for the past few months, and I know this, because there are almost always holes in the market and the stuff I farm sells within a day or two usually. The playerbase at the current moment is very small, which adds to this.

    My method is simple; I farm stuff and sell it. I farm it alone, without help or reliance on outside buffs. While farming has taken up quite a bit of my recent AO playtime, I do manage to do other things as well.

    Anyways, here are several of the things that I have done, in circuits, on and off. Sometimes I will do one while I do the other:

    Adonis Catacombs:

    This involves killing a few mobs in the Adonis catacombs. Basically what I do here, is I rush to each boss and kill only it, and ignore all adds. I will typically kill every single boss in around 15-20 minutes and by that time, I will have found a Page needed for the Great Ice Golem quest, and several Tier 2 parts, as well as some monster parts. TL5 locked Ring of Divine Teardrops fetches around 20-25m each. Each T2 Glyph will generate about 25-35m (I awaken all of these because its so easy to do, and they sell better) The Ice Golem Pattern will fetch 30-35m each. (Again, I always get these completed)

    At this point, it is a really good idea to have your Garden and Sanc keys. Without this, a lot of time gets wasted running around. In the event of efficient farming, shaving off a few extra minutes makes a big difference in the long run. I will usually finish up the Ice Golem Pattern.

    I would pop the placeholder for the Redeemed Cama during the most dead times. This was to ensure that it would not be over camped, and that no one else was needing also.

    On my best week, I farmed a total of 21 Golem patterns, 14 Red T2 Glyphs, 5 TL5 Divine Teardrop Rings, (countless other ones as well) and several bags of monster parts from doing this for about 2 hours a night invested total.

    Adonis/Pen PB:

    Pretty much take every Pocket boss that drops 170-200 symbiants and then ignore the rest. This is the only real QL worth grinding if you want something that sells fast and for more than 5m per symb on average. While most people just run through and cap the dyna for a pattern and possibility of a rare drop, I operate a tad bit differently.

    For Adonis, one of my favorite circuits is to start at Adonis Underwater, killing all of the Salty/Smee mobs, and the moving north to above ground and killing the dryads there. Notice how I said I operate. I KILL EVERYTHING. Not only do the adds here die quickly, but they do not run, and they drop monster parts that almost always turn into QL200 plasma when tradeskilled, some pearls, and even pattern pieces. If someone has run through and attempts to "kill steal" the dyna, I could care less because I can kill the adds and get a full pattern easily anyways. (If you get your JEPP grats you made 25m on a unique item that requires you find a buyer, I made that much just killing the adds in a fraction of the time you spent capping the same mob over and over for days, while letting countless number of shop food rot on the corpses.

    That's an example, use your imagination. You can come up with several different ways to farm pocket boss patterns. What matters the most is that you find a big enough circuit. Not only does this ensure that you always have mobs to farm, but it also seriously cuts down on competition from other players. Remember to do the same with not just Ado, but other places as well.

    When popping the pocket bosses, if they are grey to you (Yeah they should be in this case) then don't just pop one at a time. Stand next to the incarnator and just click the whole damn bag onto it and start killing. Find your comfort zone, dependent on how much DD you can put out, and what you can reasonably tank without wiping.

    On my best week, I farmed and completed 7 bags of Pocket Boss patterns that all dropped about 16 bags full of decent QL170-210 Symbiants.

    AI Ground Raids:

    Perhaps the hardest part about this that people will whine about is that I don't do level 1 hackers. Okay, I have occasionally in the past once or twice, so if you ever did see me, don't tell me "But Hiroth, I saw you doing level 1 hackers 6 months ago, you lie!". I also have 4-5 dedicated cities that I can repeatedly chain farm nonstop.

    Sell LR to comm relays, Bio Defense Shields, EoE, and decent QL Viral Crit Scopes. Sell QL223-225, QL240, QL180 Pristine/Mutated (goes for alot these days, Very FAST sale at 10-15m each). Viralbots sell for 5-9m each literally within 12 hours of posting to gms.


    Running 2-2.5 raids per hour pretty much guarantees you will get something eventually.
    On my best week, I did a total of 112 ground raids, and cranked out 7 pieces of AI armor that I sold for 200-550m each. Also made a metric ton of credits from all of the other drops.

    LE Missions:

    Roll 220 Medium. Blitz to the boss, if it is not a Nanovoid, Psymod, Cocoon, then just run out, delete mish and reroll. All of the others are doable solo, just not worth the effort involved. It is *far* more time efficient to just spend a couple minutes running out and back in with a new mission.

    Weapon types sell for 1-4m a piece. Armor types sell for 10-35m each. (All QL240+)

    Farmed 8.5 backpacks full of 295, 935, 64, 468 QL240+ on my best week.

    Static Diving:

    Tinker Tower and Fifth Pantheon are famous for this, but from my experience, running lower QL120ish statics results in a much higher drop rate of wierd nanos. Since I don't have calms, my strategy is to run to the next chest, kill off the mobs that followed, loot chest and pearls, move on. Kill the boss at the end of the static (if there is one), loot all of the gems, then move to another.

    Repair regular nanos, sell for 2-5m a piece in a gms shop. Every 4.5 bags on average results in one wierd nano that sells for 50-400m. A metric ton of pearls. Save those gems because we are moving onto farming Medusas in DAV next...


    Medusas in Deep Artery Valley are very plentiful and drop a crap-ton of metals, cold stones, and soul fragments. Grab a dozen empty backpacks and go to town. In addition to this they also drop alot of Miy's nano armor. Make sure you stocked up on mantis eggs beforehand too, because this place makes so many different things come together...

