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Thread: Fan art: high-detail female opifex model

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    Fan art: high-detail female opifex model

    I made this for my daily sculpting practice, but it might interest you lot while we wait for the engine and new character heads. The TOO ASIAN Opifex faces we've seen haven't quite struck a note with me and I wanted to see if I could make my own. This was created from scratch in Sculptris and took approximately 3 hours total with a quick-and-dirty texture paint. Polygon count is something infernal but this could be translated into an ingame model with one extra step in the workflow.

    E: Updated with most recent version, thanks for the feedback folks.

    Raw sculpt without texture:

    What do you guys think?
    I might do some more if this is received well.
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    Looks like a night elf

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    Quote Originally Posted by drainbamage View Post
    Night elves look like purple opifex's
    wtf happened to my avatars eyebrows?

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    Yeah, kinda elvishnishessish.

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    Personally I think it's quite cool. Never played WoW, so can't speak to presence or lack of Elvishness.

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    Opifex are supposed to have pointy ears as these models do, the ears compensate them for not having nipples.
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    Yup, I remember there being complaints when they released screens of the first few Opi heads and people actively demanded they have pointy ears. It's kind of characteristic to the breed, they've always been space elves when it boils down to it.

    The skin tone was a visual choice I made because I personally felt it's more interesting to look at and differentiates better from the Solitus breed than the greyish-yellow-almost-human skintone they've gone for with the new models. Ingame female Opifexes have a subtle purple tint to their skin. (There's also an argument to be made that humans aren't all the same colour either)

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    Totally impressive! More of that! (turn that thread into a Docaholic-II)
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    I thought they had a blueish tint. Maybe I'm just misremembering, don't remember my last opi character.

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    lovely render, I like it
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    Very pretty. Like the detail. The lack of a dip in the bridge of the nose gives her a peculiarly neut appearance (women typically have less contiguous bridges than men). Pointed ears... kind of vulcan.

    But I like the fact you took it upon yourself to create and present this. Takes skill, time and gumption. Kudos!
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    Not bad, not that I could do any better or even close to it, but the eyes creep me out.

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    I see a job in your future.
    looks good. dark, but good.
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    Thanks, I should hope so! I'm currently doing less exciting stuff for a living, making Facebook games, but this is keeping me sane.

    More incoming today.

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    Opi one is sexy.

    Solitus somehow reminds me of this poor girl from this painting:

    I guess she could make a good young teenage clan solitus female who lost her parents in Omni-Tek attack or something...

    Good work either way.

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    I assume the texture have been mirrored left / right, because there's a thin line across the face on both models.

    Surm said it all. Nice work.

    On a side note:
    Surm's avatar's smile creeps me out too! :O
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    Yeah, the line is caused by the (lacking) symmetry function of the software I used for making these. Neither of these are polished models, I haven't edited the textures at all outside the sculpting program. Both could be made into finished game models with another 2-3 hours of work each. I think I could dodge it by simply distributing more polygons in the forehead area though. Will try with next one

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    Solitus male. The forehead texture seam persists even with more polys, can't do anything about it without taking the texture through Photoshop and these are practice pieces so I'm not going to finish them. No can do.

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    Nice work )
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