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Thread: Reactivated account, 18.7 is pretty!

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    Reactivated account, 18.7 is pretty!

    “The future for me is already a thing of the past. You were my first love and you will be my last.”
    Bob Dylan on Anarchy Online


    Reactivated my 2003 account (how has it been 12 years?) and will be using my time leveling as inspiration for some (very) amateur sci-fi writing.

    I'm posting here for three reasons:

    1. Spreading the adventures of Thirtytwo.
    2. Meet RP'ers to help keep me inspired/or even do some light RP with.
    3. LF an org/channel/whatever with likeminded people. Please PR or /tell Thirtytwo (/Binaerpilot/Erkefiende/Hardmode).

    I used to play a lot of AO back in the day and recently reactivated. While I had a brief, but enjoyable, stint with RP (thanks to Tussa and the awesome people in Assembly), I'm still a novice at this. However, I used to be very fond of writing, so I'm trying to get back into it. Secondly, I want to use this universe as a catalyst for my music as well. It used to inspire me a lot, and it was a lot of fun.

    Thanks for reading all this, and I hope you enjoy my terrible writing. Tips are welcome, but be gentle with my fragile writer ego.

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    WHOA! PILOT! You're playing again? How awesome is that!

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    WELCOME BACK! *tips hat*
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    Welcome back!

    Come join the RKRPOOC channel to hang out, I'm sure all the crazy in there can give some inspiration.
    Fya "Hilfy" Hill - Clan MA, The Red Brotherhood

    “The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle anywhere, any time and with utter recklessness.”

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