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Thread: Soju's multi-box app

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    Soju's multi-box app

    Hello! This is an app that was created to simplify setting up a way to send your keyboard inputs to multiple AO clients. The previous method required downloading hotkeynet creating a script and modifying it every time you wanted to add a character. This new version is easier to use.

    Link to tutorial video:

    1. download Soju's MB App from:
    2. log in ao characters.
    3. launch app.
    4. try jumping. If all your characters jump, congrats you are successfully multiboxing!

    Feedback would be appreciated, if you see any bugs drop a line to me or here ill get it fixed up!

    List of Hotkeys:
    0-9, alt 0-9, shift 0-9, f1-f6
    up, down, left, right, esc, space
    E, R, F, G, J, K, L, V, B, N, M

    backup link:
    git repo for devs to check out the code:

    *UPDATED VERSION 11/23/2016*
    new version has hotkeys that you can toggle on and off. Keys are listed: E, R, F, G, H, J, K, L, V, B, N, M

    *UPDATED VERSION 11/28/2016*
    new version the hotkey 'H' has been removed because sneaking can be annoying. If you want a version with the 'H' key contact me ingame (im always in borealis) or via forums. Added new keys to turn hotkeys on/off. press 'Home' to turn on. press 'End' to turn off.
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    thank you for destorying these game... These game don't have enough MB's [irony off]... Why did you come back?...
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    another MB-Noob.... Why can you not leave these game?
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    thx for ruining AO and making more ppl quit...

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    i dont thing that MB are evil. the true evil are credz seelers they ruinig evering and now especialy. with this price for grace what is now all MBers will be gone for few mounts and with them almost all people. also when MBers quit where u will buy your stuff ? i dont see any interest for any raid in game only wtb... wtb...

    i dont woting for MB its just my opinion
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    While I appreciate developers, doing stuff myself, you are just making the game miserable at this point, beating a dead horse. Just let it give it's last breath alone, no need to pull the plug.
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    People who MB are the scum of the game.

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    Does this mean you're back Soju?

    Also wow at the response in here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Posid- View Post
    Does this mean you're back Soju?

    Also wow at the response in here.
    hiyas! yes im back

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    Updated first post with a link to a setup video guide.

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    In the end there only the multiboxers are left in game. And thats like 10 people. Have fun jerking eachother off and creating even more creative exploits lol

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    CAAAAAAAAN YOU feeel the LOOOOOOOOOVE tonight? lol

    WB Soju.

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    can you feel how more more PPL leave AO MB destroying AO .. if this what yu silly want well have fun

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