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Thread: US time zone orgs?

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    US time zone orgs?

    I know this isn't the correct area of the forums to post this, however this seems like the most visited section of the forum to get the most views/responses.

    I just came back to AO, again, and have decided to quit WoW and all the other MMO's that come out, as I try them all. I really want to make AO my main MMO again. Before I do, I'd like to know if there are any Clan Orgs with a decent sized US based population- as in will there be people logged in when I play? I don't want to put a ton of time back into AO over the next few months to find out that the community I'm hoping to exist just doesn't.

    I understand that I'm not going to find huge social orgs, I'm just looking for any with 5+ on during the times I play for the socialization factor.

    Any help? I hope this doesn't come across as a "Looking for Org!!" post, it is simply a "Do they exist and can you let me know who they are so I can contact them appropriately?"

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Storm has quite a few in the US timezones
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    Storm has quite a few in the US timezones

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