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Thread: Windows 10 - Nvidia graphics card not recognized

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazeit420 View Post
    It's always been on high performance.

    And I cannot disable Optimus. At least I'm pretty sure that optimus is the driver from nvidia.
    If its a nvidia make sure the power option in the nvidia panal is set to Always performance. And in the intel panel make it set to powersaving.. If that doesn't work then your pretty much doomed.

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    One option left sell the notebook and buy one where you can disable Intel graphics in bios
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    Quote Originally Posted by way2stupid View Post
    In windows 10, on the search feature type in NV-DISP and click the NV-DISP.inf selection on the list, this will list your display driver info, for both cards, you should see your card listed in the supported cards at the end of a very long list, and give more information.

    I have the 970m in my laptop, and when looking at your dxdiag I noticed you are missing basic inf file paths for the Nvida driver, or what it seems a very short list of nivida dll's.

    NVIDIA Optimus ( Hybrid Graphics GPU: Discrete ) will have a power and starting order, this may be disabled at the dos prompt to stop the system from doing a forced PCI-E start.

    Have you set the Nvida card to be default in the Nvida control panel? In the manage 3d settings, uncheck "show only programs found on this computer" and have "high performance NVIDIA processor"

    This may help, I had issues with the power option, forcing the laptop to use high performance 24/7 and to not switch to lower performance for power saving, then disabling the pci-e slot the integrated card was on, I did however have a bio option to use high performance setting all the time and preferred.
    I used control+f to search for my card in that list (searched 940), it actually was not listed (my thing was called nv-dispi.inf). Not sure what this means. It's not supported?

    If you use the 970m, that means you use optimus too. are you able to see your nvidia card in the game client's settings?

    I have nvidia on a global setting to use the high performance nvidia processor for all applications. the problem is, it wont use it for anarchy online for some reason. it treats it like a non-3d game I'm unable to select my graphics card in the game client's settings

    Also can you give me any hints on how to use the dos prompt to stop the system from doing a forced PCI-E start? If that would help...

    How can I fix those missing inf file paths?

    I'm out of my own ideas. Someone tell me what to do >.< Funcom support says this is probably microsofts issue with backwards compatability.

    PS way2stupid I take back what I said about your name (though I still majorly disagree with you on the principles of p2w)
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    UPDATE: I downgraded from windows 10 home to windows 7 professional and now Anarchy Online is using the Nvidia card correctly and I am reaching 100 fps

    So windows 10 sux! Go with windows 7 for AO f you have these issues! At least it worked for me!
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    This happens in 8.1 on laptops too, I should probably downgrade to 7 on my laptop to see if that helps like it did for you.
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    Hybrid graphics "suck" for AO.
    Win7 won't fix the problem for most people, as people with win7 have the EXACT same problem.
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