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Thread: kiting its not a toolset ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotInAGuild View Post
    Didn't you kite DB2?
    kite DB2, f is that?

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    Meh. I've kited on my MP (both first run and reroll: Try killing Inferno VorHors when you're 173 and they're 210+ without it, and Mort Borgs back when I was a froob), and my NT. It's a skill, like using a smartphone or driving a car. So long as runspeed differs between mobs, and mob AI can't anticipate players kiting, it'll happen. Where it becomes skill is when you manage the aggro, keep random folks from getting killed despite running past your death zone, and the lmiits of what you can be dragging around behind you in the spiral of death.

    Worst part is that I wouldn't need to kite as much now with levelling pets as I did on my MP when I was running around in Inf, since Biazu would have been WAY higher level, and would have managed aggro a lot better. (That said, my sig gives an idea of what my nanoskills were at the time.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by iolanda View Post
    I tryed to marry Hotphunk so you might be right . Funcom didnt support our "gay" marriage .

    Edit : Actually it was for a "3way gay marriage" cant remember if the 3rd person was Slinox or Brainwash tho .
    We are still married in our hearts...

    Thats all that matters.

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    Thumbs up

    This is magical, I just happened to take the first serious look at AO's forums in ages and found Hotphunk replying to a year old thing, almost in REAL TIME!

    Executing Nano Program: Gift of Assurance. Target has not enough nano controlling units (NCU) left. Swordbreaker: Not enough NCU. O_o Fixichong: FFS Fixichong: ive failed as a fixer Fixichong: i quit

    One of the first of those people who put the Infused Dust Brigade Engineer Pistol (2,7k ME/EE making req) + Infused Master Engineer Pistol on the same Engineer before any updates that fixed anything (including the original sync issues inside the DB instance), lolz!11

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