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    Thumbs up Facebook comics collection

    As many of you know i have made an almost weekly attempt to create tiny comic strips about my week in Anarchy Online.
    Since not everyone have a facebook account or have found their way to us yet, i have uploaded the older ones into Instagram.
    (Also facebook has nasty way of losing/hiding content, when its from a private person)
    I uploaded the oldest and simplest ones already and im in process of re-cutting Natanael stories and Tower wars to fit Instagram upload size.
    Will the most stupid AO fancreation never cease to exist!

    You DONT need any accounts, usernames or passwords to view them here.

    Hope we get more people into the FB group too (FB/Unofficialanarchyonline), not all content is drama and nasty people! : )

    PS. Too many Hellcom ones, we do get a load of stupid stuff during the year.... :P

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    Love these

    Can I be in one too pwease? :O

    - Sanngrithr

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    Haha i can think of a two pics to make asap! Just gotta go find my muse and open paint.

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    Lettuce needs some social gear reward for this, pls fc.

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