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Thread: ingame shop social items

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    ingame shop social items

    Where did all the social items go ? thinking of the shoulderpads and wen-wens... no longer obtainable ?
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    I'd like replica of OFAB back in the shop too. Nice looks, but only replica is usable on clans without a huge hassle.
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    please return premium shrinking flesh greater 30% back to the shop. I really need this nano on my froob multibox.

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    Kami sunglasses FFS.

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    Agree... the new item store is horrible, I can't see how it is an improvement over the old one. I also miss the social items.

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    Got some OET RetroPads (the color changing ones) when trying out the Nophex Vanity Voucher recently. Far as I know the wen-wens can be obtained there as well, and at least a portion of the old social set selections. Course, it's a matter of luck now.. =/
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