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Thread: Friday with Means - November 4th, 2011 - Late at night

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    Funcom employee Friday with Means - November 4th, 2011 - Late at night

    Another crazy week with an incredibly busy finish. I've been really pleased with the progress made in many different areas this week...most of which are unfortunately too early to really discuss. The update this week went quite well and we are looking forward to getting out some more adjustments in the next few weeks. It has been great to see everyone enjoying the Halloween content

    In tribute to the lateness of this post this week...please enjoy the ambience of this late night screen of the outskirts of Omni Ent.
    Colin Cragg
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    Bullet me!

    EDIT: I miss the Q&A FWMs...
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    not first
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    3rd pls

    EDIT: nope
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    Any comment on other sources of CRU/ICE? Just intended to be more scarce going forward?

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    First page!

    So soft!
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    Ohai late FwM!

    *edit* Man that's what I miss, that sense of exploring...the mystery...not knowing if that mob around the corner is going to gnak ya! More mystery please

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    First in southern hemisphere?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinSane4 View Post
    Any comment on other sources of CRU/ICE? Just intended to be more scarce going forward?
    Don't worry, as soon as you hit a few mil for 100% (like 1 or 2mil) people will start farming them like crazy... And even 5-10mil would be a small price to pay for a 220 AI raid (but i doubt the prices will go that high) ^^

    There will be no shortage, its all supply and demand, and theres almost a unlimited supply if the demand is high enough for people to bother farming ^^

    Btw am i the only one that feels that AO has problems with sharp edges between objects and different geometries?
    Sure i can appreciate that its hard to make a building look "right" where it meets the ground (i don't even know how that could be accomplished), but in AO even the shorelines are sharp and angular -.^

    Might be something for the graphics guys to look in to when they are "done" with the engine ^^
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    As for stuff you can't talk about, can you at least categorize it? Like 'new user experience' or 'rebalance' or 'engine' or 'more textures' etc...

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    pretty sneaky this late post....

    the ambience matches my hat ;p
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    Nice screenshot, although I'm wondering if something's broken with aggro right now, I seem to get nigh unbreakable agg from just using BI with an Enf hitting taunts all the time. :I
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    So no new engine this year as promised? Looking at date left to newyear

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    a picture is worth a wall of kintaii thousand words. *drools*
    wtf happened to my avatars eyebrows?

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