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Thread: Level 60 Doctor Gear Questions

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    Level 60 Doctor Gear Questions

    Sup docs!! Swift here....

    I have recently been working more on my doctor twink for totw/bs at 60. I have the weapons where I want them (I think) but I'm trying to figure out what hud items to use. So far I got the research attunement device for nano skills and a ql 77 pharmacy and treatment lab. I been doin a bunch of city raids lately tryin to get a 75 or lower comm relay but thats only about 3 slots. Anyone got any ideas? (Also should I bother with symbs in head and eye slots at all or just stick with imps?)
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    I'd stick with imps, docs can no doubt get more benefit from it.
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    You can do way way higher pharma libary! just finished my froob doc implants and finished with 170 QL in most slots and i had like 130+ QL pharmacy libary, so with expansions you can do higher. implants for you can go way higher too! as i am froob i dont have many weapons choice, so i went for pistols. rod might worked better but that nano leech is way too strong and things could get too easy, so i use 100+ dual sol k 91. dmg is ok at pvm (actualy quite great ) but at pvp they work quite bad ( mainly docs AR ) its like 70-150 dmg per hit in pvp if i land. i didnt made my doc for pvp only so i dont use things like kizzers. i dont know how good,bad twinker you are but with expansions you should be atleast at 170ish implants and then you can call yourself as twink. 150QL implants are just upgrade for 60 lvl doc!

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    Not a lot of options in the hud util slots at that lvl, hud1 should be ely sanct key, can use nar shere earring in hud2(or whatever omni one is called. Angel or devil in util1 :P

    Implants for sure, BM/MM dont conflict as much as other pairings, I got 150+ imps in all slots on my engi at 60 so you should be able to do a bit better.

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    Yea... about 2 days after my post I decided to remake my implants. I'm in the process of getting ql 175ish imps on currently. Tho I still cant figure out how to do 200s... doesnt make much sense to me. The ability requirements are rediculous. I guess I'll ask this question next then. I'm attempting a ql 175 in my chest slot. But I'm short by about 12 points in stamina (need 354 got like 342ish... thats behe, ic, 2 rings of endurance, pillows, and extruder bar...) The one thing I'm atempting to find is a back item for +stam... any ideas would be appreciated. As for weapon choices I went with CDR and QL 75 Ofab Peregrine Mk4. Previous build using ql 161ish imps sat me at 3.4k hp and 3k nano. I however was missing a few things (forgot to get enough tokens to max out token board, didnt have high enough imps, etc) final build will prolly have ~4k hp and ~3k nano. For pvp purposes I've soloed enfos in duels and battlestations and won, same as mps, and most other professions. Atm I havent beaten soldiers but I havent dueled one since I changed my playstyle but lol.
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    i dont know if its realy possible but 200s must be masterpiece of twinking for totw. if you still laddering your imps up, then try go to agilty on stam/str chest, in resoult you will get higher chest. take a look on contracts if possible. they start to give nice bonuss to your skills at 60 lvl

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    For those QL200 imps..
    Chapman pistols
    Problem seeking devices
    Sanc key, foreman collar, treatment rings and rest of the usual stuff

    Not very hard to do QL200 at some slots, i got couple of 198's on my doc without using problem seeking devices.

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