    Make VTE
    Make Notumcomm Trench coats
    Make level locked 150 Aruls

    (Find your robot junk outside Lush Fields on the slayers that roam there)

    If you are bored you could also take all of the gems that you found and tradeskill them into rings from the extra metal that you found and sell them to a shop terminal. Although turning a pearl into a ring does devalue it somewhat, you can still "bump" the QL of a cut pearl to QL200 pretty much. So all of those pearls you found that were sufficiently low enough to warrant a bump with some extra metal could be made into much higher QL rings, resulting in a nice little net gain overall.

    RK Team missions:

    There are a couple of ways that I do this, and the first is roll a full stack of 9 missions all in the same location at the lowest possible QL, blitz to the end of each and kill the dyna. Change the difficulty slider up one notch to get a higher QL dyna then do 8-9 of those. repeat till you hit QL~200 then roll QL250. QL250 missions result in a lot of really cool stuff, some of which I use personally, such as stims and the like, and some really high QL290-300 implants that can come in very handy or sell for a lot. In addition to this, it is also likely you will find things like soul fragments and jobe clusters and high QL tradeskillable ingots. (Make SL buffing rings out of these)

    Monster parts:

    Tradeskill and make emergency treatment kits. Each kit requires a marginal amount of items from a tradeskill vendor (Yuttos works) and 1 monster part. Makes a stack of 500, each stack sells for 4-5m.

    Keep in mind the server activity times. Most stuff sells on the weekend, unfortunately, it also gets camped more. So it serves more useful to do things in controlled instances (AI raids, LE missions) on the weekends, while camping world outdoor stuff during the weekday. Just a couple dedicated hours a day is plenty.

    Finally, I would like to throw out that my method is in no ways the best or that everything is being done in the most efficient way. That is all that I have to really say. Best regards!
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    Sticky or no sticky?
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    New players don't have 60M.

    maybe this belongs in the Knowledge base area instead?

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    new players dont have a 220/30/70. but good post m8
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    Quote Originally Posted by nanobots View Post
    new players dont have a 220/30/70. but good post m8
    Hey, one has to educate ebayers !
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    May the Sploitz be with u Ciex's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciex View Post
    Lol, n00b. You roll a character, kite it to 150, put pred armor on, swap xp implants into something useful, equip a weapon (ql 200 ultimately) and go inside s10. It gives 150 mln / h ... at last thats what Atlantean dwellers say ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciex View Post
    Lol, n00b. You roll a character, kite it to 150, put pred armor on, swap xp implants into something useful, equip a weapon (ql 200 ultimately) and go inside s10. It gives 150 mln / h ... at last thats what Atlantean dwellers say ...
    150 mln/h? You sir, have been misinformed...
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    Hmm i do Ado/pen catas as well for creds. But do people actually still buy T2 glyphs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazy View Post
    it's written in the bible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shareida View Post
    Hmm i do Ado/pen catas as well for creds. But do people actually still buy T2 glyphs?
    Maybe ppl who want T3 social
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    Nice guide.

    But 2 billion a week seems a stretch of the imagination, unless you are playing almost 24/7!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manicmouse View Post
    Nice guide.

    But 2 billion a week seems a stretch of the imagination, unless you are playing almost 24/7!
    Nope, only about 20-30 hours per week invested total. Not an exaggeration. It only seems like so much until you focus on refining your technique.

    Find a number of things such as what is in this thread and do them so many times that they become pretty much second nature. Take your first earnings and invest in some quality AI shops if you do not have them, and its all autopilot from there.

    If you just stop to do the math, even mentally, shaving off a couple of minutes here and there, opening several AI shops, rotating your farming and not focusing on just one market alone, you give yourself a much wider selling surface and end up watching the credits trickle in continuously. It is extremely easy actually.
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    hum...everyone must be reading this post and using your methods to be billionaires...reason in the increased item cost on rk1 ^_=
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    oh your on rk2 nvm ^_^ the economy is good there
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    best day i had in s10 while both sold/doc were 150 made me 620m (not including several bags of ice) in about 8 yeah if you're a newbie just roll doc+dd and farm s10 if creds is what you want

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciex View Post
    Lol, n00b. You roll a character, kite it to 150, put pred armor on, swap xp implants into something useful, equip a weapon (ql 200 ultimately) and go inside s10. It gives 150 mln / h ... at last thats what Atlantean dwellers say ...
    Isnt getting on Pred at L150 about 80 levels too late?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blutfrau View Post
    Isnt getting on Pred at L150 about 80 levels too late?
    isn't this reply a little too late? about 4.1 years too late to be precise
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    This isn't stickied so it goes downstream fast & people will often reply w/o looking at the dates in a thread. BTAIM, op has good advice. However, the 18.7xxx patch(es) have a significant market impact, so this guide needs updating.

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    I have used the Meduasas in DAV to fund my alts for quite a while now.
    Lots of Gems to tradeskill (but not the Soul fragments, there's usually buy orders for a few million for those).
    I only give bag space to items that will refine into gold ingots now (yes, you really can be that picky).
    Tons and Tons of monster parts to juice as well.
    Lots of Miy's Nano armour drops, the sub-100 QL stuff can sell quite nicely too.

    Most of the money earned with this technique comes from tradeskilling of one sort or another though

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    Is engineer still viable for the method of farming and if not what profession would be I see tradeskills are needed so I'm thinker trader or engineer are only ones

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